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Foreclosurepedia Begins Consultations

Foreclosurepedia has been providing quality Consultation for Contractors and Clients for nearly Two Years now. Covering everything from Regulatory Compliance to Collections, we have been there every step of the way. Foreclosurepedia realizes that in a real time world, information is critical. That is why we have put together our Hourly Consultation Package. Feel free to reach out when you need a Consultation instead of working with others schedules whom do not even understand the dynamics of the Property Preservation Industry!

Have a need for Contractors with specific skill sets in geographical areas which are difficult to cover? Having issues with your website and need an upgrade? Interested in having your Firm evaluated for Federal Contracting status? Reach out today or simply Click the Consultation Page Above at any time!

Click the Link Below to have immediate access to a Consultation on your terms; on your time; and when you want it!

D. Paul Williams

Editor and Chief of Foreclosurepedia

(865) 719-9903

Please send an email with Consultation in the Subject Line and the Date/Time of your Purchase in the Body. You may add a thumbnail of that which you would like to focus upon and I will promptly be in touch!

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