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HUD Awardees Still Refusing To Issue Pricing For Labor

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is experiencing a bad case of the morning after jitters. In fact, it turns out that it is not simply Foreclosurepedia reaching out to HUD questioning what appears to be a whirlwind surrounding the tenuous position of Mitch Davidson and his reward for writing nearly TWO HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS worth of HUD Contracts while employed at Market Ready. Purdy, the former Market Ready Vice President was also intimately associated with Innotion Enterprises during his time at Market Ready by and through HUD Contract operations with BLM Companies. Davidson has stated that his actions were sanctioned by none other than Craig Karnes, Director of National Procurement on the Management and Marketing (M&M) Contracts. Foreclosurepedia has been unable to confirm this claim and neither Davidson nor Purdy Enterprise have agreed to discuss the matter any further.

I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my emails. I am not sure whether or not you are able to assist with this inquiry. I have a large amount of contractor/vendors for the state of Illinois contacting me to voice their concern over not being able to make contact with Innotion Enterprises. The number to their Indiana office is not in service. No one ever answers the phone at Their Fairfax office. They have no links on their website for vendor registration, and have not reached out to any of the vendors. They are all concerned because the transition has not been  smooth and the work load has been extremely  slow. Some of them are really struggling. Thank you again for your time.

HUD responded,

Thanks for the “heads up” regarding Innotion.  I’ll have the Contracting Officer do some research to verify and follow up with them as necessary.  The contract requires that their HOC office be operational 45 days after contract award (mid-July), but as indicated they should already be actively recruiting.

Not a single HUD M&M FSM 3.10 Awardee has informed Minority Females and Labor what they are going to pay. Moreover, though, Innotion Enterprises has taken to Craigslist to recruit in Illinois,

Innotion Enterprises, Inc. is currently seeking qualified contractors for the 3.10 HUD Property Preservation contract for the state of IL. Independent contractors are needed in all counties to perform property inspection reports, yard maintenance, routine inspections and general work orders. You will be required to carry General Liability & Errors and Omissions insurance. If you are interested in this work please reply with your name, number and email address along with a brief description of your experience.

With the recent announcements by HUD that all post conveyance properties will have to have their locks changed, the only HUD Awardee willing to state that Minority Females and Labor will not foot the bill is Guardian Asset Management (GAM). And while all other Awardees have spoken to Foreclosurepedia with respect to highlighting their overall roll outs, only Mitch Davidson’s Purdy Enterprise and Davidson’s former colleagues, Innotion Enterprises, refuse to do such. And that is a telling statement. In fact, lightning seems to have struck in the same spot, three times, since Davidson took over Purdy Enterprise, kicking Thomas and Lila Purdy aside.

What is not up for debate is the simple and salient fact that there were Manchurian Candidates inserted, at the highest levels, of Market Ready and that strange swirlings of paper began to fly back and forth in order to give appearances of that which did not exist. While that story is for the Memoirs, the reality is that when A2z Field Services began spiraling out of control after the HUD M&M FSM 3.6 Awards, A2ZFS personnel began disappearing like rats, jumping from a sinking ship. And raid A2ZFS talent, Mitch Davidson did! It looked like a meeting of recovering fraudsters by the time the dust had settled. Now, I am not sure if anyone else is buying into the delusion which MRAP LLC was selling to HUD; however, I am sure that their Counsels have an explanation! More on that in a moment. To say that Market Ready is not a Who’s Who of A2ZFS, is to say that only the Matt Fulton and Jeffrey Wilkins, the Chairman and CEO of Market Ready, respectively, knew what was going on with respect to finances and contract obligations.

Mitch Davidson, a former employee of A2ZFS, former Vice President of Market Ready and currently employed by Purdy Enterprise — really now called Davidson Enterprise as Thomas and Lila Purdy play no other roll, other than in name, as we are finding out in the media. In fact, Thomas Purdy’s name was not mentioned once by Mitch Davidson in the HousingWire article about Purdy Enterprise onboarding FotoNotes. FotoNotes is a firm whom Davidson has consulted with, over the years, and Foreclosurepedia is willing to be that Davidson dipped his beak into that account, as well.

