The Precariat Awakens From Its Industry Slumber

Education Becomes The Name Of The Game In The Industry Today

With the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) in shambles and its membership at all time lows, the ability to process distressed assets, in a timely fashion, has been dramatically reduced — for reasons which are somewhat unrelated. Over the past decade, the tremendous amount of fraud perpetrated by NAMFS members, in conjunction with a dramatically increasing economy, skilled Labor is virtually non existent in the mortgage field services industry today. With consolidation of firms at predicted all time highs and firms, such as Laudan Properties shuttering their doors, many are asking what will 2020 hold in store for the Industry.

So, what is the Precariat? The Precariat represents Labor within the Industry today. It may be defined by unstable labor arrangements; a lack of identity and solidarity, and most certainly by an erosion of rights. It is our Industry’s maverick class. The current feudalistic hierarchy demonstrated by NAMFS members acting as Lords and Labor as the serfs ensures that the precariat carries transformative potential. To achieve change, though, the precariat must awaken to its status as a class and fight for a fundamental overhaul of the Industry itself through incentivized education which guarantees a framework protecting the rights of the precariat in conjunction with equitable income.

There is no doubt that education within the Industry is needed now, more than ever. And while there are some flavors out there — NAMFS offers a white collar based flavor — the reality is nothing really targets the core needs of the Industry. Recently, the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) introduced the IAFST University. The IAFST University targets the core skill sets which Labor must demonstrate proficiency upon lest each and every work order assigned is unsuccessful. Probably the most important module that any IAFST University attendee will master is that of the Work Order. At the end of the day, work begins and ends with the work order. And the ability to properly perform the work is completely dependent upon Labor’s ability to properly comprehend the work order itself. All curriculum builds out upon a series of basic and core modules with which The Work Order is one of them.

The ability to link the work order to someone authorized to be present is also fundamental to the real time auditing world we live in today. The NAMFS money grab of Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS), as a background check provider, has been demonstrated to be flawed at best, and an ATM for NAMFS at worst. As demonstrated time and again, the AGS Number does absolutely nothing. You can log in, simultaneously anywhere on earth, to as many instances as one desires. I mean a simple piece of code, seen below, would prevent that issue — You idiots in Ireland running AGS are welcome for the code BTW! Maybe if you took the time to speak with Property Preservation Wizard, Pruvan, et al., you might be able to figure out how to create elegant scripts without having system meltdowns like the catastrophic failure Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) had last week!

session_id("the pre-existing session id in the database goes here");

Fact of the matter is NAMFS members could give a damn how many breaches they have. Bill Roach, then the Director of Supply Chain Operations at Assurant, oversaw one of the most serious of all with thousands of Field Service Technicians and Realtors having their information blasted out across emails and the internet. End result? He became Senior VP at ServiceLink. Today, Roach runs a small, start up shop in Independence, Ohio, on behalf of Northsight Management as their Vice President of Single Family Maintenance and Turns, and is just a stone’s throw away from Safeguard Properties (SGP).

This year will be one where those of the Precariat begin to demand change. Change in how their information is handled — and protected! The halcyon era of enormous volumes and high rolling NAMFS members was short lived and far gone, now. Even in those fast paced days where money flowed like an oil strike in the Texan Permian Basin, those days were never Labor centric. Labor was a tolerated serf permitted to attend to the needs of NAMFS members. The scraps Labor ended up with were only due to the careless nature of NAMFS members inattentive to perfecting the Art of Fraud.

The State of California has taken steps to become more closely aligned with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) puts teeth into the law with respect to data breaches. Here is how TechCrunch puts it,

California was one of the first states to provide an express right of privacy in its constitution and the first to pass a data breach notification law, so it was not surprising when state lawmakers in June 2018 passed the CCPA, the nation’s first statewide data privacy law. The CCPA isn’t just a state law — it will become the defacto national standard for the foreseeable future, because the sheer numbers of Californians means most businesses in the country will have to comply. The requirements aren’t insignificant. Companies will have to disclose to California customers what data of theirs has been collected, delete it and stop selling it if the customer requests. The fines could easily add up — $7,500 per violation if intentional, $2,500 for those lacking intent and $750 per affected user in civil damages.

The question that presents is how many of the Precariat will elect to protect and educate themselves? Moreover, though, how many firms out there today are even interested in rewarding and educated workforce? I would guess that the number is higher than you believe. Firms whom are capable of processing the a work order the first time with the proper documentation are more apt to retain their Clients. Additionally, though, if a Field Service Technician has the proper educational foundation, the amount of money they and their Client is capable of generating is markedly increased.

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