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NAMFS: The Naked Face Of Evil

Over the past year and a half, Foreclosurepedia has begun to unravel and demystify the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime and its Offender Members. Just hours ago, we profiled Don McPherson, Vice President of Coastal Mortgage Services, Inc. When McPherson launched his war against Foreclosurepedia; when McPherson whom is a long standing NAMFS Regime Offender Member and former Board Member chose to threaten and intimidate others over speaking to me, I realized that these Offender Members are the personification of evil.

Don McPherson’s son committed one of the most heinous crimes which a human being is capable of. Don McPherson Jr was convicted of murdering a 15 year old girl — not just run of the mill murder, he strangulated her taking over THREE MINUTES to finish his brutal act. Originally charged with rape – sexual assault, these charges were left by the wayside over technicalities as I see it. This has to color how McPherson Sr sees those whom search for justice; this would, in my opinion, explain his vitriol towards Foreclosurepedia.

Foreclosurepedia reached out to Don McPherson Sr for comment and received this,

You’re an idiot with little intellectual value. Make sure your facts are correct. An issue from 18 years ago. Small people have small  minds. — Don McPherson to Foreclosurepedia

Really? A Minority Female misses a due date by mere seconds and you bankrupt her; someone smokes some reefer and they are barred; or you ARE NOT a NAMFS member and fuck you?! This statement is the epitome of the mindset of the NAMFS Regime. Here you have a man whom raised a son who probably raped and most assuredly brutally murdered an innocent 15 year old girl after luring her out of her window. McPherson Sr, as opposed to feeling compassion for the family of the child his son murdered, sullied her name and memory — your son MURDERED Sarah Barham Don! What, you thought you pay some money and it all goes away like the rest of your NAMFS Regime cronies?! This is the inevitable mindset which fuels the fraud and corruption which the NAMFS Regime Offender Members are so infamous for. More on point, I submit that McPherson’s son did not just wake up one day and snap; this seems to me to be learned behavior at worst or lack of instilling proper behavior, at best. As word has gotten back to me about McPherson taking pop shots at me and threatening and intimidating people whom read my material, the reality is that both the NAMFS Regime Board and the NAMFS Regime Offender Members have shown sterling examples of why I perceive them as an Organized Crime Racket and in many cases guilty of financial terrorism.

                                                                        31 May 2001 Microfiche Copy of the Lakeland Ledger

All the usual suspects. I mean this is becoming a Jerry Springer show over at the NAMFS Regime. You had the Buczek Family whose one son went on a crime spree racking up fraudulent accounts with banks and forged identities. You had the paterfamilias whom used his own daughter to pass off bogus coins as US Currency. Then you had the other son of the Buczek Clan defraud Contractors from the East Coast to the West Coast out of millions of dollars. — FBI, US Secret Service, state and local law enforcement all participated in this costing US Taxpayers even more money!

You have the Buczek Family whose Leader is the now disgraced and former NAMFS Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst. Berghorst defrauded Contractors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in multiple states. When she went to file bankruptcy, she had the tables turned and is currently being litigated against in federal court for embezzlement, fraud and larceny by Contractors and Fifth Third Bank hit her with willful and malicious injury for concealing and/or illegally transferring nearly SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS of cash and property!

You had Dean Counce, another NAMFS Regime Member, whom the US Secret Service finally caught up with after bilking Bank of America out of millions upon millions of dollars for Inspections which never took place. Counce is serving in a Maximum Security lockup which is rare for white collar crime.

You had Carol Boyd, Bronze Level Contributor to the NAMFS Regime, whom defrauded Contractors across the Southeast and passed bogus checks across state lines multiple times on VA Contracts. So detestable was Boyd, that she willfully defrauded a disabled, war time veteran.

With consolidation happening at a breakneck pace, the reality is that there is catastrophic failure across the board with respect to NAMFS Regime Offender Members. When MCS absorbed CoreLogic, the Work Flow zeroed out. They pushed everyone through the Aspen Grove Money Making Scheme and then stopped sending work.  AFAS has begun having difficulties paying people. Five Brothers? What a fucking joke. They have lost just about everything they have. US Bank finally woke up and began pulling their Portfolio.

Altisource, being that which they are, is still doing their best to continue to feed the illegal order mills whom refuse to pay Labor. One might have thought that the New Orleans style death procession upon Ocwen would have sent a message, but nothing doing. The reality is that those Contractors whom are owed money should have sued long ago. More on point, there is a Changing of the Guard at Altisource which does not bode well for the status quo. We have a large article slated for this week addressing the Altisource fiasco and their recalcitrant ways.

The NAMFS Regime reminds me much of those incest loving hillbillies on B Rate television. I have yet to identify a single NAMFS Regime Member whom

I mean it goes on and on and on. To date, not a single one of these people were ever removed from the NAMFS Regime Member List for cause nor have any of them had a single Ethics Investigation begun. In essence, Eric Miller and his too close for comfort Adraina Farelo-Fernandez — point on this was that at Flordia FAST, I never saw a woman peel out of a dress and into skin tight jeans to jump into a car as I did when Farelo-Fernandez performed this act and hopped into the vehicle with Eric Miller post Florida FAST — whom have made it their life duties to protect the aforementioned type of scum. No two ways about it. More on this when I get up in the morning. In the meantime, perhaps the NAMFS Rank and File ought to study precisely whom is going to be up next on Center Stage because I have nothing but time on my hands!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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