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Eastern Estates: And The Band Played On

Eastern Estates is the latest in a string of mistakes which the Mortgage Field Services Industry has made with respect to their dependency upon a criminally corrupt network of National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills. In 99.9% of the fraud allegations submitted to Foreclosurepedia, the offenders are Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime; this number in itself. comprises less than one tenth of one percent of the entire NAMFS Rank and File. Regardless of what Andrew Canard --- 703-376-8831 EXT-11 --- states on behalf of Eastern Estates, Contractors need to IMMEDIATELY FILE a Complaint with the Consumer Financial Proptection Bureau (CFPB) located here. Even if Contractors are paid, the Complaints need to be filed. Foreclosurepedia will, FREE OF CHARGE, help any Contractor with the filing of such CFPB Complaints.

I cannot stress strong enough that Canard and the rest of his maggot pals at Eastern Estates are the textbook definition of a Criminal Enterprise in my opinion. Even if Canard sends out checks, here is the deal: Where is the interest? I mean, what, after Foreclosurepedia rips these con artists a new asshole they decide to pay up and it should all just go away? Gee, we are sorry that we dropped the ball, DOES NOT FLY in the Mortgage Field Services Industry anymore. Reverse the rolls; would Eastern Estates tell you not to worry about screwing up a work order? Hell no!

We are a group of contractors who have basically gone broke working for Eastern Estates. Most of us started in May 2014 but I'm hearing from more and more contractors that started in January. Personally my company is owed for 53 completed work orders ranging from Initials, maid services and grass cuts. Large lawn grass cut and a 40x20 pool cover. I can't speak for the others.

We have 4 main contacts at Eastern Estates, Andrew Canard, Carson Sweezy, Lauren and most importantly Keith Mann. Everyone of us have been promised that our checks are in the mail. They send out paid invoices but no checks. They just dump us when another contractor comes along. What a nightmare...Andrew Canard is the only one left who returns any email with me but states that he has no control over accounting.

I've currently had to start looking for work outside my business to supplement my business. In May I had 18,000 in reserves, had three trucks rolling, was on top of every work order, had 6 workers who made that possible. I am alone in this and need to be paid what I am owed. I did the work...

Today! I am managing one truck, one worker, and most days cannot leave my driveway. I had my power shut off yesterday and my phone will be shut off on Sunday. I was promised checks and I worked my bills around those dates that they promised to pay. I'm not wanting a pity party, I love my life and work, I just want what I earned. I still have work orders in my que but I'm in no way doing them.

I did not put all my eggs in one basket with this company, I live in a very rural area in my state, I also work for RSB, 5B and AMS but they are very low volume. Eastern Estates gave me a lot of work and I traveled over 75 miles one way because there was more work available. I'm not the only one, I feel bad for the contractors who are in way over me and there are many. Keith Mann actually e-mailed one contractor and said he was no longer going to talk with that contractor anymore even though he owes them so much money. We as a group are weighing our options. We need to know what to do. Our e-mails are now coming back to us saying "Out of Office".

I want to dwell on the human aspect of this for a moment. So, while the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Order Mills whom originate these Work Orders to Eastern Estates

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