Twice a year, Foreclosurepedia reaches out to its readership, hat in hand, and requests assistance with our day-to-day operations. Unlike other media outlets in the Industry, Foreclosurepedia receives zero sponsorship. The perception that Foreclosurepedia profits greatly by bringing justice to both Contractors and the Mortgage Field Services Industry is a myth. What allows us to continue our Mission is the kind and thoughtful donations from you, our Readers.

This year has been a year of unforeseen technological investment. A two prong approach was taken to remove Foreclosurepedia’s ability to report upon the fraud and corruption. First, we invested an inordinate amount of time and money in defending against the potential of litigation from multi million dollar firms whom did not want their secrets revealed. At the top of the list was the Heather Berghorst, Berghorst Enterprises, fiasco wherein Foreclosurepedia was threatened with federal racketering litigation by her lawyers for even suggesting that she was not paying Contractors. Second, and more costly was the nefarious campaign of hacking attempts of which we defend against nearly a thousand a month. Whether or not these are coordinated by the Industry, I can not prove … yet. With several coming from domestic residential and business accounts — many will remember the Buczek Enterprises family member — Foreclosurepedia has been hard pressed to focus on keeping Contractors safe and the lights on.

Foreclosurepedia has always worked hard to keep its material in the public domain without implementing a Subscription Plan. If our entire Newsletter List donated $10, Foreclosurepedia would be self sustaining for approximately 384 days. As many of those subscribing, perhaps around 24%, are actually Industry Order Mills, this would never happen. While Foreclosurepedia does engage in Consulting and reinvests dollar-for-dollar back into our expenses, the problem is that we experience the very same recalcitrant attitude towards payments. Tragic, really, when many of these folks are the very Contractors we seek to protect in that which we write upon.

Foreclosurepedia has always followed the Open Source Model which Wikipedia operates upon. We have always believed that when the Contractors determine that our information is no longer needed; when Labor is capable of defending itself and identifying the potential dangers and addressing them on their own, our Mission of No Contractor Left Behind, would be concluded.

August is always the critical month for Foreclosurepedia. Before I discuss our infrastructure expenses, I want to state that in the three years of operation, I have never paid myself a penny as salary. Candidly, several of the larger firms I speak with believe this to be madness. Today, Foreclosurepedia has been able to render assistance to nearly 1000 Contractors. In order to do this, Foreclosurepedia maintains a Virtual Private Network (VPN) infrastructure with streaming capabilities through Amazon for both our videos — some of Foreclosurepedia’s videos are used for training purposes by several West Coast Order Mills free of charge — and our podcasts.

The creation of Property Baggage, a Potential Contractor Lien Database, has held up the sale of 19 homes and ensured payments back to Contractors. The ISTAR Repository has additionally allowed other Contractors to navigate the treacherous waters of the Industry. Each require investment of time and money to remain functional.

Finally, Foreclosurepedia’s groundbreaking ClearBase, an alpha stage website, allows for both Contractor and Client to perform a 15 point inspection of those whom they are going to do business with. ClearBase deals with not the background checks, but areas such as financial solvency, previous bankruptcies and litigation and issues a Recommendation much like a Buy – Sell Opinion in the financial sector. ClearBase is slated for public view sometime in late August to early September.

Foreclosurepedia has never engaged in advertisement based only upon revenue. Those whom have a Recruitment Link on our website have been personally vetted. Later this evening, we will be dedicating an entire front page slot for this purpose. While we have been offered a substantial amount of money to hock the wares of others, we have always held our responsibility to the Mortgage Field Services Industry above even paying our own bills — make no mistake that next month our phones will potentially be shut off.

Many of you out there reach out directly to Foreclosurepedia on a weekly basis to obtain personal advice with respect to the Industry. I have always kept that door open for you or anyone. I am not aware of a single phone call in the three years Foreclosurepedia has been operational that I have not personally handled — free of charge. My belief has always been that when information helps people they will reinvest a small portion of their gains back into the collective. Perhaps I am a dreamer; perhaps there really isn’t any difference between Labor and Management.

Foreclosurepedia’s Operational Budget for FY2015 which begins 25 August 2014, is $3,024.08 and yes I put that down to the penny as I do not take salary. We have $35.74 budgeted for a new mouse and mouse pad as three years of typing and travel have taken a toll on the old one.  😉  Most of the larger firms in the Industry will laugh at this budget as they would probably leave it as a tip at the Quarterly Office Party at Ruth’s Cris. The reality is that Foreclosurepedia has become quite adept at stretching copper out of a penny. Last year’s budget was $3,823.19 and allowed us to proverbially move mountains, but in the same way Contractors are asked to do more with less, Foreclsurepedia tightened its belt as well. The $799.11 was shaved off by implementing several coding scripts which allowed Foreclosurepedia to move away from third party resources.

Foreclosurepedia asks those of you whom rely upon our information to step up to the plate TODAY. If we have helped you in the past, help us to help others in the future! Whether it be simply a small donation or a large Endowment; whether it be the purchase of advertisement and an Introduction of your firm to the Industry through Articles or Podcasting, help Foreclosurepedia continue its Mission of No Contractor Left Behind! The reality is that our yearly budget is a mere fraction of that which many Contractors and Clients make as a profit margin on a weekly basis. Even your participation within many of our Programs such as the Alpha State ClearBase, which guarantees the HIGHEST LEVELS of Google SEO known in the Industry, fund our Operating Budget. Several of you have mentioned interest in this, so why not Invest today? Our Foreclosurepedia Nation Newsletter rivals all Industry Open and Click Rates and we have the metrics to prove it! Why not have your message delivered to the nearly one thousand people whom rely upon it weekly except have your message delivered as a Stand Alone Product? In closing, as the Editor-in-Chief of Foreclosurepedia, I continue to stand with Labor and Management and the direction I have taken lately is a testament to that. Help me to continue to do what I have been doing for the past three years. Send a message that the small budget of Foreclosurepedia is PRICELESS when compared to a Mortgage Field Services Industry left unto its own devices!

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