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The Power of Precision: Why NAICS Codes Matter for Industries, Employees, and Success

IAFST Federation of Labor Leads Charge on NAICS

Imagine trying to organize your sock drawer without categories. Cotton socks end up with wool, dress socks mingle with athletics, and forget about finding that lucky pair! Industries face a similar challenge without the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. This seemingly simple code unlocks a surprising amount of power, impacting everything from employee well-being to industry growth. The question that presents is why the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has fought for decades to prevent a specific NAICS designation for our Industry.

NAICS: The Unsung Hero of Data

A NAICS code acts as a unique identifier for an industry. It’s like a fingerprint in the vast world of business. This code allows for the collection of accurate industry statistics. We can track employment rates, wages, and even emerging trends. This data is crucial for policymakers, researchers, and businesses themselves. Policymakers can use it to tailor programs that support struggling industries. Researchers can identify areas for innovation and growth. Businesses can use it to benchmark their performance and identify opportunities. The International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) by and through their IAFST Federation of Labor has finally begun the petitioning process to bring a NAICS to our Industry.

The Peril of Misclassification

Without a NAICS code, data becomes a jumbled mess. Imagine statistics on “sock production” including everything from dress socks to athletic wear. It paints an inaccurate picture, hindering informed decision-making. Additionally, employee misclassification, which can happen without a clear NAICS code, can have serious consequences. Employees might be denied benefits they’re entitled to, or worse, be placed in unsafe working conditions. Further, though, it allows for the fraudulent classification of employees as independent contractors.

Training: The Key to Consistency

An accurate NAICS code is just the first step. To ensure consistent data collection across the industry, training for those responsible for assigning codes is vital. Standardized training programs create a common language, minimizing the risk of misclassification. This consistency allows for the duplication of results, making industry trends even more reliable. The IAFST Federation of Labor has been working hard on the IAFST University to bring about affordable and comprehensible education in order to both increase pay as well as provide a systematic way of universal work order delivery.

The Apprenticeship Advantage

Industries with a well-defined NAICS code, standardized training, and a strong apprenticeship framework often see higher rates of pay and employee retention. Apprenticeship programs provide a clear path for career development, while training ensures workers have the necessary skills to succeed. This combination creates a more professionalized workforce, attracting and retaining top talent. Higher wages and a skilled workforce, in turn, fuel innovation and industry growth.

The Bottom Line

NAICS codes, training programs, and apprenticeship frameworks are the cornerstones of a successful industry. They create a foundation for accurate data collection, protect employees, and foster a skilled workforce. In today’s dynamic economy, these elements aren’t just important, they’re essential for achieving long-term success. Just like a well-organized sock drawer makes life easier, a well-defined industry with the right systems in place paves the way for a brighter future. Why not join the IAFST today and begin your training not only for this Industry, but for the future!

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