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Tennessee Lien Law: Batter Up!

I love the Contractors in Tennessee whom whine that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Members won't pay them. Lien. Plain and simple. Do not attempt to negotiate: LIEN! Hell, make it a Family Event! Take your spreadsheets down to the Public Library and Post an Adopt A Lien Program! Make no mistake that when Companies like Altisource, the same NAMFS Regime Member whom is Sponsoring the Membership of Michigan Realty Solutions and Cheap Suit Jay --- they are in Tennessee now according to his Facebook Page --- start to have properties show up with MULTIPLE Liens, they will begin to pay. If you are in Tennessee and want to drive up to the Foreclosurepedia GHQ, I will walk you through the process FREE OF CHARGE!

If a clause of this sort somehow makes it into a contract, it is no longer enforceable — so said Gov. Phil Bredesen — when he signed House Bill 743 into law.

A mechanic’s lien is a claim made by a contractor, subcontractor or materials supplier on the property. If enforced, the contractor could force a sale of the property to pay the claim.

Robert Lee Jr., owner of Lee Masonry Inc., of Nashville, TN, and government relations chairman for the American Subcontractors Association of Middle Tennessee (ASAMT), said this is a simple piece of legislation and its tenet goes back a long way.

“Lien laws date back to the days of Thomas Jefferson and they address the fact that a person supplying materials or labor are not in the same position of power as the owner,” Lee said.

According to an ASAMT news release, the law amends Section 66-11-124 of the Tennessee code to state that, “Any contract provision that purports to waive any right of lien under this chapter is void and unenforceable as against the public policy of this state.”

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