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Innotion Enterprises Gets Region 6A

If there is one thing which may be said about Mitch Davidson, the Chief Operating Officer for Purdy Enterprise, you have to say he appears to be a horrific victim of circumstance. Davidson has begun dancing in the Industry’s most expensive ballroom and his dance card is filled with some of the most vile people I have ever researched. Davidson, the former Vice President of Market Ready, in charge of all Business Development, stated that he never knew anything about Market Ready’s run on the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) 3.10 Contract. A C Level official contradicted this statement until Davidson reached out and forced him to alter his story. And during the whole process, Davidson, while still employed and paid by Market Ready, wrote the two winning HUD M&M FSM 3.10 Awards for Purdy Enterprise.

I want that to sink in, for just a moment, before we discuss Davidson’s other friends. Here is a guy whom wrote previous HUD M&M FSM Contracts for Market Ready stating that even though he oversees all Business Development for his employer, is left out in the cold on this running. Moreover, he remains on the payroll and is allowed to utilize email, internet, telephones, and finances to get victories for a competitor. None of those services were paid for, which assisted Purdy Enterprise to win, by Purdy Enterprise. Do you really buy into that story? I didn’t, either. But, here is the kicker. Davidson states that HUD knew about it and authorized it. Problem is that no one is allowed access to see those documents.

During Davidson’s tenure at Market Ready, he had the opportunity to make some great friends at Innotion Enterprise. You see, Davidson, as Vice President of Market Ready, was working with BLM Companies whom held nearly 60% of all HUD M&M FSM Contracts in the United States and its Territories. And a busy little bee, was Davidson. And whom did the administrative work for BLM Companies? You guessed it, Innotion Enterprises. In fact, it was Innotion Enterprises’ employees whom worked at BLM Companies. Davidson had plenty to say on that topic in discussions pertaining to Tiffany Garber.

I would like to give Davidson the benefit of the doubt, I really would. My problem is connecting the dots. And all of the dots connect to nearly half a billion dollars. And make no mistake about it, Davidson also has his eyes set upon the HUD M&M Asset Manager (AM) Contracts which potentially hold hundreds of millions of dollars to be siphoned off to Davidson. I say Davidson as Thomas and Lila Purdy, the owners of Purdy Enterprise, have not said a word while Davidson has been all over the media acting like he, himself, owns Purdy Enterprise. And when it comes to Minority Females and Labor? Well, Davidson continues to refuse to announce what scraps from the table he will pay them.

So, we have Innotion Enterprise awarded Region 3A in Illinois and Region 6A covering Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. And we have Purdy Enterprise actively recruiting in Illinois. And we have Mitchell R Davidson, whom is actively recruiting where his former Boss, Innotion Enterprises, holds a HUD M&M FSM Contract. Go figure, business as usual. Perhaps Amos and Al had it right all along.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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