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Information Pertaining To Don and Wanda McPherson

From time-to-time, Foreclosurepedia begins working on an Article and by the end of it the incestuous web of the Mortgage Field Services Industry has shifted the original subject from the arcane into front page. As many know, we have had several irons in the fire since Florida FAST 2014. While many of those in attendance at Florida FAST were normal and innocuous Contractors, there were a few people whom we began to follow up upon. Don McPherson and by proxy his wife Wanda Sue, meet the latter definition.

Don McPherson has been involved with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime forever and a day. McPherson reached out to Foreclosurepedia when we first began our Journey. In fact, my correspondence between Eric Miller and myself on 18DEC12, mentioned him. Don and Wanda Sue own Coastal Mortgage Services Inc.

When Foreclosurepedia began debriefing NAMFS Regime Offender Members, we began creating databases to cross reference information in a semantically meaningful way. It wasn’t until recently that the McPherson’s reappeared on our Radar. After some detailed Altisource investigations began to bear fruit, lo and behold good ‘ol Don and Wanda Sue went front and center. While I am not prepared to write my suspicions yet, I will state that the NAMFS Regime factors into them along with some principal actors whom interact with Altisource.

Foreclosurepedia is offering a cash bounty for information meeting our specifications with respect to Don and Wanda Sue McPherson. Individuals whom have in the past or are currently working with the McPhersons are high priorities. Anyone whom has performed Inspections are at the top of the list as this information will be used with respect to potential Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaints.

Any time you have people in the foreclosure industry involved in foreclosure actions, it never bodes well. A Verified Complaint To Foreclose Mortgage was filed by Green Tree Servicing LLC on 07JAN14 against Don and Wanda Sue McPherson for the same property address listed as that of Coastal Mortgage Servicing Inc. It would appear that there are other debts outstanding as Citizens Bank Trust was served on 21JAN14 and then Unknown Tenant 1 and Unknown Tenant 2 were attempted to be served, but not completed. This probably wasn’t taken well as back in 2004, the McPhersons were Defendants in an Eminent Domain Case where Polk County was the Plaintiff. 2004 wasn’t a kind year to the McPherson’s in that Wanda Sue was the Defendant in Auto Negligence Case which drug on until 2007 when it was finally settled out of court. In 2001, Don McPherson Jr had both Don and Wanda Sue in Court, with all of them as Defendants, in a Personal Negligence lawsuit which was settled in 2002.

Now, Don McPherson has made it well known he despises me and that is well and good. What is ill advised is to be tossing stones around in a glass house. I was curious if you recognized this Don McPherson Jr currently at Avon Park Correctional Institution? I ask as he uses an alias which is Donald Y McPherson Jr and the date of the 2nd Degree Murder he committed wherein strangulation and rape occurred (the rape charges went by the wayside), seems to be around the time that the Personal Negligence suit was filed against you and your wife. The young girl’s name was Sarah Barham — she was 15. The Personal Negligence Suit was filed by Monte L Barham.

31 December 1999 Microfiche Copy of the Lakeland Ledger
31 December 1999 Microfiche Copy of the Lakeland Ledger

31 May 2001 Microfiche Copy of the Lakeland Ledger
31 May 2001 Microfiche Copy of the Lakeland Ledger

Now, I may have it all wrong; perhaps Don McPherson is one of the only legitimate NAMFS Regime Offender Members I have ever met. I reached out directly to McPherson to inquire with respect to the above information in an attempt to determine whether or not this was Don’ son and have, as yet, heard nothing. So, anyone whom might have any information pertaining to Inspections performed for Don McPherson; anyone with information pertaining to Don McPherson’s time within the NAMFS Regime; and anyone with information with respect to the above microfiche news clippings above, I would greatly appreciate you contacting me! With that said, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Barham Family for their loss.

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