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Why Fannie Mae Wants Victor Deutch Back On The Reservation

When Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS) woke up to the fraud which Shari Nott, of National Field Network (NFN), was rolling out, chances are pretty good that the FNMA shareholders were never brought into the loop. And I am going to venture the guess that RMS certainly did not pick up the phone and inform the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that not only were they knee deep, wading around in a world of shit, but that they had unwittingly brought in a woman complicit with industrial espionage. Problem was, that by the time either FNMA or RMS had even begun to contemplate damage control, a 70 year old ambulance chaser named Victor A Deutsch, had wandered in playing pocket pool in his pants. Deutch will become the key piece of the puzzle that had FNMA, RMS and HUD scrambling for cover like a terrorist’s wet dream in the al-Anbar province, circa 2006.

As early as 2013, Foreclosurepedia was documenting the mind boggling amount of fraud which Shari Nott, NFN Chief Executive Officer (CEO) had undertaken as she used Buczek Enterprises like a rung on a ladder to muscle in. Nott, then a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member,  and former NAMFS founder, John Ward protegee, according to Brian Drain, former NFN Chief Technology Officer (CTO), was hell bent on making money for herself and Jack Jaffa by any means necessary. Drain painted a picture that was more vivid and clear than Bob Ross coming off a heavy duty crank binge. After deep sixing all contractual capabilities of the Buczek’s, she planted Amanda Buczek inside of Reverse Mortgage Solutions to ensure that the gravy train of reverse mortgages would continue to flow, unabated.

2013. And it wasn’t simply that NFN had bankrupted out Buczek Enterprises. NFN caused an enormous scandal over at Altisource; NFN caused a scandal which Pat McTaggart, Altisource Atlanta, still cringes over when Foreclosurepedia is mentioned.

At the core of what FNMA, RMS, and HUD are experiencing are the requirements set forth by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). OCC set out regulations which, while ignored by the pre conveyance sector of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, are mandatory for government sponsored enterprises (GSE) like FNMA and most assuredly by RMS by and through HUD. Those regulations build upon and pertain to the Thou Shalt Financially Audit provisions of Supervisory Letter SR 13-19 / CA 13-21, issued by the Federal Reserve Board (FRB). More on that in a bit, but let us just say when you have FNMA attempting to be able to fondle their own balls, as opposed to continuing to have them squeezed in a vice by Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and the Treasury Department, financial auditing ought to be in the DNA of their processes.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, FNMA and Freddie Mac (FRMC), the central protagonists in a handjob crisis are still, essentially, the same black hole of shit that they were to begin with This is the tenth year of conservatorship and the FNMA capital reserves will hit zero, this year. The fact of the matter is that the US Government just took a roughly $2.8 Billion Payment to the Pimp and FNMA is going to need a $3 Billion buffer to even pretend to put lipstick on the pig. And in over a decade of continued US Taxpayer bailout eclipsing well over a THIRD OF A TRILLION DOLLARS, the fact of the matter is that the needledicks cannot even figure out how to objectively deal with liability. Whether or not this myopic malfeasance is due to their being bribed, in the case of NFN, or simple Google Searches do no occur, I do not know. What I do know for FUCKING SURE, is that had FNMA followed the law and verified that Minority Females and Labor were being paid for actually DOING THE WORK, I wouldn’t be wasting my time typing this article.

The alarm bells have been going off, for so long, that most people have become numb. In fact, as recent as several months ago, FNMA, RMS, and HUD should have known something was wrong. NFN issued out a confidential, internal memo stating that they had been hacked and that social security numbers, and other non public personally identifiable information had been stolen. Coming on the heels of that, they issued out yet another memo stating all of the C Level personnel — Shari Nott, Chris “The Cocaine Cowboy” Crandell, et al. — were gone. And as Minority Females and Labor began to demand their money, they issued out, yet another memo. You really, REALLY had to love the balls on this one: Even though we just laid off 70+ employees — without a WARN Notice required by the NJ Department of Labor — NFN is still open for business and move along back to work as there is nothing to see here. I mean the audacity of NFN is beyond comprehension.

