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AMS: What Happens When Humpty Dumpty Has A Great Fall

“Washington has become — and I think everybody knows it — a bathtub full of cash. As long as you just go in the bathtub you’re going to come out with cash stuck on you – if you’re at least a certain, have certain jobs and have certain roles. And that’s why the revolving door is such a problem. It’s cultural, it’s the culture of Washington, it’s the culture of Wall Street and it hollows out the civil service…” — James Kidney, Retiring Securities and Exchange (SEC) Attorney, 11 April 2014, NPR Interview.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has become a cesspool of fraud. No two ways around it. I recently released a tremendous amount of information identifying the fact that HUD had been targeted for fraudulent billing and what did HUD do? Nothing. They can’t. Why? My hypothesis is that too many HUD Officials are on the take.

Asset Management Specialists (AMS) has had an absolutely abysmal track record with respect to the One Hundred Million Dollars Plus worth of Contracts that US Taxpayers have proffered to them. When Foreclosurepedia reached out to HUD in its latest round of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests, 14-FI-RO4-00894 specifically, we received the typical bureaucratic bullshit which is the epitome of why HUD is a broken Agency,

In response to your Freedom of Information (FOIA) request seeking information regarding “Cure Notice(s) or Stop Work Notice(s) and/or anything similar in phrase which would cause AMS to not be issued new assets and/or perform upon current assets” under contracts C-OPC-23657, C-OPC-23672, C-OPC-23653, and C-OPC23681, HUD is withholding the release of the requested information pursuant to FOIA Exemptions 3,4, and 5.

Umm, yeah. I am a taxpayer and have no legal right to know whether or not you are continuing to pay a Company whom has an obvious Conflict of Interest under HUD; has incontrovertible evidence substantiating False Claims Act issues; and other HUD Prime Vendors have already taken over AMS’ in field Work Orders. Nothing new under the sun with these fraudsters.

Much like rats on a sinking ship, the AMS staff began running for cover. Lee Mertins — take a note on where Foreclosurepedia is on his name alone … 4th entry on Page One of Google — and a handful of his cronies bailed over to 24 Asset Management. 24AM is one of those netherworld holding firms kinda like Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM). These type of Companies you know that really all they do is function as Waystations to take the heat off of folks as they respin up some new and nefarious scheme. Here, take a read of the Review on MMREMs Page One Google Listing,

Jeffrey Rudisill

Buyer beware. Today is 12/21. I was buying a HUD home and Matt Martin real estate was the hud management company. Our offer was accepted, from then.. On Dec 3rd we had all of the loan/title process completed and we were scheduled to close on December 13th. On December 11th, we received the final closing costs, the hud was approved. We just had to go to Closing. That day I went to my apartment complex and filled out my intent to vacate paperwork. I also arranged for family and friends to help my family (Wife, newborn baby, and myself) move on the 15th. So by now, I have committed to vacating the apartment by the end of the year. After all of these things were put into motion.. I received a call from my agent that evening saying she received an email at 5pm on the 11th that HUD had to perform a Lead Based Paint test and unable to close on time. I was asked to file an extension on the contract (completed on the 12th) I explained all of these variables to Matt Martin Real Estate, and was told that the inspection order would be placed on a “rush” status. Today is the 21st, 8 days later and I was asked to fill out yet another extension. This time the extension said it could be another 10-20 days. After calling Matt Martin real estate directly, I was not given any promising information and Still no date range on closing. I am filing for my earnest money back, and I need to start looking for another place for my family to live. Due to the negligence from Matt Martin Real Estate Management I am being forced pay someone to move everything from my current apartment into a storage facility, with only 10 days left in this apartment… I have to move somewhere (currently no idea what to do).. THEN ONCE we figure out a more permanent solution we have to then move all of our belongings yet another time. The real reason I am writing this review is because nobody in the company cares, it is just miles of red tape, with not one single person taking ownership or responsibility for the issue. What really makes me mad, my real estate agent offered to PAY for an inspector to do this test, just so we could close on time. Matt Martin Real Estate Management refused. If and when we decide to buy a home again, we will not be looking at any homes being managed by them. Furthermore, I will be telling this story everywhere it is applicable online. The entire experience has been miserable. The holidays have been ruined, because now I have to go into emergency mode to provide shelter for my family.This is no fault of my own.. Merry Christmas everyone. – Sincerely Victim of negligence and irresponsibility.

Lee brought his favorite subby pet Brian Nisbet along for the 24AM ride as well. I would guess that the late night conferences in the back shop held a soft spot for the two? I don’t know; I wasn’t there. I DID SPEAK with those whom were, though.

A former AMS employee on Lee Mertins and Jerry Mavelia,

Lee Mertins and Jerry Mavelia are the biggest money hungry crooks you can imagine. The MOB has NOTHING on these degenerates! I started off working in the Audit Department and Lee Mertins and Jerry Mavelia had to “approve” the contractors invoices before we sent them to the PayRoll department (Dottie). Lee would disapprove EVERYTHING!! Saying we “didn’t take enough money off of this invoice” my response would be “there is nothing to take off, they DID the work!” and he would tell me to go over the invoice again and ding them for every little thing.

The Obama Administration, in the same way they have telegraphed that Red Lines are meaningless vis-a-vis the refusal to abide by supporting Ukraine under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, seem to be content in Barack’s Community Organizer branding. While Rome is burning down all around President Obama, the criminals are being given the Green Light to raid the coffers — AMS when Ernie Stefkovic was at the helm — note that Ernie’s Google Listing has Foreclosurepedia as Page One on Google. Might help a bit if he disassociates himself from the prolific fraud, but then again maybe he doesn’t mind that moniker?! Maybe the smoke screen is a bit of the same old same old.

Sentinel Field Services (SFS) is now reaping the benefits of the AMS Legacy — that is sarcasm. Sources speaking on condition of anonymity cited the potential for Manchurian Candidates embedded at SFS. These potential Manchurian Candidates were former AMS employees and sympathizers. For those whom think this is a Tom Clancy advertisement, industrial espionage has been alive and well since Benjamin Franklin played both sides of the fence.

The coup d’état that 24AM is really looking for is the Mertins, Harrison, Nisbet, Stefkovic connection. I would not put past these incorrigible people the possibility that they are seeding Companies right now to ensure an unfair economic advantage over their Competitors. If I were at SFS or any other Firm whom has acquisitioned AMS Talent — or lack thereof — I would be extremely suspect of their character. I would monitor their phone usage and computer logs; I would monitor their access to hard copy files and photo copying devices. I would monitor via CCT their Smartphones and whether or not they ever scrutinize computer screens or documents with their Smartphone devices — photo ops.

All Roads Lead To Texas
All Roads Lead To Texas

In the same way that any former Buczek Enterprises employee should be considered suspect based upon their involvement in the horrific Contractor Fraud Schemes, all Companies whom are believing that they are hiring Talent from a collapsing Firm should do such with an air of caution. People are not always whom they seem to be. Many of these predators are embedding their way into Companies whom are attempting to right themselves. The should be hunted down and expunged; they are a scourge and a plague.

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