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Education: It’s Hard To Compare When Everyone Is MIA

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) presented the NAMFS Academy, a Mortgage Field Services Industry Educational Platform recently at Florida FAST 2014. Strike that, as it is a bit unfair. NAMFS Executive Director, Eric Miller, was asked to present the NAMFS Academy with no preparation and you know what? He did a pretty damn good job. In essence, Miller was asked to pull off a Hail Mary pass with seven seconds left on the clock without home field advantage — a little bit of sports jargon for those so inclined šŸ˜‰

Three Industry Educational Providers were requested to present their Platforms at Florida FAST 2014 this year: NAMFS Academy, QC University and the North American Association of Rental Property Inspectors (NAARPI). Only NAMFS chose to attend and represent the NAMFS Academy.

I am of the opinion that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) or some other affiliated Agency with Dodd – Frank Authority will make recommendations later this year that the Mortgage Field Services Industry enact some sort of Certification Program with respect to those whom actively perform services in the field — Boots on the Ground. I believe that it goes without saying that Foreclosurepedia is rarely, if ever, wrong when it comes to analysis of the Industry. It is not within the Scope of this Article to delve into why; this Article is concerned with the static fact that we are heading this way.

The NAMFS Academy which was presented by Miller was far more than the Smoke and Mirrors it would appear to be on the Internet and the YouTube Videos out there about it. There is an orderly and systematic structure which is one of the first things that I look for when evaluating the technical components of any educational system. Granted, we were not allowed access to the material in and of itself, the shell was viewable vis-a-vis Miller’s credentials and it looked to be in order.

In the future I am hopeful that NAMFS might actually sit down to discuss both the NAMFS Academy and theĀ curriculum associated thereto. What I was able to discern was a well defined methodology to validate whether or not a person had actually completed the coursework. The issuance of user capability to print an ID embedded with QR Code was yet an additional step in validating the entire process. While I was not completely sure about the compartmentalization of information and this was no fault of Miller’s, it was my understanding that a non NAMFS Member could conceivably scan the QR Code, in field, to verify its legitimacy. I believe that this is important along with a potential Client or Employer to be able to verify samesaid when noted on applications.

I am loathe to speak volumes upon the NAMFS Academy as even though Foreclosurepedia is opinion based, I do not want to color a Product which Contractors might benefit from with uneducated diatribes. The reality is that NAMFS has taken great strides in simply coming to a consensus identifying the need for a Certification Process vis-a-vis Educational Benchmarks.

Unlike Miller whom was very accepting and PC with respect to inclusion of participatory education from all venues, I am not sold on the concept. What I mean is that while Miller appeared to publicly be open to the panorama; the open canvas, of all avenues of educational platforms, I believe this is a dangerous concept. Setting aside the fact that the vast majority of NAMFS Members have not meaningfully participated in the NAMFS Academy — this is a testament truly to the lack of support and resolve for the hard work and dedication the Few have made on behalf of the Many — I believe it is borderline malfeasance to allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to come forward and hock their wares in an educational setting. The reality is that NAMFS has been deeply embedded within the Industry for nearly three decades. Barring the fact I have not viewed the actual material and do not necessarily approve of their own pace testing structure, NAMFS daily liaises with the Financial Institutions as well as Portfolio Holders. Prima facie, this would tend to imply that the NAMFS Academy would be the beneficiary of the knowledge and institutional requirements demanded by the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

Provided that NAMFS would be amicable with the idea of sitting down and coming up with an Industry Accepted Glossary — yes, I am heading towards the beginnings of Accreditation and have already liaised with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) — the ability for outside entities to model education would then allow for a free market economy to both safely and productively evolve.

In closing, the only Educational Product Foreclosurepedia may endorse, in good faith, is the NAMFS Academy. This endorsement is contingent upon the ability to both Interview Participants in an anonymous setting to compare both commentary and applicability and additionally to be able to view some of the material in an effort to cross compare material with real world issues such as code, laws, rules and regulations. This should not be construed as a Rubber Stamp of Approval. Without having access to several items Foreclosurepedia is unable to issue an absolute opinion. As no other educational venue has been demonstrated as viable in a real world setting; as no other educational model has been proffered, the NAMFS Academy stands upon the Merits which Miller has represented — the reality is that presenting the NAMFS Academy in a potentially hostile environment gets street cred alone! That NAMFS had the motivation to pitch their product to those Contractors whom are in the field should telegraph the fact that their motivation is sincere. The reality is that without a Certified and Educated Contractor Workforce in the Field, what CFPB is doing today is nothing compared to the specter of tomorrow. The NAMFS Academy represents a move towards self regulation. In my humble opinion, it represents the first steps upon the journey of thousands of miles.


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