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A Happy Passover To Each And All

חג כשר וסמח   Chag kasher ve’same`ach. A Happy, Kosher Passover to each and all this week! As many sit down to the thousands of years of tradition surrounding the Seder, let us all be mindful that many of the religious freedoms that the rest of us take for granted are difficult for the Jewish People. In the world we live in, words such as Freedom of Religion and Equality ring hollow when we witness that which just occurred in Kansas.

The reality is that those of us whom have the luxury of Christianity, Islam or in my case an agnostic all operate in an almost autopilot state. We know that half of the world is with us and the other half is not. We know that not much is going to change, either way, in the status quo.

The Jewish people, as it appears to me, have been the inheritors of all of the evil which mankind has been able to conjure up. This is not a political observation; this is from a religious point-of-view. It would strike me that when the Christians became bored with their Crusades and the Inquisitions; when the Muslims became satiated with their conversions and beheadings, each then decided to cleanse their sins by attacking the Jewish People.

Whether or not any of us agree with that which Jewish People — or any people for that matter — do, it is not our place as human beings to KILL ONE ANOTHER over a misguided belief in some concept of G-d. It is the epitome of madness.

One of the things which was always troubling to me was the lack of recognition of religious holidays in this Industry. Ironic, as I am an agnostic. I am actually working on a potentially enormous software platform and one of the key people is an Orthodox Jew. As opposed to screaming that we are wasting a week for a festival that is shrouded in antiquity, I simply stated, “Chag kasher ve’same`ach.”

Let us, each and all, try to be understanding of the importance of each other’s religious beliefs. I am not asking anyone to accept them; let us simply remember that when someone asks for time off, it probably is important to them. While I do not, per se, believe in G-d, I am a statistician and believe that I should err on the side of caution and not piss off the gods.  😉

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The Seder Plate

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