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Safeguard Properties: Computers Down And Pay Missing Across the US

Safeguard Properties, bar none the largest offender within the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, appears to either be pending bankruptcy or shifting gears. Amir Jaffa, son-in-law to foreign national and founder Robert Klein, had a catastrophic week. Forecosurepedia received reports from the Atlantic to the Pacific that there were not just glitches with SGP computer systems, they was a total black out for dozens of hours at a time. When it came to payroll — for those Contractors whom received it — there was complete agreement that no less than FIFTY PERCENT of that owed was missing. We are talking millions of dollars if this is the trend across SGPs entire Network and we have no reason to believe otherwise. In all fairness, with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) virtually camped out at their offices, perhaps they are having an issue or two that Klein is not able to simply write a check to cover. Speaking of, if you are a current or former Safeguard Properties Contractor and have an issue, it will GET IMMEDIATE ATTENTION if you file a CFPB Complaint located here. Foreclosurepedia will assist you FREE OF CHARGE filing it or filing a CFPB Complaint against ANY NAMFS REGIME MEMBER!! We also stream the real time Potential Contractor Liens over on Property as a public service.

When asked by Foreclosurepedia if they were able to speak with anyone at SGP pertaining to both the apocalyptic computer crashes for the entire week or the missing money, the answer was virtually the same. Each and every Contractor we spoke with stated that the only personnel whom would answer a phone or return emails were those dealing with specific work orders.

The additional theme throughout the Contractor Network was that P&P Work Orders have all but vanished with none replenishing them. Many Contractors accustomed to a flurry of work orders this time of year; many whom just a week ago were swamped, now lie dormant. SGP Sources which normally speak with Foreclosurepedia stated identical phrases, “I have nothing to say at this time.”

Safeguard Properties has been in dire circumstances for several years now. Multiple suits from homeowners, previous and current lawsuits by those within the SGP Network for failure to pay on the now extinct Bank of America Field Services Merger and current Contractors suing and filing for failure to pay them including one Contractor owed over SIX MILLION DOLLARS and which CMI Credit Mediators Inc. is pursuing are just the periphery of litigation. The Attorney General of the State of Illinois has a enormous lawsuit pending against Safeguard Properties along with pending litigation naming Safeguard Properties as a criminal enterprise under Federal Racketeering in the US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. The pinnacle of litigation against the Klein Regime at Safeguard Properties is the racism litigation pending against it for disparate treatment with respect to how it maintains minority communities. Ironic, as both Jaffa and Klein are Jews.

It is extremely disappointing in that both Klein and Jaffa being Orthodox Jews do not seem to follow the teachings of their Faith in paying people what they are owed; it seems that the stereotyping which most of the Jewish Community fights like the plague, is rearing its ugly head compliments of Klein and Jaffa. While others will not delve into this discussion, I have absolutely no problem. Don’t come to me and pretend to be something you are not. Lest Klein forget where he came from as a child, perhaps he should see the evil he has spread here in his adoptive country. Foreign Nationals rarely, if ever, appreciate that which the United States gives them. When Klein and Jaffa want to parade around the Mortgage Field Services Industry with their yarmulkes firmly affixed on top of their heads and pretend that the Shabbos שאבּעס — has meaning, what they actually are doing is bringing a dark cloud down upon they and their respective synagogues. While on the one hand, Klein and his Gestapo march goose stepped to the beat of the lucre flowing through their accounts, they seem to believe that the filthy goyim; the Christians, not only owe them special exemption due to atrocities which occurred generations ago, but apparently their god has bestowed upon them some further right to steal from the hard working men and women whom ironically serve Klein and Jaffa like Hebrew Slaves.

I have never minced words over religion because I believe it is used for two things: First, it is used by corrupt men and women to extract money, fear and power from the masses. In the case of Christianity, we have seen more people killed in the name of this god than in all conflicts in human history combined. We further have seen religion used as a tool to sexually molest children and turn right around and take the offering money allegedly for god, to defend these very pedophiles. That was something I never really understood with the god motif. So, here you have an omnipotent being; all knowing and all seeing, and yet god just never seems to be able to handle money — always needing more of it.

Second, religion is a construct of smoke and mirrors which is rolled out to defend for or against atrocities committed by mortal men. If there was a god, I cannot understand how it is that he or she would allow for the persecution of his very own people in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. I mean are they all evil? Or how about Klein? Does this mean that Jews financially persecuting Christians or vice versa is back en vogue?! Klein and Jaffa are the worst of the worst when it comes to religious hypocrisy.

In a time when Qui Tam sealed indictments against banks and large property preservation firms in the Midwest — make no mistake this will become public in several months — are rolling out like a precision assembly line, prudent questions need to be asked. With respect to that which Safeguard Properties is doing, I doubt it is bankruptcy. I guarantee that Contractors would take the law into their own hands there. As far as that goes, we have yet to see whether or not the disgraced former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst makes it through unscathyed. My hunch is that Safeguard Properties discovered that they could no longer hack it in the P&P side and are migrating over into the REO. Safeguard Properties award of the Fannie Mae Contract, along with Cyprexx, George T Johnson (GTJ) and one other firm whom wishes to remain unnamed at this time, begins 01 August 2014. So, perhaps they are simply retiring a Code Set.

With respect to people like Terrence Mason, a Drive By Social Media Pundit over on Facebook whining about not bashing Regional Order Mills, I agree in that I say FUCK THEM ALL! Mason believes that there are some good Order Mills out there. None of them are good whom remain silent while atrocities are committed in the Industry.

If you are a Safeguard Properties Contractor or Employee, Foreclosurepedia would like to hear from you. As you have seen, we keep our Sources anonymous — always have and always will provided that they are honest. While many people will feign offense taken by the religious questions put forth, I could personally give two shits. I will be in Florida in a week for Florida FAST 2014 and you may get in line behind the hit men hired by the NAMFS Regime and others whom have had their sexual genitalia bruised by my boorish behavior. If I piss people off, that is good, as it fosters dialogue. For far too long, Klein and Jaffa have paraded around pretending that their idiosyncratic production of turning down the non kosher food while stealing the money is acceptable behavior. Let us not bullshit around, either. For all the bible thumping going on in the US, it appears that Israel is not going to get the $200 Million for their Iron Dome fight against the Palestinians. Maybe it is about high time we start becoming Americans and worrying about our problems here at home. Maybe it is about high time we send a clear message to Klein and his carrot top upstart Jaffa that the dog and pony show were fun, but they are over.

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