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HUD 3.5: MMREM and BLB Resources Doomed To A Painful Protest Cycle – RFP: R-ATL-02006

We have been working on the HUD 3.5 Award; the Craig “Pay To Play” Karnes fiasco, for quite awhile now. As Contractors have always been out priority, we had to back burner the Article. With Victory over Carol Boyd and Vendor Resource Management in the air, we are going to push forward on this HUGE Article and hopefully have it out by Sunday evening as there is new interest from the Real Estate Broker Community.

The Field Service Management portion of any pre or post conveyance work is always chock full of felonious Order Mills coming in and defrauding Contractors. The Asset Management portion, by way of comparison, is off the charts.

Here is a little taste of what is coming up,

People should ask themselves, why is HUD going out of their way for BLB Resources and Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM), and especially for BLB? Does Rod Gaston of BLB or Matt Martin hold something over Craig Karnes? Does it have anything to do with Karnes’ purchase of the Georgia home?

Karnes had Gaston speak at the 3.5 Industry Day meeting. Then Gaston protested during the proposal grading process (ironically arguing that low pricing should not be a determining factor per the solicitation, which LaRosa points out as correct) and as a result got his hands on all the numbers and bid data he could ever imagine, in addition to being invited back into the best-and-final group after first being counted out.

Folks, you really want a front row seat to this. It could be the Last Supper for Karnes and his Death Spiral from Army Contracting to HUD Contracting and quite possibly to Permanent Stay at Leavenworth Federal Correctional Facility!


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