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BLMREO: A Visit Was Made And No One Was Home

BLM REO LLC, a recent US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 3.8 Marketing and Management (M&M) Awardee, is most definitely a needle in the haystack. The reality is that BLM REO LLC, as a Company, is not listed by the Utah Secretary of State. The address listed by BLM REO LLC on their paperwork and website is a drop box as well: 46 West St. George Blvd  St. George UT 84770. An Intelligence Officer within the ISTAR Clear Base Network actually took a tour of some of the BLM Companies — the Umbrella of Brent Martin‘s Innotion Legacy — and it was like tracking down a CIA Black Site. I still have no idea where BLM REO LLC is located or if they even exist. More on point, it would appear that extraordinary rendition would be required to ever have any of these shady people gather in the same room whom allegedly comprise BLM Companies. Those photos in a minute, but let’s first take a look at the Brent Martin Profile to better explain why Craig Karnes, the HUD M&M Director in Atlanta is up to his neck in a world of shit,

BLM Companies LLC was formed by Brent Martin as a Limited Liability Company in May of 2010. The company has experienced steady growth since its inception and has expanded to include a property preservation business, a real estate group, asset management, and a maid service company.    I love the next quote — With collectively over 10+ years in the preservation business, 10+ years in the maid service industry [.]

Is anyone listening to this?! A COMBINED TOTAL OF TEN YEARS — That means you have to add EVERYONE’S Experience TOGETHER to equal ten years! And these are the people being awarded the HUD M&M 3.8?! I mean Craig Karnes has really stepped, neck deep, into the fucking shit!

Brent MartinBLM REO LLC has some pretty interesting connections for allegedly being a stand alone firm. First off, Innotion Enterprises owns their website,for all intents and purposes. Now, everyone remembers Amos and Al — Amos Alexander and Al Espinosa — and the complete and total clusterfuck they created which spawned entities like REAMS LLC and obviously brought Brent Martin (Seen Left From Martin’s LinkedIn Profile) down the Rabbit Hole vis-a-vis BLM REO LLC. To the untrained eye, Martin may strike people as a wet behind the ears kid; an innocent Mormon pretending to hold high the Pearl of Price and other Mormon Doctrines. The reality, as I view him, is that Martin comes from a LONG LINE of Martins — shells spun up to give the illusion of that which they are not in my opinion and yeah that means Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM). When I am done laying out the framework, Brent Martin and his BLM Companies will be held out to be the sham I believe that they are; those Mormons running legit Companies out in Utah would do well to Take Notice as I have a very bad tendency to lump shit together as I do not have the luxury of believing that some omnipotent being; that the Cloud People, are going to intercede. Religious people would do well to police their own.

On a side note, Branko Bokan should have invested a bit more time in cleaning up the charade; Deep Sixing the fucking ownership of than he did in getting all the bullshit acronyms holding him out to be alleged IT Guru he thinks he is. Bokan is Innotion’s IT fixer for those of you whom do not know. Give him a call one day and inquire about how the War Room went when Innotion was under HUD OIG Investigation and the photos had to be fixed.

I have a healthy respect for Bokan; I do not respect him for his pedestrian computer skillsets, I simply have seen the atrocities of the Serbians first hand which is neither here nor there. The reality is that this is a clear link between Innotion Enterprises and BLM REO LLC.

WHOIS Information is always something amateurs forget to change.
WHOIS Information is always something amateurs forget to change.

 So, as we said earlier, we have a Sleeper Cell in place in Utah. They self activated when they saw this mess spinning up and decided to take a ride by all the addresses they could find associated with BLM REO LLC. Much of the information has been moved over into ISTAR Clear Base, but some of the photos we felt were acceptable for public consumption.

168 N 100 E, St George UT
168 N 100 E, St George UT

An interesting one is that Brent Martin, owner of BLM Companies — the HUD M&M 3.8 Awardee — is listed at 2441 South Pasture LN, Washington, UT, by the State of Utah as the employment address with respect to Companies whom provide Services To Businesses and Dwellings. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) lists the same address, as well. Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corporation — the DUNS Number folks which is REQUIRED TO GET A HUD CONTRACT — list the same address.



The address where all this is going down at? Man, you’re going to fucking love this! True to form, in typical National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime flair, the photo displays A FUCKING CLEANOUT TRAILER! I mean this is shit you just cannot make up!

BLM Comp Address

BLM Comp Add1

It’s hard to keep up with all the addresses BLMREO seems to have and the irony is that most of the addresses are shams. Now, is this purposeful or is it basic incompetence. If it’s purposeful, Martin may very well have a date with Bubba in the Federal Correctional System and by the look of Martin, that may not go quite as well as planned. If it is incompetence; if Martin truly is on his own without the guidance of Amos & Al, then both HUD and the Contractors are in for a serious world of shit. Let me show you what I mean. BLM REO maintains several websites much like GTJ Consulting and folks know how we exposed them yesterday.  and are the two we are going to look at. Each lists a different Company Address. lists this address lists this address lists this address lists this address

Here is where the official BLMREO Website states they are located!

I suppose the Mexican Bar and Grill would be cool to work at.
I suppose the Mexican Bar and Grill would be cool to work at.

Folks, I am packing up for my trip North to do some deep level infiltrations or I would write more on this subject. What we are seeing here is that HUD is performing ZERO FUCKING DUE DILIGENCE! The HUD M&M 3.8 is looking like Organized Crime’s wet dream. My hunch is that Al is pulling the Martin’s strings and that, like everything else, all roads will eventually lead back to Lee Mertins over at Eduardo San Roman’s Assero. Part II will be released over the weekend.

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