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The Eagle Has Landed

Foreclosurepedia has officially landed in Florida. After a two day journey, enroute with Team Ironclad Founder and Owner Bret Douglas, we arrived around 2200EDT yesterday. Going over the current statistics, Florida FAST 2014 is shaping up to not only break all expectations, it definitely be monumental. Currently, Florida FAST 2014 is slated for 89 people and climbing by the hour. We are definitely Standing Room Only (SRO). The scope of this Article is relatively brief to get information out to those of you attending to advise that we will be sending out a Mail Chimp Fast Blast to confirm RSVP even though many of you have already been advised.

We have confirmed that both Adriana Farelo-Fernandez of The Farelo Group, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and her distinguished colleague Jerry Hahn, a West Point Graduate and NAMFS Member will both be giving speeches at Florida FAST 2014. Farelo will deliver the keynote speech and Hahn will speak upon

Seating at the Holiday Inn Conference Center, Orange City, FL, where Florida FAST 2014 will be held, is already full and we are making arrangements for a SRO Setting. What this telegraphs is the fact that the Mortgage Field Services Industry is hungry for viable, real time, actionable information. The reality is that for the first time in the history of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, both Contractors and Clients will be assembled underneath one roof with two centralized and unified goals: The Education of the Boots on the Ground Servicing Technicians and the Networking amongst each other to create a more seamless system of Cradle to Grave completion.

Florida FAST 2014 will also be the discussion on Renegade Radio tomorrow from 0600 – 0900 which streams both on the internet and as Call Sign 101.3FM. You may call in to the radio show tomorrow at 1-855-790-8255 and text any question you may have at 775-384-4444. We want to give a shout out to our friends over at Renegade Radio and tip the hat to Aaron Aviero whom is a weekly on air guest with them.

A few minor updates: Currently, the only Educational Provider whom seems willing to pitch their platform to the non inoculated; the real Contractors whom will actually benefit from it, is the National American Association of Rental Property Inspectors (NAARPI). John Allen, NAARPI founder is flying in as I type and will both present NAARPI and additionally conduct a NAARPI class at Team Ironclad GHQ on Monday, 04 August 2014. Both the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) vis-a-vis the NAMFS Academy and Terry Platt’s QC University have been non committing, to date.

I was just of the phone with Jerry Hahn whom has solidified his speech which will revolve around the Principles which he learned both while at West Point and during several Tours of Duty including Somalia. These tried and true Principles are sorely needed within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. He will additionally discuss some of the issues which are predominately plaguing the Industry today and how we can bind ourselves as a Network and Community to a simple Credo and Set of Ethics. He will discuss postmortems and after action reports which are the backbone of any successful operation and ensure that Quality Control, going forward, is capable of implementing the necessary changes to prevent the occurring issues which cause problems today.

In an nutshell, Florida FAST 2014 is the be all, end all. If you have not RSVP’d yet, why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? We will be streaming a live podcast from Team Ironclad GHQ tomorrow afternoon to give updates. We want to thank the Florida FAST 2014 Sponsors for their belief in a Mortgage Field Services Industry which can and will become leaner and meaner; more productive and create a higher Return on Investment for both Client and Contractor. Stay tuned to the Foreclosurepedia Radio Network for daily updates and always, Foreclosurepedia.

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