When the masses began to say Fuck Shari Nott the knee jerk reaction has always been the same: THREATEN AND INTIMIDATE anyone whom might report upon criminal activities. It’s always the same. When I began writing, Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, did the same thing. Miller, whom is paid over $120,240 per year; Miller whose salary consumes over EIGHTY ONE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues, is the poster child for non profit fraud as NAMFS is a 501(c)(6). In fact, NAMFS has been forced to send, Certified Mail, their IRS Form 990, since Foreclosurepedia filed an IRS 13909 Complaint against they half a decade ago. Moreover, though, it is an uncontroverted fact that NAMFS is, for all intents and purposes, financially insolvent since picking an untenable war with me.

  • NAMFS posted a NEGATIVE $47,283 as revenue for Fiscal Year 2015
  • NAMFS earned $493,036 and spent $540,319 — That is $47,283more than they earned
  • NAMFS provided $84,000 in compensation to “…disqualified persons as defined under section 4958(f)(1) and persons described in section 4958(c)(3)(B) by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).”
  • NAMFS Membership Revenue declined by $41,340
  • NAMFS Program Service Revenue, their lifeblood, dropped by $71,365
  • NAMFS Total Assets dropped another $56,661 — NAMFS Cash On Hand is now $27,403

Miller’s ambulance chaser filed a Cease and Desist against me, years ago. I told the lawyer to suck my dick and get a real job. By Monday, on his law firm’s legal letterhead, he had withdrawn the Cease and Desist. When I went after Heather Berghorst, the disgraced and then NAMFS Secretary, she hired another ambulance chaser to come after me. I bankrupted out Berghorst after bringing to light over One Million Dollars in fraud. Fifth Third Bank sued her for Willful and Malicious Fraud. So heinous were her actions that the federal bankruptcy court disallowed nearly a quarter of her claims and ordered repayments to Labor. And her lawyer? Great guy. He had a great family and a really cute wife. His life is in shambles now and no longer represents anyone last time he called. Why did he call? Begging me to take down my articles. You see, he came at me the same way Vic “The Dick” Deutch did, in 2013. So, I bided my time and told him that when I was done destroying his Client I would come for him. And I did.

What incensed me so much about Berghorst’s ambulance chaser was that when he called me requesting I take his information down — COMPLETELY ACCURATE INFORMATION — because he could no longer gain employment, he said he didn’t even recall writing the Cease and Desist letter. He said he figured he was ordered to do it, but didn’t remember.

When you step into my world believing that you are SOMEBODY, you had better step proper. Do not let the fact that I have no money and live in a rural Tennessee county with only one stoplight confuse you. You see, the former Associate General Counsel of Altisource made that mistake. And he, too, was forced to reach out to me pleading his case to redact his name. I had empathy for he as fundamentally his working with me forced changes to a systemic septic pool of shit inside that foreign national. Want to go deeper? Give Assurant a call and ask their Counsel precisely how prolific shit may get. You people reading this know precisely how to get ahold of he and we will, as well, tell you that going off the reservation is not advised.

I do not give two shits what degree you have, what title you have at your company, or how many digits are in front of the decimal point in your bank account. And to that point, I am NOT for sale. When I bankrupted out SEAS, they found that out the hard way. What should strike terror into the Industry; what should make executive’s assholes pucker up so tight you cannot get a stick pin through them, is the simple and salient fact that Minority Females and Labor know that Foreclosurepedia is a FRIEND OF LABOR! We are the Line in the Sand against fraud and corruption. And we will stand on any Labor Line and go toe-to-toe with those whose intentions are to do us harm. An injury to one is an injury to ALL.

My name is Paul Williams. Pay strict attention to what I say because I choose my words carefully and never repeat myself. I have told you my name, and that’s the who. The where can most readily be described as the Mortgage Field Services Industry. But there’s a vast difference between an Industry and this cesspool. The what is easy. Recently, I planned and set in motion events to ensure that Minority Females and Labor will be paid for services rendered and that those committing fraud will eventually be bankrupted and in prison. That’s also the when. As for the why, beyond the obvious ethical motivation, it’s exceedingly simple. BECAUSE I CAN. Which leaves us only with the how. And therein, as the Bard would tell us, lies the rub.

