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NAMFS Members Sued Over Employee Status

When Field Asset Services LLC (FAS), a successor in interest to Field Asset Services Inc., was still owned by First Service out of Canada, and they were sitting down and preparing to sell out to Assurant, they had a dirty little secret they were trying to keep hidden. That secret; a secret so horrific that it would quite possibly cause the collapse of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services whom they are a Member of, was the fact that Class Action Litigation had been commenced against them.

Foreclosurepedia has in its possession a Class Action Lawsuit against Defendant FAS wherein Claims for Breach of Contract, Breach of Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Willful Misclassification of Independent Contractor Status, Failure to Pay Overtime Wages, Failure to Pay Wages for Hours Worked, Failure to Indemnify, Violations of the Unfair Competition Law and Violation of Private Attorney General Statue are all included.

Now that I have everyone’s attention, I forgot to add the fact that there are additional lawsuits pending in multiple jurisdictions with respect to Background Checks. Forcing Sub Contractors to bear the costs of Background Checks will, as well, be held illegal and unconstitutional.

I guess we forgot to mention that when an Order Mill places you on inactive status they have a maximum of 96 hours to pay you in full. Yeah, that got everyone’s attention there, didn’t it.

I am going to do one of the largest, hardest hitting Articles since Foreclosurepedia was created. The end run on this is that it will no longer matter about whether the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Order Mills think. Eric Miller, if he really has any type of Intelligence Background, should be familiar with this Class Action Suit. If you are a National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member you should give him a call and ask. If he does not know about this then you might inquire why a redneck in a county with one stoplight knows far more about the Property Preservation Industry than the man you are paying over $100,000.00 and nearly 70% of your dues.

The ramifications are beyond the Scope of calculation as every Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services could face liability. Everyone whom WAS NOT a Contractor in the Field becomes liable under this Suit.

Our Article will run this weekend.

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