Liberty: The First Of The Trifecta Gets Their Ass Handed To Them

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is having difficulties selling their bag of shit even to the untrained eye with the Awards they made under the Marketing and Management (M&M) 3.8 Contract. I would have thought that with the obscene amounts of money which must have passed hands — no other way one can explain what happened under M&M 3.8 — Craig Karnes and the rest of his sodden lot would have covered the bases. The reality is that HUD never fails to deliver on corruption and fraud — M&M 3.8 is no exception.

Karnes and the rest of his crew are probably breathing a sigh of relief, though, in that apparently the Small Business Administration (SBA) is poised to hand Liberty their heads upon a platter. The reason I say this is that Liberty is nothing more than a proxy for Michaelson, Connor & Boul (MCB) whom are HUDs bag men and clean up/oversight people. I mean is anyone really soaking this shit in?! Am I the only one whom is capable of doing that which the goddamn Federal Bureau of Investigation ought be doing? Oh, my fucking bad, the Emperor whom lays supine at 1600 Pennsylvania has ordained that one way or another the Democratic National Committee is going to be well funded for the next resident, Hillary Clinton.

 The reality is that Liberty, BLMREO and IEI are all cut of the same cloth. HUD will never allow a true minority owned or small business to enter into the fray. Reason being, as it appears to me, is that they wouldn’t have enough money to pay the bribes and definitely wouldn’t be WHITE ENOUGH to kick it at the banquet table — Craig Karnes may allow the minorities to serve at the banquet table, though. Word on the bricks is that Karnes notified PK Management and others not to initiate any hiring or open any offices with respect to the HUD 3.8 Awards. Wise move, Craig. Would’ve thought you learned when I rose hell on the M&M 3.0, but hey whom am I?

Foreclosurepedia will dig deep into this tonight including resurrecting a Caroline Reeves snapshot from back in 2010. You certainly do not want to miss out on it! In the meantime, why not give your Representative a call and ask why it is that Craig Karnes and his army of shakedown artists are allowed to continue to squander hard earned taxpayer dollars!

Karnes and his crew may think they are going to walk away unscathed, but I have news for them. Elections have a tendency to shake things up — especially with freshman and all. There is no measure as to how fast and how hard I will bring this fight to HUDs doorstep. I am goddamn sick and tired of HUD allowing Lee Mertins to call the shots; allowing that Cuban Cigar smoking Eduardo San Roman and his cesspool of Castro finks to corral labor for Assero on the HUD Contract. Karnes, you created HUD to save Innotion and yet turn a blind eye when it is violated in such a manner as to cause The Mob to blush! You are the epitome of graft and corruption. You do a disservice to the legitimate government servants and tarnish to good name and reputation of law abiding citizens as it appears to me!


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