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Snowpocolypse: Is It A Legitimate Delay?

This is a true story:  I just got off the phone with a Contractor whom told me that he was required to not only perform the orders which were in the pipeline now, but also perform the supportive services of snow removal orders being assigned.  Madness, total and complete madness.  Let me get this straight:  you want me to risk my life to make sure your Excel spreadsheet looks pretty?!

This type of mentality; this insipid insanity spewing from the minds of the sheltered; those safely inside a cubicle a thousand miles away reading some liberal blog, are typical of the new wave of desk jockeys.  People like this; people whom believe that Governor’s Orders to say off the highways, pose clear and present dangers to the very fabric which makes up the United States.  In all my years of doing this kind of work I never would have thought that an Order like this would be issued.  I would have LOVED to be the Contractor as after I was in an accident, I would have simply turned over the Work Order to both the State Police and my Insurance company on my way to the ER.  Did I mention that the media would have been meeting me there?

Here’s the problem:  These myopic, pencil pushing whackos are calling shots in the names of their Company.  Time and again Contractors are pressed to push the very limits of their capacities to make an obscene profit margin for their Masters.  Enough is enough.  Contractors need to begin to take a stand.  The Wild West days need to become regulated.  OSHA needs to begin to play a role in the out-of-control demands by these few Nationals whom feel they are Morgan, Carnegie and Rockefeller, et al.

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