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Cleveland Housing Court Does 360 On The Release Of Data

I am often asked precisely how it is that Foreclosurepedia is capable of both developing the Actionable Intelligence which I do and more on point how it is that I am able to do it underneath the corrupt noses of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. Gus Fring explains to Walter White in Breaking Bad, that one must be capable of hiding in plain sight. We all, the banksters included, do what we do for the protection of the family unit. Walter White and his alter ego Heisenberg, both attempt to protect that which they perceive to be important. With White, he attempts to protect his wife and son, while Heisenberg attempts to protect the extended family of Jesse Pinkman and his associates.

Foreclosurepedia, it is fair to say, is my alter ego; Labor is representative of my extended family.

Foreclosurepedia is a known unknown to quote Donald Rumsfeld. Therein lies the quandary. The eternal question is What Is The End Game. As many Firms have already approached asking me a price to simply go away; as many NAMFS Regime Members have attempted to sue and never reached the Court House, one begins to legitimately ask these types of questions. You see, though, it is semantics. What was the reason for defrauding Contractors? Why file bankruptcies when you could have easily paid your debts? Why target and allow to be targeted African American, single females with children in the Southeast? Finally, How Much Is Enough?! That is the real question I ask of those whom ask me. HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?!

I look at the Mortgage Field Services Industry in the same, clearly defined lenses which I study myself through. You see, if you are a NAMFS Regime Member and stood by while your extended family of Membership shit all over someone, you are as guilty as they. Period.

Forelcosurepedia has stayed the Test of Time. I like to think that we are doing quite well, when by way of comparison, many of the stolid names within the NAMFS Regime are gone. Even more on point, though, many of the stalwart and legacy NAMFS Regime Members are gone in disgrace. You see, in a protracted and asymmetrical conflict, people begin to ask serious questions. Those questions, though, are mere projections of fear and fear is the mind killer.

For those curious about the motivations, the following is issued. I have not lost a home. I am not owed money by the Industry. My family is all deceased so I have no grievance surrounding them. I have a personal problem with the wealthy having this misunderstanding that they are allowed to rape and pillage as if in feudal England. Our Forefathers did, as well.

So, we are going to introduce a new phase of documentation. When a Contractor presents a legitimate grievance, we are going to bankrupt two NAMFS Regime Members. Let me clarify that statement. Based upon the information I release gleaned from Sources and all the while hidden in plain sight, financial institutions and portfolio holders choose not to continue business with those whom have broken cardinal rules. No slight of hand; nothing illegal as at no price will I be swayed away from my opinions unless those offenders change their ways.

The weakness which Contractors have exhibited across the board has emboldened the corrupt wolves tending to the sheep. Weakness invites the wolves to prey upon the sheeple — Contractors — wherein strength and a straight spine would have slain them.

I have no stomach for weakness; I do not tolerate it in my 4 year old son, nor do I find it to be admirable in grown men and women. In a society which has so many safety nets, the fight has been predominately removed from people. The sad fact is that the men have been emasculated and the women branded with Scarlet Letters. People so willingly accept scripts issued to them and portray the downtrodden rolls they are expected to. Jump through the hoop boy and the master will let you shine his boots. No mistaking it in the Industry. I mean look at the Circus which Lee Mertins ran. Even Ernie Stepkovic was terrified; Ernie was shown to simply be child with tinker toys that Mertins, the wolf, knew him to be. And where is Mertins now? More on point, though, whom is cleaning up the mess? You see a zebra does not change its stripes — sexually or otherwise. Simply take a look at where 24 Asset Management and Assero are heading today with Mertins & Co. at the helm.

With the collapse of Asset Management Specialists (AMS), we saw the proliferation of legacy actors thrown to all corners of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. We saw this with Buczek Enterprises as well. It is deeply disturbing that while Contractors must run the gambit of Background Checks and are black balled at will, those whom defraud are given carte blanche and rewarded for such atrocities. More on point, if you Join The Team and get a pair of knee pads, you are welcomed into the Regime with open arms. Joe Hummel, Keystone Property Services, is a prime example. Here was a guy preaching the message of Contractor Hope and Change with his sidekicks Terry Platt and Kim Fatica and now his illegal appointment shows them all to be precisely what I have stated they were all along.

