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Eastern Estates: And The Band Played On

Eastern Estates is the latest in a string of mistakes which the Mortgage Field Services Industry has made with respect to their dependency upon a criminally corrupt network of National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills. In 99.9% of the fraud allegations submitted to Foreclosurepedia, the offenders are Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime; this number in itself. comprises less than one tenth of one percent of the entire NAMFS Rank and File. Regardless of what Andrew Canard — 703-376-8831 EXT-11 — states on behalf of Eastern Estates, Contractors need to IMMEDIATELY FILE a Complaint with the Consumer Financial Proptection Bureau (CFPB) located here. Even if Contractors are paid, the Complaints need to be filed. Foreclosurepedia will, FREE OF CHARGE, help any Contractor with the filing of such CFPB Complaints.

I cannot stress strong enough that Canard and the rest of his maggot pals at Eastern Estates are the textbook definition of a Criminal Enterprise in my opinion. Even if Canard sends out checks, here is the deal: Where is the interest? I mean, what, after Foreclosurepedia rips these con artists a new asshole they decide to pay up and it should all just go away? Gee, we are sorry that we dropped the ball, DOES NOT FLY in the Mortgage Field Services Industry anymore. Reverse the rolls; would Eastern Estates tell you not to worry about screwing up a work order? Hell no!

We are a group of contractors who have basically gone broke working for Eastern Estates. Most of us started in May 2014 but I’m hearing from more and more contractors that started in January. Personally my company is owed for 53 completed work orders ranging from Initials, maid services and grass cuts. Large lawn grass cut and a 40×20 pool cover. I can’t speak for the others.

We have 4 main contacts at Eastern Estates, Andrew Canard, Carson Sweezy, Lauren and most importantly Keith Mann. Everyone of us have been promised that our checks are in the mail. They send out paid invoices but no checks. They just dump us when another contractor comes along. What a nightmare…Andrew Canard is the only one left who returns any email with me but states that he has no control over accounting.
I’ve currently had to start looking for work outside my business to supplement my business. In May I had 18,000 in reserves, had three trucks rolling, was on top of every work order, had 6 workers who made that possible. I am alone in this and need to be paid what I am owed. I did the work…
Today! I am managing one truck, one worker, and most days cannot leave my driveway. I had my power shut off yesterday and my phone will be shut off on Sunday. I was promised checks and I worked my bills around those dates that they promised to pay. I’m not wanting a pity party, I love my life and work, I just want what I earned. I still have work orders in my que but I’m in no way doing them.
I did not put all my eggs in one basket with this company, I live in a very rural area in my state, I also work for RSB, 5B and AMS but they are very low volume. Eastern Estates gave me a lot of work and I traveled over 75 miles one way because there was more work available. I’m not the only one, I feel bad for the contractors who are in way over me and there are many. Keith Mann actually e-mailed one contractor and said he was no longer going to talk with that contractor anymore even though he owes them so much money. We as a group are weighing our options. We need to know what to do. Our e-mails are now coming back to us saying “Out of Office”.

I want to dwell on the human aspect of this for a moment. So, while the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Order Mills whom originate these Work Orders to Eastern Estates could give two shits, the men and women whom are being defrauded are paying the toll. In the same way that we heard the horrific circumstances of Contractor’s families having the power cut off in the dead of winter during the blizzards in the New England States under the Buczek Enterprises Fraud Fiasco, we are now hearing identical situations. And there is a common denominator: the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. As the amounts add up we are rapidly approaching nearly TEN MILLION DOLLARS in money that has been paid to NAMFS Regime pals by NAMFS Regime Pals and never reaches Contractors.

Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) is implicated in the first 53 work orders alone with one Contractor totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Caroline Reaves is, as usual, back front and center in her apparent hatred of female Contractors. Reaves was front and center when we predicted and were correct about her leadership causing the loss of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Contracts along with the loss of the Fannie Mae Contracts for Asset Management Specialists (AMS). While the Drive By Social Media Pundits over on Facebook were attempting to retort with rhetoric so 18 minutes ago that this would never happen, lo and behold it has. Hey Carolyn baby, here is a news flash, Eastern Estates is going to make the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaints you are currently dealing with look like a joke. For those Contractors having issues, file your CFPB Complaint here. Foreclosurepedia will assist you FREE OF CHARGE.

