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Sentinel Field Services: The Come Back Kid?

Sentinel Field Services (SFS) is a dichotomy unto itself. This is a lead in to an Article which will premier later this weekend. With that said, many people look to Foreclosurepedia as the barometer of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Some like the edgy rhetoric and some hate it; just like Rush Limbaugh, a million people hate me, but by G-d they come every day.

When I spoke about SEAS as the Comeback Kid of 2013 I was correct. SEAS had some issues and they got down in the trenches and addressed most of them. I still have extreme problems with the language in the Contracts and their Policies, but they took on the failure to pay issue and that is what got them that Award.

2014 is still early, but SFS is looking like a front runner. Let me briefly tell you why: Phil Johnsen. Johnsen brings three key components to the table: marketing, analysis and senior management and operations. Look, SFS has had some problems and no one is going to bullshit around about that. More on point, the Asset Management Specialists (AMS) on again, off again relationship is not en vogue within the Beltway. The reality, though, is that if we all hung our hat on what is bad about a Company all of us would be out of work!

I have quite a bit more research and polling to do — I have some friends in Poland whom I need to send some cigarettes to for their assistance — and I am optimistic. On that note, I am cautiously bullish about SFS’ future. The 4D and 5D issues are simply that: Paperwork Issues to be resolved.

More this weekend …

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