Suicide By Foreclosure: Are Contractors Next?

A 7 hour standoff on a Norwood, OH, home ended in a suicide. Suicide By Foreclosure. An older Article; however, as a shotgun was put to the forehead of a Contractor a relevant one. Hamilton County court documents show Wells Fargo Bank, based in San Francisco, bought the foreclosure in November, after the owner fell behind on the mortgage. He owed the principal balance of $107,588, plus 5 percent annual interest and late fees.

The workers entered the home, which has an apartment on the first and second floors, through the basement, they said. They were surprised when Turner appeared from behind a door and put a shotgun to the forehead of one of them. The men ran out and called police.

Two Norwood officers responded and tried to talk with Turner but he pointed the shotgun at himself and they backed off, calling in SWAT.

One of the workers who Turner threatened said he no longer wants to be the first to enter a foreclosed property.

“I’m responsible for 350 houses. I have never had this happen before.”

No one answered the reporter’s phone call to ZVN, which has a post office box in Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Over the next several hours, the SWAT team negotiated with Turner. Williams said early in the afternoon that they were hopeful of a peaceful resolution.

But loud bangs could be heard intermittently on the quiet street. At one point, a little cloud of white smoke billowed briefly down Baker Street, stinging the eyes of some bystanders outside the police barrier.

Around 4:15 p.m., after several more loud bangs, SWAT team members slowly walked back to their vehicles and command truck, which was set up a block away from the home in a roller rink parking lot. A fire engine and ambulance pulled away.

Williams said it was over. Turner had killed himself, he said. He said the incident is still under investigation.

We are entering into a Hazardous Duty Pay environment now. If the National Association of Mortgage Field Services had a lick of common sense or any concern at all for Contractors, they would be compiling statistics on this information.


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