Robert Klein and Gus Frangos: Birds Of The Same Feather

The City of Cleveland has announced major plans for the Slavic Village area in Cleveland, Ohio. The county land bank will team up with Safeguard Properties, Forest City Enterprises, Neighborhood Progress, and Slavic Village Development  to create Slavic Village Recovery LLC. No surprise that the criminally accused Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, led by Eric Miller whom obscenely consumes nearly SEVENTY PERCENT of all National Association of Mortgage Field Services Members dues, would be involved.

Robert Klein has always been one to keep his eye on the filthy lucre. His most recent expansion into the Great Cleveland Land Grab should come as no surprise.

Michelle J McFee, a writer over at reported on Klein’s latest pillaging with a glimmer in her eye. I spoke with her last weekend and asked her about whether or not she felt a man facing both an Attorney General’s Multi Count Complaint and Federal Racketeering is really the type of person whom should be involved with non profit oversight of properties which will generate untold tens of millions of dollars in the long haul.

McFee, primarily preoccupied with domestic duties while on the phone, stated those salient facts were in another of her articles and were not really material.

Not important enough to link the two I suppose. Really doesn’t matter, that much, as the first home has already popped off the assembly line to generate profits. Profits for, oh I don’t know, maybe the Robert Klein – Amir Jaffa Legal Defense Fund as the amounts of monies Safeguard Properties are able to defraud from East Tennessee Contractors have dwindled to a trickle after Foreclosurepedia exposed their cozy relationship with Felons down here.

According to the Plain Dealer, Neighborhood Progress and Slavic Village Development expect to sign an operating agreement this week with Forest City and Robert Klein, Safeguard’s founder and chairman. The nonprofits each will own 10 percent of Slavic Village Recovery LLC, with the rest split between Forest City and Klein’s RIK Enterprises LLC.

Slavic Village Recovery intends to acquire 50 vacant houses in the Slavic Village area – and could tackle HUNDREDS more- with the intention of acquiring the property for free and then renting or selling the property.

Klein believes lenders will give away those troubled houses, starting in Slavic Village, to get the burden off their books.

Klein’s goal: Get a house for free or for very little money. Invest $40,000 to $50,000 in renovations, using Safeguard’s national network of contractors to lower the cost. Then sell the house for $60,000, turning a small profit and providing affordable housing in a city neighborhood.

Safeguard Properties should have no problem making a dollar-for-dollar by using their own contractors since they don’t like paying their contractors.  Safeguard Properties is notorius for ripping off their contractors after their work is completed. With Amir Jaffa, Robert Klein’s hack of a son-in-law, at the helm it should be business as usual for this National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member.

Safeguard has been working with the county land bank for years and has received tons of federal funds.  It is no surprise to read about the County Land Bank’s willingness to give this company property that the county land bank has hoarded from other possible investors.  Again, another selective beneficiary of taxpayer property.

Meanwhile, Gus Frangos – President of the County Land Bank – has engaged in very suspicious activity regarding real estate in Cuyahoga County.  It is my opinion that Gus Frangos has engaged in MORTGAGE FRAUD.

Gus Frangos has purchased property in his own name, transferred the property into numerous self-created LLCs, received large sums of money via mortgages, failed to pay his property taxes, collected rent money, and then he failed to pay the mortgage.    I believe that Gus Frangos had no intention of ever paying the mortgage and hid the property behind the self-created LLC while collecting rent money.

Gus Frangos has  several foreclosure cases filed against him and his self-created LLCs.   One property tax foreclosure regarding property located at 1158 East 61st Street and owned by Gus Frangos’ self-created LLC ( 1158 East 61 LLC) was recently foreclosed upon and will soon go to sheriff foreclosure sale.

It is interesting to note that the mortgage in the amount of $175,000 was never released by National City Bank.  I searched high and low to find the mortgage release relative to this property and came up empty handed.  National City Bank was also served a copy of the foreclosure decision- which backs up my research since National City was served court documents- meaning they have an interest in this property- the loan was NOT repaid.

The responsible person listed for Den Demolition is Firdeo Satka. The Satka family entered the real estate business by leasing Cleveland parking lots.  Satka might have been aided by unusual funding by St. Paul Creation Federal Credit Uniion and is being investigated for the unusual funding.  Satka has allegedly engaged in the shell game of hiding businesses under numerous LLC’s- same as Gus Frangos.

[Satko] Saka, as well as Marsida Satka, Firdeo Satka, Ardita Satka, Barimi Titanie II, and F&S Satka Enterprises, LLC each received or benefited from $3,543,821.00 by having their loans reduced to a zero balance during this time. Based on the Liquidating Agent’s research to date, it appears that each of these loans were paid off with proceeds from new loans recorded in the names of ficticious and likely sham entities including Play Magazine, Victor-John Model, World International Pictures, Jay Kay Records, Mr. Aqua Limousine, Buckeye Cartage, Celebrity Limousine, Cinar Film Productions and New Majestic Charter. (See Affidavit Below From Travis County Texas — yeah we do the Research and We are coming for the Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services!!!!!!!!!)

So, why important? Well, Demolition in Cuyahoga County is controlled only by a handful of Slav Families. Let us not forget, either, that Robert Klein is a legalized US Citizen. He hails from Czechoslovakia. Coincidence? I have never believed in such.

According to the Ohio Secretary of State business records, Gus Frangos has incorporated 132 businesses / LLC’s and is/was the agent for 43 more entities. Care to take a guess about Robert Klein?!

This is classic National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Down the Rabbit Hole. They never expected to have the House of Cards exposed.


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