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Joe Iafigliola: Public Enemy Number One On Contractor’s List

As early as 16 September 2013, Joe Iafigliola, Safeguard Properties Vice President of  Vendor Management (SGP VPVM) was already on the Foreclosurepedia radar dealing with a swarm of fraud being committed by his Ghost Order Mills ran by Jason Mathis and Brandon Lambert. To this day even, there are plenty of Christian Women in East Tennessee whom never got paid by Iafigliola's Merry Band of Fraudsters. Whether it is a religious thing in that the Safeguard Properties hierarchy is beholden to the Jewish Faith; whether it is that Safeguard Properties hates women; or maybe that Iafigliola and the rest of his sodden lot are just a worthless sacks of shit, I do not know.

Several months back, Foreclosurepedia did a 30 minute video on Robert Klein and his lapdog Amir Jaffa as they rolled out their Vendor Acknowledgement Form (VAF). It purported to represent that Safeguard Properties owned everything from your photos to your wife. Foreclosurepedia cautioned then that it was the build up to things to come.

When Foreclosurepedia went up to the Nashville School of Law for WordCamp 2014, we broke the story on how Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS) had just rolled out what we considered to be the future boilerplate Mortgage Field Services Industry Contract. In essence, this Contract waived any rights anyone might even hope to have over in Communist Russia --- strike that you have more rights in Russia. They have additionally expounded upon requirements for Workman's Compensation along with Cyprexx. These are both illegal to obtain and impossible for sole proprietors. Cyprexx, at least, doesn't care and charges around

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