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Berghorst Enterprises Becomes Heritage Home Solutions

Berghorst Enterprises, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member, is making a run for the doors.   More than simply the fact that Berghorst Enterprises no longer exists for all intents and purposes is the fact that its owner, Heather Berghorst has been a long time Board Member of the NAMFS Regime and is currently the NAMFS Regime Secretary.

As early as 21 June 2013, we reported upon the fact that Berghorst was quietly shifting all of her operations to Heritage Home Solutions (HHS). Almost a year ago we were reporting upon the waste, fraud and abuse going on at the now non existent Berghorst Enterprises. Back then, though, the Drive By Social Media and the NAMFS Regime cried foul. As a matter of fact, Heather Berghorst hired a member of the Freshman Lawyer’s Guild to rattle sabers and threaten to sue me for federal racketeering for even suggesting that she was financially insolvent. Yeah, we saw where that got them.

Make no mistake whatsoever, Berghorst and NAMFS got their asses handed to them. These amateurs should stick to hustling dice in back alleys. Foreclosurepedia never has and NEVER WILL succumb to threats and intimidation tactics utilized in a manner to have a Chilling Effect Upon Free Speech!

Now, to set the stage for what I submit is classic fraud, I want you to read through this Confidential Email we received last week,

Good Morning Vendors!

Berghorst Enterprises, LLC has decided to move forward with a name change, our new company name will be Heritage Home Solutions, LLC.

No need to worry – you will not see any changes on your end, except for the name.  Our vendor agreement, pay terms, pricing, management, staff, etc. remain the same.

In changing our name we will need each vendor to sign all new paperwork and obtain a new copy of Liability Insurance and E&O (if you have E&O) each with a minimum of a million dollars coverage, with Heritage Home Solutions, LLC listed as an additional inured.

It’s very important that I receive all signed documents (see attached) and insurance no later than March 26th, 2014.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks for your understanding and patience as we make this transition.

Marce Wright

Operations Manager

Berghorst Enterprises, LLC

So, Heather Berghorst would have everyone believe that Berghorst Enterprises is changing names. Normally, that would be well and good. Berghorst’s problem is the fact that THE ASSUMED NAME WAS TERMINATED EIGHT MONTHS AGO!

Former Berghorst Employees speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that there are a plethora of Contractors whom were placed on Payment Plans some of which were owed well over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS and the Terms of Payment was SEVEN YEARS!

A former Berghorst Enterprises Contractor we spoke with today displayed the epitome of the sheer and utter insanity the NAMFS Regime is involved in. The Contractor stated she received an email from Berghorst Enterprises; from Heather Berghorst herself, which stated “…Berghorst Enterprises is filing for formal bankruptcy.”

Now, everyone remembers what placed Heather Berghorst and her now vanished Berghorst Enterprises into the spotlight. Altisource, whose parent is Ocwen, was doing a huge volume of business with Berghorst. The only problem was that Berghorst wasn’t paying her Contractors. Allegedly, Altisource put an end to that; however, attached to the aforementioned Confidential Email was a Price List from Altisource! I mean it is becoming difficult to figure out where the corruption begins and where it ends. Does the term Facilitation Across State Lines Using Electronic Means ring a bell to anyone?!

If you are working for or used to work for Berghorst Enterprises and/or are working for Heritage Home Solutions, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you begin filing liens yesterday. Do not stop; do not pass go, file and file now. Additionally, enter the addresses anonymously into Property Baggage. A leopard does not change its spots.

I am also at a loss to understand precisely how it is that Berghorst is able to hold an Elected Position at the NAMFS Regime, a federal non profit 501 (c)(6), and be involved in and at the levels in what appears to be fraud, graft and corruption. At minimum, simply being financially insolvent should be enough to have her booted from both the NAMFS Regime Secretary’s position and completely off the Board of Directors. If she is not, it is the first time that I am aware of wherein a non profit corporation telegraphs to both the IRS and the American Public that they believe they are untouchable.

Berghorst should be held accountable to the NAMFS Regime Rank and File. Where are folks like Joe Hummel on this? I mean if we are all going to parade around about change, how about some real change? Either shit or get off the pot!

Altisource is now in a pretty dire situation. The reality is that either Altisource is committed to running a clean shop or they are playing lip service. Truly, as I write this, I am confused. They knew Berghorst Enterprises was running a Ponzi set up; they knew this because they pulled her books. So, why turn right around and give more work to Berghorst under an assumed name? More on point, though, it calls into question whether or not Altisource is even properly background checking people. Now that is a SERIOUS ISSUE! Obviously, Heritage Home Solutions has been terminated. Those documents originate inside the Michigan State Servers.

Whether or not Altisource wants to be complicit in sending work to folks whom have a proven track record of defrauding Contractors is an ethical issue; whether or not they want to pay for the liability to Ocwen or whomever else is their own business — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the New York Banking Commissioner may think otherwise. What is NOT UP FOR DEBATE is whether or not Heritage Home Solutions is legitimate.

Ms. Wright stated that Berghorst Enterprises had a name change and “…not to worry.” Yes, well with all due respect — no strike that because none is due — how does this jive when juxtaposed with Michigan State Documents? And correct me if I am wrong, but did not that email utilize electronic means to cross state lines? Hey, maybe I have all of this wrong! If so, feel free to reach out and be Interviewed and help me to understand. Feel free to reach out and show me where all the Contractors have been paid. Until then, it’s MY STORY AND I AM STICKING TO IT!

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