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IAFST Meeting In New York City

We are happy to report that the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) met in Nesconset, New York, last Sunday. Many will know this area as Long Island. To say that, to date, this has been the most productive meeting of my career is an understatement. The IAFST hosted nearly One Billion Dollars worth of hedge fund managers, technology providers, and Prime Vendors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Nearly eighty five percent of all attendees walked out with Contract Awards. Not too bad considering the Summit was free; the breakfast and lunch were catered; and there were no Order Mills in between.

The working theory behind the success of the IAFST has always been that when you pair Qualified Labor with Legitimate Management, the end product for the Client is always exceptional.

One of the more exciting aspects of the IAFST Summit was the unveiling of the now field tested Enterprise Vendor Management Portal (EVMP). With over 2 million lines of code, the EVMP is HTML5 Compliant. What this means is that there are ZERO phone apps or software downloads required. Platforms such as Property Preservation Wizard (PPW) and Pruvan have been the only options, for nearly five years, and both are archaic. The streamlined approach of the EVMP doesn’t simply deal with the Mortgage Field Services Industry, either. Allowing for real time, encrypted and compressed video, the days of attempting to describe an on site issue are gone. Moreover, though, the ability to provide instantaneous Video 360, coupled with the ownership of both the photos and data, allows for the remarketing directly to Realtors and competitive hedge funds.

Today’s photographs which are processed allow for an unconscionable level of both fraud and liability. The EVMP employes, out of the box, highly sophisticated photographic layers operable from any Smartphone. First, the EVMP allows for the measurement of Pitch, Roll and Azimuth. Second, it triangulates all towers. Third, it measures the barometric air pressure. Fourth, it measures the Ambient Level of Light. This mixture of out-of-the-box metadata embedded information ensures that regardless of whether or not Management or Labor attempt to falsify the date – time stamp, there is no way to ever use the same photo again.

One of the foundational goals of the IAFST has been to ensure that as an Association, we are self contained. Part of that required the ability to ensure that the administrative side of the Mortgage Field Services was covered. We had an excellent presentation by a firm which issues, processes, and bids all existing Prime Vendors in the space as well as has the ability to easily adapt to niche segments such as maintenance, point-of-sale verifications, asset verifications, and the such. That firm walked away with a pilot project over millions of dollars worth of contracts between several IAFST Members. With nearly a decade in the space, the comprehensive presentation allowed for the bridging into immediate discussions and conversion.

Three years ago, the only way Minority Females and Labor were capable of obtaining contracts within the Industry was to be a member of the Good ‘Ol Boys Club. Today, that has changed. In fact, while Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) and Safeguard Properties (SGP) still maintain a visible footprint, the reality is that there is an enormous move, by portfolio holders, to work directly with Labor. And as other similarly situated trade associations still hold on to their antiquated methodologies and purposefully isolate the men and women whom actually do the work, day in and day out, the IAFST bridges both. More importantly, though, the IAFST has adopted cutting edge technology such as CiviCRM to power our Case Management of our constituency. Our Members all have an equal stake.

We invite both Labor and Management to join us on our 10 Summits in 10 months Tour. We have completed our New Jersey and New York Summits. In February, the IAFST will be in Indianapolis. In March, we will be in Orlando. In April, we will be in Austin. Including hedge funds, the IAFST has successfully brought nearly $2.3 Billion worth of Industry professionals together. If you are interested in attending a Summit, feel free to keep an eye out on our IAFST Website; our IAFST Facebook Page; or right here on Foreclosurepedia!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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