Joe Salemi reached out earlier today to speak with Foreclosurepedia. I was occupied with trivial things like moving mountains and didn’t make it to the phone in time. We spoke later that afternoon. Salemi I believe is an honest joe — no pun intended. What I mean is that the vast majority of people, myself included, whom have served in the US Armed Forces do not bullshit around. Accurate, timely and most importantly truthful information is what keeps people alive on the battlefield. If there is going to be any peace going forward between Eastern Estates and its Labor Force; if there is to be any cessation in the filing of CFPB Complaints which may be filed here, it lies upon Salemi’s shoulders.

Where the problems begin is when you reach out to speak with someone and you are not completely honest. Years ago, I learned you never ask a question unless you already know the answer. In an ironic twist of circumstances the 53 work orders which were previously mentioned were intimated to have already had checks cut on them. The only problem was that someone forgot to say that they way 30 of the 53 work orders were paid was simply to reject them. With some of the work orders dating all the way back to 02 May 2014, the word disingenuous comes immediately to mind. First, considering that most of these work orders comprised initial grass cuts, it’s pretty hard to screw that up. Second, to wait until Contractors invoked their First Amendment rights to allegedly go over work orders and then reject them is textbook civil rights violations on the part of Eastern Estates. To state that a Contractor botched 30 out of 53 orders is beyond the possibility of understanding. Finally, it strikes me that perhaps Eastern Estates has a problem with female Contractors. We have seen a pattern of documented racism and gender bias lately even in the Drive By Industry media. Here, let me put it in the Contractor’s own words,

Just a heads up. 30 of my completed work orders as of yesterday have been transferred to a rejected file folder from EEPM. These were not rejected work orders until yesterday. The date goes all the way back to May 2nd. So this is their line of defense, they are rejecting all my completed work. I just checked this folder yesterday its a shared folder between EEPM and Me) I counted all my work orders and looked at all my photos. everything was still in my Que. I just checked it to prepare you with what they owe and all my work orders are now in a Rejected folder. So po’d right now. It will take me a few hours to get you what you need Paul because now I will have to go through all my e-mails, saved properties and work order request before I can give you a total.

This Contractor was wise enough to keep copies of all the folders which maintained the work orders and will be a gold mine for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Make no mistake whatsoever, this situation is beyond salvage. I mean the Eastern Estates debacle has all the hallmarks of the typical National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime production. You have the owner lying about how long he has owned Eastern Estates in an attempt to give himself credit where credit is not due. Has he been in the Industry longer than Eastern Estates has been around? I do not know nor do I care. What I know is that he lied and that is WELL DOCUMENTED as you saw from the previous Eastern Estates article.

Eastern Estates should not be condemned for attempting to pass a pile of shit off on Foreclosurepedia. Everyone from the NAMFS Regime to the disgraced former Secretary of the NAMFS Regime Heather Berghorst to Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS) tried that along with threats of litigation from each including Eric Miller whom tried to sue me personally — all met with the same result which was their proverbial dick handed to them.

Eastern Estates is in fairly dire financial straights. If a run were made on them, they would be forced to file for bankruptcy protection. When you lie to me personally I take the #Op personally. That is why I am declaring #OpEasternEstates officially underway. Salemi should have had enough common sense to not look a gift horse in the mouth. That is why I have officially submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request for his US Army Personnel Jacket. I am going to find something somewhere. Whether it be Eastern Estates very dangerous Information Security Breech potential with the exposure on their website which I hope no hacking organization like Anonymous finds or something in Salemi’s past or that of Paul or Carol Caporossi, I am going to find it. More on point, though, Keith Mann is going to get the largest dose of public exposure Foreclosurepedia has ever mounted yet. Heather Berghorst and Adam Buczek are nothing compared to where we are going to go with Mann.

For those hacks out there like Peggy Corino whom like to bash me for what I do, maybe reflect back on your days as Vendor Manger over at Mid Ohio Field Services. You remember, the very same Mid Ohio Field Services that defrauded so many people that even ABC News covered the issue? How is Corino these days, what with the NPPG show all gone, it has to be hard to be getting folks lined up to screw, doesn’t it.

PR doesn’t bother me in the least; Corino and Davitian and the rest of her Facebook hacks are typical of street musicians without a stage. What does inherently get under my skin is when Companies like Eastern Estates reach out and try to stem the inevitable. I mean can you hear that Nick Caporossi? That is the sound of all your hopes and dreams flowing in the same direction that you sent Contractor’s hopes and dreams. Make no mistake the humanitarian crisis which has been spawned by the Mortgage Field Services Industry will be costly. I am not too good at math, but I believe I am making a dent in the reelection slush fund for Eric Miller. Florida will be the catalyst.

Eastern Estates leaving their data; contractor and client data wide open
Eastern Estates leaving their data; contractor and client data wide open

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