With a low probability, high impact event like we just saw wherein Mitch Davidson has rolled the dice on committing a crime and never getting caught. Oh, it doesn’t matter how his lawyers might spin it in a court of law, what matters is that Davidson refuses full disclosure! And as Davidson knew, or should have known, Market Ready’s true size — Davidson was, after all the man in charge of all Business Development as their Vice President — many of the accounts he onboarded with Market Ready may be in jeopardy. More on point, though, Davidson is still employed by Market Ready as a Consultant.

We know that Davidson has few boundaries. And for a man whom was willing to spend thousands of dollars to keep BLM Companies and Innotion Enterprises protected, one has to ask to what lengths is he willing to go to protect his new position.

Market Ready has refused comment, since the beginning of this mess. Mitchell R Davidson has refused comment since the beginning of this mess. The reason that is is notable is that Davidson was directly involved with both firms. You see, Innotion Enterprises just took over the Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama HUD Contract previously awarded to Market Ready. Many are wondering whether or not Market Ready purposefully bowed out of the Contract after discussions with Davidson and others knowing that they would end up with a piece of the pie. Seems far fetched? Well consider this,

Several years ago, Mitchell R Davidson asked Foreclosurepedia to broker a deal between he and Milan Thompson, owner of ASONS. Davidson wanted ASONS to pay for his appeal of a HUD M&M FSM Contract Award and stated that ASONS would benefit regardless of the merits of that Protest as it would stretch the timeline out and ASONS would net millions per month. Thompson wisely refused.

This is what I am talking about. The mentality to do whatever it takes to make money on the backs of Minority Females and Labor. In the above case it is purposefully interfering with the operations of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and that purpose is based upon financial gain regardless of the damage. And it doesn’t end there.

Mitchell R Davidson’s statements that Purdy Enterprise would deny work to anyone associated with Foreclosurepedia may very well catch him a Civil Rights lawsuit. While I am sure that Davidson believes that his Papa Bear, Eric Miller, will protect him, the Miller Regime does not have the financial capital to defend against litigation of that nature. Davidson was extremely clear — just as clear as his former Market Ready associate was that Davidson wrote the Market Ready Contracts — anyone whom knew Foreclosurepedia would be placed on a Do Not Use List for fear of they communicating any problems to Foreclosurepedia.

Davidson may hate Minority Females all he wants, on his personal time, if that is his choice. As Charlotte is a hotbed for #BlackLivesMatter, it is between he and they. And if the demonstrations I just witnessed in Charlottesville are any indication of the negative association with the Ku Klux Klan, the Davidson Regime may be in for some hard times! In his official capacity, as Chief Operating Officer of Purdy Enterprise, he is acting under color of state law. And if Davidson believes that Minority Females and Labor are going to bow down to his alt right racial ideologue, he has another thing coming. Foreclosurepedia has been liaising with organizers in both Asheville and Charlotte to ensure that he is held accountable to the letter of the law and the standards of the communities he slips in and out of.

The difficult but necessary journey to finally tell the truth about Mitchell R Davidson has made Foreclosurepedia a target for Purdy Enterprise whom oppose that very mission. Purdy Enterprise sees no problem with a false history founded on collusion and corruption. No one, not even Mitchell R Davidson, is above the law. And when you threaten the very livelihood of Minority Females and Labor to work, organizers take that seriously. Censoring that which people may read and sanctioning them for whom they talk to will not be tolerated.

Reaction to Davidson’s unprecedented actions of threatening a media outlet and its subscribers goes beyond even that which NAMFS has ever engaged in. Isn’t that blackmail? And while Davidson called Foreclosurepedia to soften the blow, the reality is that it was the same kind of mentality he has always operated under. When confronted with his inability to force Foreclosurepedia to cower, by and through his threats as the Chief Operating Officer of Purdy Enterprise, Davidson opted for the attempt to pretend to retract his threats.

Foreclosurepedia is taking a page out of the Purdy Enterprise playbook. In the same way that Davidson put the #ForeclosurepediaNation on Notice, so to are we putting those working for Purdy Enterprise on Notice. The below posters will begin appearing in Asheville, Charlotte, Louisville, and Indianapolis next week.

It is not going to be business as usual on the HUD M&M FSM 3.10. The normal blackballing which NAMFS Members have gotten by with, in the past, is going to come to an end.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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