Many folks are aware of the fact that I have taken a special interest in the Cleveland Housing Court (CHC) and their perceived relationship with the Cuyahoga Land Bank (CLB). Many are also aware of my special interest in precisely how properties move from CHC to CCLB by and through the donation process. More on point, though, I am extremely interested in the donations to Slavic Village Development, Neighborhood Progress Inc. and Forest City Enterprises Inc. With all roads leading to Robert Klein, founder and Chairman of Safeguard Properties (SGP); with the Ohio CDC Association (OCDCA) in both feet first, it is proving to be an interesting nut to crack.

Mr. Faller,

Under the Ohio Open Records Law, §149.43 et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records that would identify the numerical quantity of how many properties have been transferred to the Cuyahoga County Land Bank (CCLB) as a result of Order or Plea since the inception of the Cleveland Housing Court (CHC) which I believe began around August, 2009. If possible, I would appreciate the Case Number(s), Address(es), and Date(s) of Order.

If there are any fees for searching or copying these records, please inform me if the cost will exceed $50.  However, I would also like to request a waiver of all fees in that the disclosure of the requested information is in the public interest and will contribute significantly to the public’s understanding of how land is transferred from private and corporate possession to CCLB.  This information is not being sought for commercial purposes. As the Editor-in-Chief of I have been reporting upon the Mortgage Field Services Industry and have confirmed readership approaching Six Million, in totality. Accordingly, I believe that I qualify as a form of Media which is capable of reaching a wide audience and as the material will be distributed free of charge, I am hopeful this will be taken into consideration vis-a-vis Waiver of Fees as Mr Faller stated would be acceptable.

Mr Faller explained to me that the numbers would be a guestimate and I am comfortable with that provided I am able to know the total number of cases, to date, and that way may quantify the pool of data from which the CLB transfers came from. I greatly appreciate Mr Faller‘s time and understand that he will be leaving in the next week or so and would additionally respectfully request the name, title and contact information for his replacement liaison.

I am also reaching out to CLB to request the same information and to find out how many homes were razed and remodeled. In essence, I am attempting to demonstrate the merits or lack thereof pertaining to these type of governmental arrangements.

I am capable of a plethora of data interpretation. In this I mean that I am both Windows and Linux compliant. So, Excel, ODT, DOC, XML … anything is fine with me. I additionally understand that we live in an imperfect world and have no intentions of holding anyone accountable for the veracity of the data nor how it is moved from you to me.

I would request a prompt response to this request.  If you expect a significant delay in responding to or in fulfilling this request, please contact me with information about when I might expect copies or the ability to inspect the requested records.

If you deny any or all of this request, please cite each specific exemption you feel justifies the refusal to release the information and notify me of the appeal procedures available to me under the law.

Thank you for considering my request.

Respectfully submitted,


D. Paul Williams

Editor In Chief


Secure Wiki:

I used to have a big, scary disclaimer here about sending people to the dungeon for illegal use of my email. The reality is that they are all a bunch of bullshit. — I Support Anonymous!

Mr. Williams:

I am in receipt of your email, and will pass it along to Ms. Moore.  It appears that you emailed, not  For your reference, the correct email is the latter.


Benjamin D. Faller

Chief Housing Specialist

Cleveland Municipal Court, Housing Division

Raymond L. Pianka, Judge

Tel: 216.664.6791


It would seem, though, that Raymond Pianka would have nothing to do with Outsiders peeking underneath his tent. I suppose I wouldn’t blame him if I were in his shoes.

 I loved the Huntington National Bank (HNB) props given in their citation. Many will remember last year when Foreclosurepedia broke the story about how Safeguard Properties had set up shop in Huntington National Bank and how things went South when a Safeguard Properties Vendor sent a Moving Van to gently perform a Clean Out on a homeowner’s allegedly abandoned property. While Huntington National Bank took the step of No Comment, Foreclosurepedia found it interesting that for seven months the homeowner got the runaround with Safeguard Properties and only 7 hours to pay the homeowner off after Foreclosurepedia became involved.

Evans would appear to be on the wrong side of the horse in this race. The position that banks should be legally allowed to walk away from potentially tens of millions of dollars in back taxes, fines and upkeep and this somehow is going to benefit neighborhoods is beyond me. More on point, though, $50 Million dollars to level a handful of homes by way of comparison of the entirety of the mess that the same banks created, boggles the mind. And then what? Turn the razed land and salvaged homes over to the very same crony capitalists whom rape homeowners makes sense?

