NAMFS Membership In Decline As Free Memberships Offered

NAMFS Offering Free And Postponed Membership Fees If You Join TODAY!

Two Months Free! No Pay Until April, 2020! These are slogans you typically see coming from a furniture warehouse or a local fitness club. They certainly are not the types of phrases the financial sector attributes to a successful trade association. Yet, there they were. Those words were directly from the Twitter account of Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). For just a moment, I felt saddened. It struck me like the scene in a seedy, backwater brothel where the older strumpets of the night were applying just a bit more rouge in order to remain marketable. Seeing Miller proverbially grovelling down on his Twitter knees made me feel uncomfortable, honestly. Over the years, though, experiencing Miller and NAMFS’ attempt to sue me; over the years seeing countless innocent men and women’s lives destroyed by NAMFS members; and over the years which finally culminated with Eric Miller’s violation of federal law by refusing to release the NAMFS non profit tax returns, I think I can get over it.

The reality is that Miller’s Leadership — if you can call it that — at NAMFS has been abysmal, at best. For years, NAMFS has continued to lose paying members while, early on, Miller continued to receive nearly $10,000 raises each year. Today, Miller’s salary is OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR! I want that to sink in for just a moment. Miller’s salary consumes NEARLY EIGHTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES! And for years, the Annual NAMFS #FraudFest has failed to meet its goals by an average of over $50,000. The fraud, waste, and abuse which NAMFS members have spewed out upon Minority Females and Labor are akin to that which we are seeing within the Trump Administration. The only difference is that the Miller Regime does not have the charisma nor the deftness to keep folks coming back for the Kool Aid.

2020 will be the ultimate thinning of the herd. Going forward, firms will either be bought up or bankrupted out. It is as simple as that. And do not be surprised if you begin to see more and more firms creating their own W2 crews. Ultimately, the only use which will remain for alleged independent contractors will be in a rural and one off setting.


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