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Wells Fargo Begins To Implement Mandatory HUD Lock Changes

For over 30 years, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members were able to publish confidential US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Key Codes. Then NAMFS Associate Members began selling the HUD Master Keys outright. For years, Foreclosurepedia attempted to convince Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, that this kind of behavior was dangerous and unacceptable. Miller, whom is paid over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year; Miller, whose salary consumes over SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues, laughed in our face. It would appear, though, that the laugh is on Eric Miller now. HUD Secretary Ben Carson has ordered that all FHA insured, foreclosed properties must have their locks changed — that is right, all of the locks changed.

Richard Law, founder of the Society of Field Inspectors (SOFI) is a man whom has been in the Industry for over three decades. In fact, Law was present for the 2003 NAMFS Meeting with HUD in Washington, DC, where John Ward and others were in attendance. For months now, SOFI and Foreclosurepedia have been lobbying HUD to address the actions being taken by NAMFS Members by and through both the publication of key codes and the outright selling of the samesaid. During that process, discussions occurred between HUD and both SOFI and Foreclosurepedia. In conjunction with these discussions with HUD, Law took the extraordinary step of sending a certified package to HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s personal residence. Inside of that package was a 10 page letter and 12 HUD keys.

In documents obtained exclusively by Foreclosurepedia, Five Brothers, a NAMFS Member, rolled out a Memo which gives an example of how the shockwaves are now hitting the Mortgage Field Services Industry,

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And while it is nice to see that NAMFS is being pro active in rolling out the information, Foreclosurepedia is extremely concerned that it will be business as usual, within weeks. First, not a single service provider upon FHA insured, foreclosed properties has implemented any type of command and control procedures with specificity to restricting access to the HUD Master Keys or HUD Master Key Codes.

Fact of the matter is that Five Brothers is no stranger to corruption. We all remember Kelly Brown, the Relator in a Qui Tam Whistleblower suit filed in Brown v Five Brothers, US Bank et al. Brown and his lawyers found it amazing when US Assistant Attorney Valorie Smith stated that HUD did not care about the money it was owed. Moreover, those whom were pertinent to the investigation by the Department of Justice — those whom actually ran the M&M Contract — were never interviewed. So, remind me again how it is that Secretary Ben Carson feels safe having the wolf guard the chicken house?

US Assistant Attorney Valorie Smith, New Jersey, appeared to have an agenda when she stacked the deck against the Relator in Brown v Five Brothers, et al. As the Brown case became a thorn in the side of Smith; as we are told that US Bank requested full disclosure of what was in the pipeline and immunity from such, the wholesale sell out of Kelly Brown began long before the wheels of his plane ever touched down to discuss the case. The fact of the matter is that Smith appears to have been assisted in the sell out by Brown’s very own attorneys, Shepherd, Finkelman, Miller and Shah LLP (SFMS). Did I forget to mention that Assistant US Attorney Smith’s law firm formerly represented US Bank? Or that both Smith and SFMS knew intimate details which allowed for ongoing security compromising of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s computer data system referred to as the P260?

Look, when NAMFS Members do nothing but hire the same felons whom perpetrated the fraud causing the 2008 Crisis, nothing is going to change. As we showed previously, felons are working in these NAMFS Member firms. Take a look at how Five Brothers hired the Queen of Robosigning as their Compliance Manager,

That is reassuring, though, to others like Amy Edgil and Erla Shaw  — the same Erla Carter Shaw whom was Executive Vice President, at Taylor, Bean and Whitaker. The same Erla Carter Shaw whose proliferation of signatures are legend in robo signing circles. Carter-Shaw, whose boss, Lee Farkas, defrauded $2.9 Billion dollars and was convicted on 19 April 2011, and profiled on American Greed. Five Brothers Compliance Director, Erla Carter Shaw had this to say about Farkas,

13th May, 2011

Dear Judge Brinkema,

I have known Lee Farkas for the last 10 years. Mr. Farkas has been my employer since 2000. He has also been my mentor and sounding board. During this time I have found Mr. Farkas to be a kind and generous person. I have seen him worked tirelessly on community projects for the town of Ocala. One such project is every year since working for TB&W he has personally stand on the street corner ringing the bell for the Salvation Army and has raised thousands of dollars. He also encouraged his employees and instilled them with the same generosity. Every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the employees would contribute tons of food to be distributed among the poor of Ocala. Mr. Farkas was also very concerned in regards to the treatment of TB&W customers. He always stressed the fact that the customers must be treated with respect at all times and would continuously send emails to employees to remind them of their customer service.

So, we have a convicted drug addict as the Five Brothers Operations Director and the Queen of Robosigning in control of Compliance at Five Brothers. Moreover, we have the General Counsel of Five Brothers, Tom Kalas, stating that HUD is not entitled to receive the best bid available. Kalas, for reasons which are both illegal and purely based upon greed, states that Five Brothers is the gatekeeper and to hell with Secretary Ben Carson. And we know, for a fact, that this activity has gone on since at least 2013 at Five Brothers. It has been the policy of NAMFS to do such since, at least 2003, according to the NAMFS 2003 HUD Memo which Foreclosurepedia obtained exclusively, last week.

What remains to be seen is whether or not the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) believes that the billions of dollars which has been illegally siphoned off needs to be returned. And in such a politically charged setting which the Trump Administration has fostered, promising that they are going to clamp down on waste, fraud, and abuse, many Industry pundits are speculating whether or not NAMFS has the political capital to defend against a no holes bared audit. And in light of Eric Miller’s recent and extravagant vacation, many are also asking what it is, that Miller does, worth $120,240 per year. There is no doubt that NAMFS, under the Miller Regime, has colluded to ensure depressed competition, squeeze suppliers, and drive down the earnings of Minority Females and Labor, much as the monopolists of the late 19th century did. In fact, the landscape for the Mortgage Field Services Industry resembles that which is usually associated with Third World countries. And while the NAMFS and the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) are both battling for the hearts and minds of Minority Females and Labor, Foreclosurepedia is waging a war to keep money in their pockets. We recently teamed up with several hedge funds to bring rehabs direct to those in the field, cutting out the middleman. You see, that is how it is at the end of the day. You never have to overturn a system, you merely need to remove those whom possess the innate talents and skillsets necessary to keep it going. So, I ask you today, Who Is John Galt?!

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