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Altisource Prime Vendor Threatens Contractor Over Liens

Nothing new under the sun with respect to Altisource these days. It would appear that Altisource and their entire Corporate Structure are hell bent in being crucified under a mountain of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaints. As you will read, Altisource is named with respect to suing a Contractor for attempting to participate in judicial procedings by none other than Jay Goscinski — Cheap Suit Jay. More on point, though, in the same seedy manner that Altisource appears to have defended Heather Berghorst, the two time bankruptcy filing Prime Vendor for Altisource as well as Adam and Amanda Buczek, Altisource is doing their best to make sure yet more Contractors get the shaft. Before I get to the meat of yet more claims against Altisource’s Pet Jay Goscinski of Michigan Realty Solutions (MRS), I want to lay out precisely what Altisource considers these partnerships to be: EMBEDDING. The below interview is questionable, at best, with respect to precisely what is going on.

Make Sure You Listen To This Interview and Pay Attention @ Soundbite 7:40 In the Feed

Robert Bridges, Associate General Counsel for Altisource, had a great interview which sheds some light on what we are going through with Pat McKissick. It’s a Catch 22, really. Due Diligence; if you say yes you are performing it then you admit there has been a problem all along and you did nothing. If you say no Due Diligence has been performed, then Altisource is liable for damages the way I see it. What did you know; what did Altisource know and when did it know it?!

The best quote comes @ Soundbite 7:42 where Bridges says, “Yeah, so we embed people in the United States and Europe… [.]” Is that what Berghorst and Buczek were? Embedding!? Is that what Cheap Suit Jay is? I mean look, you are protected. Why not tell the American Public the truth. Did you invent — no strike that — Did Altisource simply invent Berghorst and Buczek? Look, you people have destroyed innocent Contractor’s lives because no one wanted to perform due diligence — YET ANOTHER REASON TO REGULATE TO THE FURTHEST DEGREE these non banks — so why not tell everyone what your latest invention is. Is it Jay Goscinski of Michigan Realty Solutions LLC? I mean keep it real Robert Bridges! Did someone lie when they stated Altisource submitted a Reference Letter on Cheap Suit Jay’s behalf?! If so, that is some pretty serious shit, isn’t it Counselor?

Robert Bridged Pissed And Moaned About Fair Use With Citation Of His Photo So We Decided This Was More Appropriate.
Robert Bridged Pissed And Moaned About Fair Use With Citation Of His Photo So We Decided This Was More Appropriate.

I mean I love that bullshit Bridges’ spews to McKissick. “Oh, where we can provide efficient services to our Clients.” And your banter about the 24 hour work cycle. What about the 24 hour work cycle for the promises you and McTaggart made to Contractors?! Yeah, no doubt slipped the mind. I mean I have to really wonder how you sat there with a straight face all the while knowing that the Berghorst Enterprises – Heritage Home Solutions was spiraling into financial insolvency and never missed a beat. Hell, Altisource had to have known about the first bankruptcy! My hat is off to you; I mean it truly is. We called folks like you Mr. Smith or Mr. Graham in the military.

I love the part about Bridges being able to Skype with his then 3 year old. Tragic in that many of the Contractors destroyed by Altisource’s pet Order Mills Berghorst and Buczek cannot even make a simple phone call to their kids BECA– USE THEY CANNOT PAY THEIR BILLS! The part about showing up for Dad’s Day and surprising Bridge‘s kid got me all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that some of the Contractors I spoke with now take the city bus to visit family — @ Soundbite 15:50 or so. The Courthouse Steps story was the final portion that brought dry heaves from me. The transparent way of doing business. You know, maybe Altisource should start working that way with respect to the people it hires?

The embedding of people within the Mortgage Sector. Wow, Counselor. That definitely tops anything I have ever heard of. Neither here nor there. So, your pet that you are trying to protect is out on a rampage now threatening and intimidating Contractors whom are going to pursue legal options against he and Altisource. I want to make sure I am crystal clear in that Altisource was afforded the opportunity to opine and refused to do such.

On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 1:21 PM, John culver <Redacted> wrote:

On Monday, August 4, 2014 10:36 AM, John Culver <Redacted> wrote:
Hey Jay, I need to respond to your QC response, I strongly believe the same Altisource inspector your referring to is the same one who advised myself and other Ohio contractors to find other companies who have Altisource contracts, who have an excellent on time payment record with contractors, and we took that advice and it seems to be true so far, the advice was given because your company has had and still having payment problems. We will not be contacting Ray. Have a good day.