Evans has apparently forgotten — and forgotten both quickly — the fact that Safeguard Properties is currently being sued by a plethora of homeowners; that Safeguard Properties is currently being sued by the Illinois Attorney General; and that Safeguard Properties is currently being sued for Federal Racketeering in the US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

The groups that  make up Slavic Village Recovery LLC are real estate developer Forest City Enterprises Inc., Valley View property management company, Safeguard Properties, RIK Enterprises, Slavic Village Development Corporation and Neighborhood Progress Incorporated.

 Take the case of Kasan Jackson. Jackson was a man whom experienced the justice Evans advocates heavily for. Jackson, an African American, was brought into the Cleveland Housing Court on criminal charges for peeling paint. Under sworn Affidavit, Jackson stated that he was “…pressured by housing court officials to donate [his] property to the Cuyahoga County Land Bank[,]” in exchange for reduced fines. Now, I realize that I am a redneck in a county with one stoplight, but I am at a loss to understand how the stripping of wealth from the poor and giving it to the rich benefits society. Perhaps Evans might enlighten me. I mean I understand how fining someone twice their monthly income is going to save communities and all. After all, I have seen precisely how many banks have paid them. More on point, though, I have seen how Safeguard properties treats the Minority Communities they oversee vis-a-vis the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) Suit which has reported upon.

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”480″]

The reality is that Ohio politics are now definitely called into question. Let’s not bullshit around about the shady involvement of Robert Klein in the ongoing housing mess which has become business as usual in Ohio. It is extremely problematic when you have corporate cronies heading up Boards which exert influence over an Industry they have pending charges within.

In Baton Rouge, every Safeguard-serviced property in African-American neighborhoods had overgrown grass and leaves, and half had significant trash, compared to none in white neighborhoods.

So, the Cleveland Housing Court, in similar fashion, reversed course in their original intention to produce the statistics requested. They punted to the legal department so Foreclosurepedia is preparing to dig in for a big fight. Regardless, it is beginning to appear that both those within the financial institutions and the Mortgage Field Services Industry are loosing an uphill battle to defend their policy of fraud. In fact, the USA TODAY reported that there is bipartisan support for putting feet to the fire over what I have been screaming about for years. This, combined with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaints which may be filed here, are beginning to create a written record of things which cannot be ignored.

WASHINGTON – Regulators are coming down harder than ever on big banks, and a Senate hearing Tuesday indicated they are all out of friends to defend them on Capitol Hill.

The Senate Banking Committee once again convened the six main financial regulatory agencies to testify about progress in implementing the Dodd-Frank reforms.

The regulators — and especially Daniel Tarullo, who heads up the Federal Reserve’s regulatory efforts — rattled off a number of new and forthcoming measures to rein in the banks.

But it was Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who rattled the regulators when she asked how many criminal referrals they had made in the wake of the financial crisis.

The reality is that in light of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime publicly withholding that they will not even obey their own rules vis-a-vis the appointment of Joe Hummel to the NAMFS Regime Board without the required Time In Rank. With Regulators lurking around every corner, one has to question the wisdom in this. I mean, very much more so the issue if a Trade Association cannot even follow their own By Laws, Regulators are going to begin to drill down and identify the root cause of the problems.

Take for example the NAMFS Regime’s refusal to provide a copy of their Letter of Determination. Whether Eric Miller and the rest of his Heather Berghorst Supporters like me, the reality is that federal law requires the production of documents or they risk loosing their Non Profit Status. For those unfamiliar, Berghorst is the disgraced, former NAMFS Regime Secretary. Even when confronted with bona fide cases of fraud the NAMFS Regime has been recalcitrant to reel in their out of control Board and their Membership. In fact, the NAMFS Regime appointed Joe Hummel, co owner of Keystone Property Services, to the Board in violation of the NAMFS Regime’s own By Laws. More on point, though, Hummel has been running Keystone Property Services from a satellite office in North Carolina for several years now without a business license.

It is a brave new world within the Regulatory Landscape. While Foreclosurepedia continues to document the atrocities ongoing within the Mortgage Field Services Industry, we came to the realization that some NAMFS Rank and File wanted to do things legally; however, simply needed guidance. To this end, we have been working hand-in-hand with many of these folks. Most recently, we worked with the migration of several Contractors into the Department of Defense Contracting Arena — our latest was the submission of a Contract for a Client to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. For those of you out there whom have grown weary of the rat race, why not reach out to Foreclosurepedia TODAY so that you are both Compliant with current regulations and making money TOMORROW?!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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