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Think Bloggers Are Fringe Elements? Think Again!

US Officials are being placed in the uncomfortable position of having to publicly address how a Bush 44 appointee, Zalmay Khalilzad, a former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq, is under investigation for money laundering. A blogger discovered the documents in a garbage container outside the state prosecutor’s office in Vienna and posted them online — yes, I read, write and speak several languages which is why I discovered the article. Is my Article about the fact that journalism is no longer a a secret and arcane art which people like Kim Fatica,  Chief Marketing Officer, Keystone Property Services, LLC, and others would have us believe or is it about the fact that those within the secret sect of corporate media have lost their touch? Both, really.

Growing up and at 44 I am not that old, Encyclopedia Britannica was the go to reference material. I still have my first set which I grew up with in my studio as I am what we call a bibliophile. You will note that the hyperlink is to Wikipedia to which I contribute both as a writer and some to the code base of MediaWiki which powers Wikipedia. Today, though, written media; the corporate cathedral which was built around how information moved, how it was packaged and whom received it, has dramatically changed.

I point out Kim Fatica as his story is elementary to this Article. Fatica came to SEAS LLC from the Corporate Media Cesspool which feeds Americans 15 second soundbites based upon what Rupert Murdoch wishes to be the truth at any given point-in-time. With the same Corporate Media Mindset, Fatica perched at SEAS LLC preaching hope and change and when he left Contractors holding the bag of shit he promised, Contractors only hoped for change. Fatica moved to Keystone Property Services after only 11 months at SEAS LLC and apparently discovered that the same lies which Corporate Media spun were en vogue within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. What I mean by this is that Fatica’s Corporate Sponsor, Joe Hummel co owner of Keystone Property Services, had realized he needed a spin master as he began to climb the rungs of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. Knowing full well that Robert Kapeluch, SEAS LLCs English Bob and the Newkirk’s didn’t have the funds to sue for Breach of Contract, Fatica showed up, arm-in-arm, at the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest 2014 in Orlando last week. In fact, had Kapeluch spent fewer SEAS LLC funds on his home remodel as the story goes and more on proving a point in litigation by placing Fatica in Orange City meeting covertly with his current employers, perhaps the information his Competition is going to use against SEAS LLC might not have been the final nail in the SEAS LLC coffin. For damn sure we know that either way the Contractors paid the price, once again, for Management’s stupidity in that SEAS LLC has been having problems getting people paid.

The days of Woodward and Bernstein; the days of the Pentagon Papers, have long since faded into the distant memories of the American Public. Quality investigative journalism is a colloquial term only discussed in papers submitted to professors.  Time and again, not only Americans, but globally citizens are looking to alternative forms of media distribution to satiate their appetite for information.

The heated debate which has been raging is that somehow a college degree bestows upon someone the ability to voice their opinions. For years, Corporate Media Machines have implied that their brand somehow elevates them above other US Citizens whom all share the freedom of the First Amendment. Lately, though, this belief has been shown to be the sham that it truly is. Even law enforcement nationwide has backed off from their issuance of Media Credentials to their Pet Reporters.  More on point, though, the federal courts have waded into the mix making it clear that one does not need to be a Kim Fatica to enjoy the protections of the Constitution.

A website that castigates others as “evil doers” and “thugs” has exactly the same First Amendment protection as USA TODAY and the New York Times – and that’s a good thing.

“The protections of the First Amendment do not turn on whether the defendant was a trained journalist,” Judge Andrew Hurwitz wrote.

When people like Joe Hummel are elevated to the public status as an Appointee to the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors, he brings along with him the full force and effect of public stature upon his Firm. In fact, while anyone working within the Mortgage Field Services Industry engages in activities which become matters of public record — I believe that the mortgage crisis qualifies here and the end result of failed public policy thereto — they all become, by proxy, the foot soldiers of the financial institutions and portfolio holders. Accordingly, Fatica’s record of employment, to date and in totality, become issues for the public to contemplate vis-a-vis the promises he made at SEAS LLC to Contractors and to Foreclosurepedia. Make no mistake whatsoever we are going to pursue, in intimate detail, the recent appointment of Hummel to the NAMFS Regime Board and the timing of Fatica’s entry into Keystone Property Services.

I have always been a student of the belief that there are no coincidences in life. Whether we are talking about how the Associate General Counsel of Altisource refused to make good on getting the Buczek Six paid or the $1.3 Million dollar mortgage Slavic Village Recovery took out through Huntington National Bank on 6708 Owosso AVE Cleveland, OH, wherein the property built in 1921 is only worth around $70K, nothing is by chance. The former is well documented and the latter, well, only a 21 Page Document issued for a nearly 19 times leverage is questionable, at best.

[iframe src=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5c4DinvHeF2amlQUUNhVzhDMTQ/” width=”100%” height=”480″]

In a time where daily fraud has become the norm in the financial sector, the reality is that only the small fish go to jail as we saw with a recent ruling pertaining to insider trading. The culture of corruption has become so mainstream that the NAMFS Regime’s Appointment of Hummel is almost expected. The reality, though, is that when people like Kim Fatica sell their soul to make a few bucks so that Jonny has a go cart pale in comparison to how his colleagues view him today. Pushing the agenda of the corrupt only ensures a continued downward spiral which his career has seen over the past several years. Ironically, one has to ask what type of example this is for the Boy Scouts whom Fatica is allegedly so involved with. On the one hand, Fatica purports to Walk the Line and teach our young men quality traits and on the other he demonstrates in real world actions that his words ring hollow. I mean how else do we explain his support for Hummel’s illegal appointment under the NAMFS By Laws? At the end of the day it is simply my opinion and we all know an opinion is like an asshole as everyone has one. I was curious what the Boy Scouts of America thought. Their opinion might be a bit more important than mine — just saying. Nothing new in the land of Vulture Capitalists.

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