Sent from my iPhone

On Aug 4, 2014, at 9:42 AM, “J. Goscinski ABR, GRI, SFR” <Redacted> wrote:

I certainly hope you have assets sufficent to cover the legal fees and damages I will collect if you take this course of action.
May I remind you each and every work order accepted has a NO-LIEN clause. As does your contract call for mediation.
We have several complaints from our clients QC officer about the shoddy work and poor work scopes performed on these properties.
We are sending other contractors to properly correct as they do not want you back to do more damage.
If you have any questions I strongly suggest you contact Ray Zem at my office, his address is included above.
J. Goscinski ABR, GRI, SFR
Broker/Owner…Lic. Builder
Michigan Realty Solutions LLC
REO and Foreclosure Property Specialists
CALL 586-929-3070 DIRECT
OR 586-646-4800 OFFICE X101
586-601-2777 FAX
From: John culver [Redacted]
Sent: Monday, August 4, 2014 8:00 AM
Subject: Lien

To whom it may concern, effective today (August 4, 2014) a mechanics lien will be placed on the property located at 316 Lincolnshire Avenue Gahanna, Ohio 43230 in the amount of $3,600 for non payment of a approved mold removal bid completed May 16, 2014.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Stevens, Michelle <Redacted>
Date: Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 5:30 AM
Subject: RE: Non Payment Lien in Gahanna, Ohio
To: “J. Goscinski ABR, GRI, SFR” <Redacted>, John culver <Recacted>, James Beversdorf <Redacted>, Tina Reeves <Redacted>, Redacted “Cappuccio, Felipe” <Redacted>

Remove me from this chain as this is an internal dispute that I do not need involved in.

Thank you.

Michelle R. Stevens | Regional Field Service Manager Code Compliance, Property Preservation and Inspection


P.O. Box 105460 | Atlanta, Georgia  30348-5460
P: (770)-612-7007 | ext: 254369 | F: (770)-671-1088| C: Redacted


From: J. Goscinski ABR, GRI, SFR [mailto:Redacted]
Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2014 7:46 AM
To: John culver; James Beversdorf; Tina Reeves; Redacted; Cappuccio, Felipe; Stevens, Michelle
Subject: Re: Non Payment Lien in Gahanna, Ohio


I strongly suggest you call me and work this out. All the photos and evidence I have clearly show the work not performed properly.

If you go this route I can guarantee you you will be sued by our company and my clients. Ray called you to try and work this out. You basically refused I was told.

You have been with our company for a long time and never not gotten paid until these poor quality jobs surfaced. I strongly suggest getting good legal advice aware of all the circumstances and not doing something that will end up costing you much more.

J. Goscinski ABR, GRI, SFR

Broker/Owner…Lic. Builder

Michigan Realty Solutions LLC
REO and Foreclosure Property Specialists


CALL 586-929-3070 DIRECT
OR 586-646-4800 OFFICE X101
586-601-2777 FAX

From: John culver <Redacted>
To: Jay Goscinski [Redacted]
Sent: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 7:24 AM
Subject: Non Payment Lien in Gahanna, Ohio

Now, I want to be very clear here, as well. So, Altisource has first hand knowledge that there is a problem. Altisource asked to be taken out of the loop for plausible deniability I presume. This is identical to the Berghorst and Buczek Fraud Schemes which Altisource drug their heels for as long as possible upon — I personally believe that Altisource was buying time for Berghorst to file Bankruptcy.  What with Buczek getting ready to sell their offices in upstate New York and Contractors STILL NOT PAID, it should be fairly self evident that Altisource has no intentions of ever running a legal and legitimate ship.

Cheap Suit Jay should be a bit concerned about working over in Ohio. Now, we all know that Altisource signed off on him via Due Diligence and his Membership within the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). Now, whether or not NAMFS will investigate this remains to be seen. These are official emails and I have STACKS of them. With glasnost in play, I will give the benefit of the doubt. That is the problem with the vetting process — hell, hire me to do it! The problem is that Cheap Suit Jay is NOT LICENSED TO WORK in Ohio! So, here we go again. Cheap Suit Jay with a previous bankruptcy — 2:94-bk-46524; Heather Berghorst going on her SECOND BANKRUPTCY, I mean it just keeps going and going and going!

For those Contractors having problems with Cheap Suit Jay and Altisource, simply File Your CFPB Complaint Here. The reality is that sooner or later CFPB is going to connect the dots and show precisely what Altisource has known; when it knew it, and how much it spent to ensure that only their own Vendors were protected. Hey, if I have it wrong, feel free to send me the documents. Hell, go on the air for a live call in show and let’s discuss it. Yeah, right. While I might not have public speaking down very well I master the keyboard and microphone.

Cheap Suit Jay hit one out of the park when he admitted that he forces Absolute Lien Waivers. If you Contractors are so ignorant not to understand the implications here, you deserve to be taken to the cleaners.

In closing, Altisource is batting 1000 with respect to hiring Vendors whom fuck Contractors. No two ways around it. In this case, they are documented to have submitted the Letter of Reference for Cheap Suit Jay and you know what, that kinda sounds like INVENTION to me as well. I believe it is about time for the State and American Bar to step in and determine precisely what kind of ship Altisource is running with respect to the licenses here in the United States. While this type of behavior might be condoned in Luxembourg, it is beyond the pale here. To allow atrocities to be committed against innocent men and women while continuing to pay those whom are doing such is on par for why Foreign Nationals are just that Foreign.

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