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HUD To Take Blanket Corrective Action On M&M 3.8

BREAKING NEWS: Foreclosurepedia has confirmed through two Sources that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is poised to proverbially scrap the entirety of the HUD Marketing and Maintenance (M&M) 3.8 Awards this coming week. Foreclosurepedia has been the first and only media outlet to report upon the rampant levels of fraud and corruption which has mired the HUD M&M 3.8 process and in fact it would appear that HUD will take “…corrective action…” within days. Hell, its sounding like the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime on steroids!

Now, what precisely does corrective action mean? Well, we know that it will, at minimum, place all of the M&M 3.8 Awards on hold. If we use the HUD M&M 3.5, which was an Asset Management (AM) Award, it really won’t mean jack shit as Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM) along with BLB Resources were not only given insider information, but the HUD Office of the General Counsel took great pains in threatening Foreclosurepedia under unmistakable Title 18 Provisions for releasing documents from the Procurement Law Division (PLD) we received from a High Level HUD Source.

The HUD M&M3.8, though, is a bit of a different creature. So blatant are the sins of HUD Atlanta, HUD Secretary Julián Castro may very well not want his short tenure to be tarnished by such unbridled corruption. The case of Liberty, which we predicted and discussed the obvious Conflicts of Interest with HUDs very own Michaelson, Conner and Boul (MCB) — they are HUDs Mortgagee Compliance Manager (MCM) whose office is down the hall from Liberty in a building bearing ONLY the name of MCB outside — was so outlandish that it was tossed out over a Financial Size issue much to the relief of HUD, I presume. ISTAR Clear Base had a file that measured in the INCHES and not pages with respect to Liberty and MCB.

With respect to BLMREO, Foreclosurepedia wrote a huge Article based upon information from an ISTAR Clear Base Investigator. The reality is that BLMREO is what may only be described by me as a shell company. I mean this thing looks even worse than when Boris Whiteside spun the Awards out to MMREM and then went to work for MMREM as an Advisor — or whatever title they use to explain The Compensation Plan. I mean Whiteside, back in the Alfonso Jackson and Mel Martinez days, was well known within the Inner Circles. The ISTAR Clear Base file on him; the interesting familial connections which I believe track into the Martin Dynasty, are legend. As they say, though, Martins Will Be Martins — might explain why good ‘ol Brent has been left in the dark for so long. More on point, I believe that had the BLMREO Award been allowed to stand, a HELL OF A LOT OF QUESTIONS might center around Al Espinoza and no one needs that in a Lame Duck Presidency.

The reality is that we are getting ready to release a scathying Article which will read like a Family Reunion. Many folks remember Art Torano — my bad Arturo as I know he is pious about that — and Foreclosurepedia’s Connecting of the Dots and while not entirely public, there were private discussions which made Floridians extremely nervous — so nervous in fact, it would have been difficult to get a stick pin inside of some folks assholes as they were puckered up so tight! Scratch the surface just a wee bit; follow the Leader back to the Prescient days and follow how folks like ASONS, Innotion, Asset Management Specialists (AMS), et al., seemed to coincidentally jump out of the wood work and you begin to understand where we are going for our Articles heading into Thanksgiving.

Art, Eric and Tracy all have great stories to tell, I am sure. Hell, I bet if we were to grab a bottle of that piss water they have over on the Torano Family Vineyards; clip a good Cuban Cigar and shoot the shit about Eduardo San Roman. Hell, why not have Miro — ah, don’t be shy and clam up now when it’s getting so good — bring a bottle of something more appropriate for the occasion. I mean here we all are getting ready to relive history! Man, just like the good ‘ol days over on 2600 Douglas Way #800 Coral Gables, FL. Now, I understood National Home Mortgage Solutions (NHMS); really, I did. What I never could figure out and I am merely mumbling to myself here; sans the Boris Whiteside bullshit as he is merely a simpering hack, why not spend a few more bucks and get a different address than Prescient? The foreclosures aside, it just didn’t make sense.

Do you want to know when things started to make sense? When I began to really, REALLY dig into Al Espinoza. You see, when you look at all of the deceit and corruption and I mince no words with my opinions, most of the Mortgage Field Services Industry hacks are amateurs. I mean these fucking clowns would have lasted about 3 minutes In Country. See, I do not believe in coincidence. I bet you would never guess who the fuck I stumbled across when I dug into the Prescient Website?! Our good buddy Branko Bokan from Innotion Enterprises. Yeah, who would’ve thought, huh?! Seems, Bokan is on a website building spree. Hell, if you want to find a corrupt HUD Contract, simply look for Innotion Enterprises and Branko Bokan as it looks to me.


So, as I am gearing up for the Wild, Wild West; as I want to make sure that our good buddy Craig Karnes understands that ruling everyone else on the HUD M&M 3.8 as technically unacceptable would connect so many dots that you would need several Con Airs to hold the Family Reunions, I figured what the hell. See, Lee Mertins is the issue folks; Mertins & Co. are the weakest link. Now, I am not really sure how the macho Latino Culture feels about homosexuality, but personally I do not participate and we all know what I am driving at. Mertins and his pals are doing pre conveyance work which would be just about as clear cut violation of HUD as I can think of. What I mean is that word on the bricks has it that no matter whom was to be awarded under the HUD M&M 3.8 Contracts as they stood, Assero was going to pull the labor contracts. In the meantime, I am going to try and find a bottle of that good ‘ol Torano bubbly down at the liquor store and see what kind of headache I can put on!

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