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Joe Iafigliola: Public Enemy Number One On Contractor’s List

As early as 16 September 2013, Joe Iafigliola, Safeguard Properties Vice President of  Vendor Management (SGP VPVM) was already on the Foreclosurepedia radar dealing with a swarm of fraud being committed by his Ghost Order Mills ran by Jason Mathis and Brandon Lambert. To this day even, there are plenty of Christian Women in East Tennessee whom never got paid by Iafigliola’s Merry Band of Fraudsters. Whether it is a religious thing in that the Safeguard Properties hierarchy is beholden to the Jewish Faith; whether it is that Safeguard Properties hates women; or maybe that Iafigliola and the rest of his sodden lot are just a worthless sacks of shit, I do not know.

Several months back, Foreclosurepedia did a 30 minute video on Robert Klein and his lapdog Amir Jaffa as they rolled out their Vendor Acknowledgement Form (VAF). It purported to represent that Safeguard Properties owned everything from your photos to your wife. Foreclosurepedia cautioned then that it was the build up to things to come.

When Foreclosurepedia went up to the Nashville School of Law for WordCamp 2014, we broke the story on how Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS) had just rolled out what we considered to be the future boilerplate Mortgage Field Services Industry Contract. In essence, this Contract waived any rights anyone might even hope to have over in Communist Russia — strike that you have more rights in Russia. They have additionally expounded upon requirements for Workman’s Compensation along with Cyprexx. These are both illegal to obtain and impossible for sole proprietors. Cyprexx, at least, doesn’t care and charges around NINE FUCKING PERCENT of gross for Workman’s Comp that they cannot even prove they are carrying. As usual, though, Contractors are terrified to do anything but assume the position and take one up the ass for #TEAM REGIME.

Safeguard Properties, in the dark of night, rolled out a New Contract — seems like a Windows Update by the frequency these days — which in some areas is good; however, would never pass Constitutional Muster.

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Paragraph 25 is noteworthy as it finally acknowledges that the Absolute Waiver of Lien is illegal in many States. It is critical to remember this point. The reason is that when we jump forward to Paragraph 32 WHICH REMOVES ANY AND ALL RIGHTS TO EVER ENTER INTO COURT PERTAINING TO MONIES OWED or almost any other reason we come into a Conflict. So, on the one hand, if your State allows you to file liens that is ok in Paragraph 25, but in 32 Contractors agree to subject themselves to the hired guns of Safeguard Properties for arbitration.

Let me apply the information in a manner only a highly skilled media professional such as myself is capable of doing. So, let’s take Tennessee as an example. Foreclosurepedia published an Article on how EVERY ORDER MILL, FINANCIAL INSTITUTION AND PORTFOLIO HOLDER were breaking the law when requiring Absolute Waiver of Lien before work began.

On May 19, 2005, Governor Bredesen signed an Act which amended T.C.A. §66-11-124(b) and explicitly prohibited the waiver of lien rights in a contract. The provision reads:

Any contract provision that purports to waive any right of lien under this chapter is void and unenforceable as against the public policy of this state.

So, Klein in his unholy pursuit of the filthy lucre has a problem. The rest of his ilk — THAT MEANS ANYONE WHOM DOES BUSINESS IN TENNESSEE INCLUDING ALTISOURCE#OpALTISORE — are operating illegally here. Now, we present the quandary. Precisely how is it that on the one hand you cannot remove my right to lien as it is written into stone by state law and yet you believe you are capable of holding hostage my civil rights to not invoke them by and through your Contract?

The mentality of Safeguard Properties is formulated by the religious dogma they exist within. Let me be clear: I believe IN NO RELIGION and am an agnostic. I say this before the Drive By Social Media Pundits claim I am an Anti Semite. Each faith has its own peculiarities and truth be known they are always taken to extremes! Klein, in his apparent early onset of dementia, is actually beginning to believe the myth that he preached while drinking beer in the Chicago Streets at the last conference.

Anything unconstitutional is rendered null and void, ab initio. This is a legal maxim which dates back to Rome and has been adapted through the Magna Carta and finally in our Constitution. Additionally, though not on point, I personally believe that there is what we call a statutory dead period wherein the tolling of days allowed for lien exists. This means that as Services are continuing on any given property up and until it sells, the Project itself is not deemed finalized until the sale or conveyance to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This is a Podcast I am currently working on and will air sometime later next week on the Foreclosurepedia Radio Network.

If they are big and you are small they are slow and you are mobile. That is the beauty. In the same way that Aspen Grove Solutions believes that the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) from cell phones are their unilateral wet dream, it works both ways.

This is where we are now at. The unification of the public perception of legitimacy when the reality is command and control over constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. I mean where are we going to end up? We will ultimately end up with a Union and the vast majority of Contracts handled via FedBizOps — far sooner than anyone thinks. So, while Safeguard Properties makes some points with a Contract looking more and more like Collective Bargaining in the Federal Sector, the reality is that unless they step up and pay those the millions they owe, their Contract is nothing more than a piece of paper to wipe one’s ass with.

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