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Former NAMFS Secretary Targeted By More Lawyers

The disgraced, former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst is pulling in quite a crowd for what she and her ambulance chasing attorney A Todd Almassian must have thought would be a slam dunk Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The ongoing saga of how the NAMFS Regime refused to ever address Berghorst’s fraud and fought to the bitter end to keep her seated on the NAMFS Regime Board is well documented and ranks above only the recent illegal appointment of Joe Hummel, co owner of Keystone Property Services, to the NAMFS Regime Board. Unlike Robert Kapeluch …… over at SEAS LLC whom is afraid to take on Keystone, Foreclosurepedia is a Friend of Labor and stands by the Rule of Law.

When Foreclosurepedia began to chastise firms such as Credit Mediators Inc. (CMI) for refusing to go to bat for the Contractors whom trusted them in the Berghorst Affair, as it is now known by within the Beltway, attorneys representing other Contractors began to take notice. Recently, Arrow Construction sued Berghorst for outright fraud in federal court. There are additional movements within IN RE: Douglas and Heather Berghorst, 14-04293-jtg which is the codification of the Berghorst Chapter 7 viewable here.

JTK Restoration didn’t buy into the NAMFS Regime’s position that Berghorst was entitled to commit wholesale atrocities against Contractors. In fact, while Berghorst’s Sugar Daddy, Altisource, was paying her; even after Altisource said they would cut the cord and then they turned right around and REHIRED her under a fraudulent company named Heritage Home Solutions knowing the level of fraud she was guilty of udner the umbrella of Berghorst Enterprises, Contractors started to wake up. Now, Altisource is no stranger to hiring Vendors whom commit fraud and have bankruptcies in their past. Cheap Suit Jay Goscinski was pawning off mold reports which were anything but kosher; the Buczek’s took Contractors to the cleaners for hundreds of thousands of dollars — on and on and on. On that point, the question presents whether or not Robert Bridges, Associate General Counsel of Altisource ever picked up the phone and called Adam Buczek and ask Buczek to pay that which he had been paid? I ask as with the sale of Buczek’s Derby, NY, facility one might think that he had a few bucks to pay Contractors. Oh, my bad. Don’t ask Altisource to be ethical. See, that’s the ticket. The Buczek Six were a drop in the hat, man; a FUCKING DINNER TIP by way of comparison to the obscene ass fucking consumers take every minute of every day from Altisource and Ocwen. Go figure!

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It would appear, as well, that the banks are entering into the fray as they smell blood in the water. Fifth Third Bank has tossed their hat into the ring. We are also hearing rumors that Berghorst’s Clients, including Altisource, might be drug into the mess that through what I perceive as deliberate indifference helped orchestrate. Foreclosurepedia has been requested to provide email documentation on whom knew what and when they knew it.

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You can run, but you cannot hide is a mantra that Eric Miller, Joe Hummel and the rest of the lackeys should begin to subscribe to going forward. Overall, the writing is on the wall with respect to how NAMFS Regime Members will function. Whereas, what I perceive to be the blatant criminality which NAMFS Regime Members employed by the creation of a network of National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills is beginning to collapse. The wagons are circling now with respect to the Employee vs Independent Contractor status. The days of defrauding Contractors and the Contractors lying down and licking their nuts are coming to an end. You reap what you sow.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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