Kimberlee Satterfield And The Illegal HUD Asset Manager Awards

Residential Enhancements GA Forgets To Erase Chronos Solutions Address

Residential Enhancements GA (REGA), ran by Tanesha Lanier-Gamory, Co-Founder & CEO, has been celebrating over the past several days in light of her US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Asset Manager (AM) Award. And while everyone has been lining up to help Lanier primp and pop, Foreclosurepedia has been digging deep to figure out whom Lanier is and precisely how she was Awarded a multi-million dollar HUD Contract. What we found may surprise you!

First and foremost, REGA is an entirely African American, C Level based, firm according to their website. You really have to love that Diversity! There are no Asian Americans, no Hispanic Americans, no Native Americans, and obviously no whites. And while that may be the norm, with respect to that which Secretary Ben Carson is looking for today, the reality is that it most assuredly contributes to the polarization ongoing in the Beltway.

It is not so much the incendiary actions which Lanier has taken in her brazen attacks against religious leaders in the Atlanta area during her attempt to force eminent domain seizures from the Living Water Baptist Church, that are raising eyebrows. What has fellow competitors up in arms is the simple and salient fact that Chronos – Matt Martin Real Estate Management is knee deeply involved with REGA. And even though Matt Martin may have stepped down as CEO — Mark Hikel, of the acquired UPF Services, was appointed as CEO — the reality is that his firm’s relationship with REGA is enough to toss out any award. The problem which presents is that the Texas  and Pennsylvania Corporate Addresses, listed on the REGA front page, is the same address as that of Chronos Solutions.

And it is this precise lack of due diligence performance by Kimberlee Satterfield and her HUD M&M Asset Management Award staff that have many wondering whether or not Satterfield and/or her Team are receiving off book compensation for turning a blind eye. Foreclosurepedia attempted to reach out to both Craig Karnes, Kimberlee Satterfield’s supervisor, as well as Satterfield, for comment and none was forthcoming at the time of publication. And this is the norm for what many are calling a broken Agency which wields the magic wand of billions of dollars in federal awards annually. What we do know, for sure, is that Secretary Ben Carson has an epic challenge ahead of he if HUD is ever to be considered a legitimate, Cabinet level player.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one potential HUD M&M AM Protester had this to say,

How are we supposed to compete against a system that is so obviously rigged? This isn’t America. There is no way in hell Satterfield or her [Team] did the research here. I mean it’s clearly listed that MMREM maintained the offices here as a previous HUD Asset Manager.

And as word continues to come out about Diana Alon, A Team Realty. A former runner with Matt Martin, sources close to the bidding process are stating that the only thing in which has changed, are the names. And you know how this is making Ken and Barbie — The Gastons — of BLB Resources, feel. The Blonde Dream Team caught a partial break on the HUD M&M AM 3.7, just months ago, and figured they were Tony Montana again and the HUD World was their own. Whereas Lanier and her Team have not even figured out the digital world yet — their website is insecure and susceptible to hacking — and least Ken and Barbie had their play down pat.

We have a lot more coming out in the coming days about Alon and Lanier. You don’t want to miss tonight’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast on the Foreclosurepedia Radio Network!


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