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While Craig Karnes and his merry band of hustlers continue to attempt to keep Matt Martin Real Estate (MMREM) and BLB Resources financially viable under the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) M&M 3.5 R-ATL-02006, it would appear that HUD Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Departments are as well.

The reality is that HUD is in a bind. While it is common knowledge that Asset Management Specialists (AMS) have lost their HUD M&M Contracts, for HUD themselves to be compelled to publicly affirm such and the reasons thereto brings on a $100 Million Dollar Point of Liability.

With no way to rattle sabers and threaten Guantanamo Bay Extended Stay under Title 18, HUD decided to take the bureaucratic slow walk with respect to Foreclosurepedia’s FOIA Case Number 14-FI-RO4-00701. To many, the bureaucratic two step is daunting; I cut my teeth with the Potomac Waltz. Let me bring everyone up to speed,

on the 27th of December, I reached out to Brian Sullivan, HUD Office of Public Affairs, with my original FOIA. It was kicked over to Lamar C. Wooley in the same DC HUD Office of Public Affairs. From him it was kicked to Stephanie X. Gray HUD HQ FOIA. Gray, in turn, kicked it to Eugene A. McGirt, HUD HQ FOIA Specialist whom was then “instructed by HUD HQ DC” to transfer it to Atlanta. There, in the hands of William Daugherty, Atlanta FOIA, it has set with promises that it would be answered and diversion phone calls to stall.

The thing worth noting and I will catch hell over it and really do not care is that the entire transit of HUD FOIA Case Number 14-FI-RO4-00701 has been via African Americans. I believe it is worth noting as I find it to be truly ironic that out of the entirety of the HUD FOIA apparatus, only African Americans have been allowed to officially interact with me, to date. No difference in me bringing up the fact that Robert Klein and Amir Jaffa are Orthodox Jews. In the Klein – Jaffa matter I could care what god they bow down to; their Culture is that which both stereotypes and environmentally isolates them from the Melting Pot of America.

Let me drill this down a bit lest the Drive By Social Media hacks — oh, forgot they have no public voice — get their hackles up. True Orthodoxy does not condone the intermingling of Outsiders with them. Halacha is pretty clear on the fact that if your mother and father were NOT Orthodox Jews you are not. If you are an Orthodox and you marry a non Orthodox your children are no longer Jews. So, now that we have clarity and I am extremely well versed as I hung out on some Mitzvah Tanks in my day, let us address the African American equation.

I live in a very rural area of East Tennessee. I am a White Man with blue eyes. So, is HUD purposefully attempting to engage in racial discrimination or perhaps create a hot spot of animosity? I don’t know because HUD refuses to answer. That is why I engaged Senator Bob Corker’s office and will file a formal Complaint against each Civil Servant and enter US District Court to compel HUD if necessary. We have several folks whom regularly donate whom will finance the litigation. Is it coincidence that when I filed a Complaint against A2Z Field Services with respect to their unconstitutional Patriot Act Work Requirement to allow illegal search and seizure of a Contractor’s home and belongings; that they submit to interrogation without Counsel, the matter was handled by two African Americans and to this day nothing is forthcoming — not even an answer?!

See, it is not en vogue for a White Man to claim discrimination. Anyone whom is not heterosexual, White, Christian and a US Citizen is free to do such and with the blessing of the Left. Screw the Left! I call a Spade a Spade!

So, who knows? I don’t know because Craig Karnes and Brian Sullivan refuse to obey the US Constitution by performing their Job Duties in a legal manner by giving any answers. — Hey Karnes, how about those Desktop antics for the AMS Routine Inspection submissions?! Cross Referenced the C Numbers? Yeah, wild how a single C Number is on MULTIPLE Terminals at the same time, huh?! Oh, my bad. Here comes Title 18 from your GOOD BUDDY Simpson! See, That is why my line of questioning is legitimate. Just passing the torch from Innotion; nothing new at HUD.

HUD is going down, no doubt about it. FannieMae is next up to bat. The corruption is going to end. Now, whether Karnes whom went from US Army Contracting to HUD Contracting will be doing Commissary Duty at a Federal Correctional Facility, I do not know — would seem to be a skill set that could be useful if he went to prison though looking on the bright side.


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