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Altisource Takes On Bank Of America Work

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to work, Altisource#OpALTISORE — finds yet more ways for their Vendor Network to screw Contractors. Altisource‘s long and stoic history of hiring Vendors with bankruptcies whom refuse to pay Contractors — some like Heather Berghorst whom file bankruptcy to avoid all payments — is getting ready to hit a new low.

Effective today (August 7th), Altisource has opened up the Bank of America (BOA) portfolio for regular grass cuts.  They will be issuing the Initial Grass Cut and shrub trim orders on all BOA properties over the next few days.  They understand that most of these properties haven’t had a grass cut in the last 90 days.

The grass is to be cut even if it is over 12 inches (show us with your tape measure) and we are required to use the pre-approved standard priced Tall Grass Cut line items for completing these orders.  We have been instructed to use these pre-approved orders to efficiently manage the Initial Grass cuts.  NO GRASS CUT BIDS ARE TO BE CREATED UNLESS THE LOT SIZE IS OVER 3 ACRES.

IMPORTANT:  The tall grass is not to be cut and left laying on top of the yard once the work is completed.  All debris and clippings should be bagged and then all walk areas should be blown to ensure clean sidewalks, driveways, and patios.Altisouce will send shrub trim orders for 4 months so they expect to see attractively shaped shrubs in all front yards, along the sides, and back.  There will be a higher than usual level of scrutiny by their reviewers.Reminder – All properties are required to have 2 grass cuts per month.

Um, how goes that Bank of America Portfolio Safeguard Properties (SGP)? Truth be known, Contractors appear to have a better chance to be paid on SGP Work Orders these days than Order Mills hired by Altisource. Just some food for thought for all those Drive By Social Media Pundits whom swore up and down that SGP was the Holy Grail of Bank of America. Personally, I wish Bank of America would go back to working with Contractors!

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