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Altisource Prime Vendor Threatens Contractor Over Liens

Nothing new under the sun with respect to Altisource these days. It would appear that Altisource and their entire Corporate Structure are hell bent in being crucified under a mountain of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaints. As you will read, Altisource is named with respect to suing a Contractor for attempting to participate in judicial procedings by none other than Jay Goscinski --- Cheap Suit Jay. More on point, though, in the same seedy manner that Altisource appears to have defended Heather Berghorst, the two time bankruptcy filing Prime Vendor for Altisource as well as Adam and Amanda Buczek, Altisource is doing their best to make sure yet more Contractors get the shaft. Before I get to the meat of yet more claims against Altisource's Pet Jay Goscinski of Michigan Realty Solutions (MRS), I want to lay out precisely what Altisource considers these partnerships to be: EMBEDDING. The below interview is questionable, at best, with respect to precisely

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