Sun Feb 5 2:41:22 EST 2023
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Like The Wireless? Better Think Again!

The modern conveniences that most of us have come to depend upon could potentially be our undoing. The reality is that hackers, today, have begun to exploit the software which is used to power many items such as mice, keyboards and thumb drives. Currently, there is no known security protocols to defend against the cleverly crafted snippets of code.

Reuters is reporting that USB devices such as keyboards, thumb-drives and mice can be used to hack into personal computers in a potential new class of attacks that evade all known security protections, a top computer researcher revealed on Thursday.

The reality is that the sky is the limit as this type of coding allows for the logging of keystrokes; the changing of DNS Routing; and remote access. The implications both in industrial espionage and by nation states is off the grid with respect to precisely that which could be done.

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