Now that I have your attention and as promised, we are returning to Vic The Dick. Vic, when you sent me that Cease and Desist letter, you had no idea whom I was. I am sure you got that message I left where I told you to roll your C&D into a funnel and put it in your mouth so I could shove my cock down into your guts until you vomited. And your theory of jurisdiction was mistakenly based upon, I believe, your age. What I mean is and I appreciate the fact that you are 70, born in July, 1947, you do not determine whether or not a Change of Venue is proper. Above and beyond the fact that a simple Summary Judgement would send you back to the old folks home, I’m going to force your ass to come down into MY WORLD! My Jury! My People! And we have no love for Yankees down here! Eric, Jason, and Melissa — you probably recognize those names — should have counseled you, but hey, it’s your shitshow. A C&D means jack shit, but I did take it to mean that you were stating you, “…bore the mantle of authority of a court.” See, I want to make sure that you and I, Vic, are on the same page. I want to make sure that we both understand that you threatened and intimidated a credentialed member of the media under the color of state law. You see, Vic, I don’t work for Shari Nott. Moreover, though, Vic, you have me fucked up with someone else. See, I did a little digging on your bitch ass ad how you have been shaking down Minority Females and Labor forcing they to settle for pennies on the dollar. And as Nott, et al., pumped their dollar-for-dollar billing to the portfolio holders, well now we are getting into some heavy mens rea. And you know what I found out, Vic? Hey, wake up old man! Fucking Alzheimers getting to you? Well, Vic, some of those billings were put forth upon the FHA Form 27011. And you know what that means? Yeah, that’s a False Claims Act. And you know why that is serious, motherfucker? It is serious, Vic, because now those institutions whom, in turn, submitted the claims to the US Government just became goddamn conduits of fraud.

See, that’s the deal. FNMA and RMS may be gargantuan cluster fucks, but no one there woke up saying let’s fuck the US Government. In fact, the only people whom purposefully sat down and crossed state lines, using electronic means, in the furtherance of artifices and schemes was your Client. And you, Vic, helped them at every step of the way!

I mean when US Bank relies upon you, in open federal court records to save $100 Million, people tend not to approach you with their dick in their hand. You see, Vic, this was a simple case until you stumbled in like some #Fucktard. And where are we now, Vic? Glad you asked.

You see, Vic, you emailed that C&D to me, directly, with another lawyer named in it. I tracked that guy down and you know what? He said he is NOT your co-counsel. Whom he is or is not, I am not going to publicly get into. What I am going to get into is demonstrating precisely how fucked you and Nott are.

Vic, the lesson I am going to teach you, right now, is free. The rest of them, you need to pack a lunch for. Vic, never ask a question unless you know the answer. And never, and I MEAN NEVER, put your Client’s Client at risk. See, when you sent that C&D, what you told me is that FNMA is performing a financial audit. And when you rolled the dice, with those arthritic hands, you figured I would cower in the same way your previous victims had. Vic, you and I both know you are cut of the worst cloth. To financially rape Minority Females goes far beyond the pale of what a civil society will tolerate. You see, Vic, you thought you had the world like Tony Montoya. In fact, when I moved your information over to the enormous and ongoing email thread of spreadsheets and victims, all already in front of FNMA, RMS, and HUD, I am willing to bet that shriveled penis of yours probably went all turtle on you, huh?! And when HUD stated they were moving the information to HUD SFAM and the NSC, I bet you were fumbling around with your dick in your hand trying to get to those nitro pills.

You see, Vic, I have more contempt for you than NFN. NFN didn’t fuck me over, they raped innocent Minority Females and Labor. No, when you called me a Liar, you picked a war that will never end. Vic, when you die, I am going to piss on your grave and you can take that to the bank — no pun intended.

I want to be crystal clear on a few things, in closing. National Field Network brought this tragedy upon Fannie Mae, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. When we, as a civil society, create an environment where people like Vic may act like the gymnastic coach whom molested those innocent victims by and through threats and intimidation like his C&D, we might as well toss in the towel. When Minority Females and Labor cower in fear when bringing legitimate complaints, it is not NFN whom is to blame, but those giving them work. And make no mistake whatsoever, if there are not mechanisms put into play to begin verification that Minority Females and Labor are paid and precisely what they are paid, at some point shit like this is going to end up on Capital Hill. There are those, now, whom are completely aware of whom I am and what I do. I hold no animosity towards Management and in fact represent a substantial portion of both Management and Labor within the Industry. You want to see the Portfolio? Buy the ticket, take the ride. With that said, I have spoken my peace. How the coming days turn out are up to you folks, well above my paygrade.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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