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Herding: A Technique Used To Thin The Masses

There is a whirlwind of activity going on with respect to one of my Articles recently published. The crux of it deals with the allegations of Back Feeding being illegal — illegal for whom and how performed is up for debate. Personally, I find the herding currently underway to be similar to Facebook vis-a-vis the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Let me put that into layman’s terms for those living underneath rocks,

The world of intelligence, for years, was hampered by one simple facet: HUMIT. HUMIT is an acronym for human intelligence. With approximately 6 Billion people on Earth; with a potential pool of hundreds of millions of Tangos, the ability to not only ID each person, but to find their interconnectedness was virtually impossible. Then comes Facebook. Not only did people come by the droves, but they began to post their inner most secrets and photos — geo tagged, of course.

The fall out of a deal to correct one of the many problems of the Mortgage Field Services Industry will be talked about for years. While the motivating factor behind condemning the Back Feeding of US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) properties may have been altruistic, the problem is that the roll out was worse than amateur hour. Here is what I mean,

The position of the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills is going to be that anyone whom did this activity attested to the fact that they both possessed the proper credentials and knowledge to do such. Begins and ends there. No one put a gun to anyone’s head; piss on the argument that if you didn’t do it you lost work! Now, you have a Facebook Group that is for Defense Lawyers what ALL OF FACEBOOK is for CIA.

Truth be known, I didn’t want any part of this fight. While I have videos that show how to perform the Back Feeding, I am not too concerned about the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration (OSHA) swooping down in Black Helicopters and spiriting me away in the dead of the night. OSHA is predominately a civil fine based organization and if I go down, everyone goes down. No, I was brought into this bullshit affair as it was posted into my LinkedIn Group. On that point, I want to tarry just a bit.

While I make no bones about wanting the Mortgage Field Services Industry brought to its knees; while I reiterated to the Chief Executive Officer of a Prime Vendor to HUD that I will stop at nothing to see Grand Jury Indictments passed out like after dinner mints to the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, there is a rhyme and reason to which I waltz.

The bringing in of a former OSHA Heavyweight was novel. John Grzywacz’s Monograph was good. The problem with both of these things is that the maître d’ of this adventure; the originator, did not think out all the angles. This isn’t a slam; this is a telegraph to people that the Industry is not black and white.

The reality is that I would opine that Grzywacz would have taken far greater pains and liberties in his Monograph had he realized that his paper would jeopardize hundreds of millions of dollars in current contracts and potentially TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS depending upon which way the pendant swings. In my opinion, the Monograph needs an additional 30 or so pages. No fault of the author, though.

HUD has several options. First, HUD may just say fuck OSHA. The reality is that under the Obama Administration and in an election cycle OSHA is impotent at the Agency vs Agency level. Second, HUD could tell the Financial Institutions to have utilities on prior to conveyance. Third, HUD could extend a Doctrine of Privity to Sub Contractors thus allowing them the mantle of HUD to perform services legally — the best idea. And finally, HUD could do nothing as they are not responsible anyway. On the point of Privity, you can go to Home Depot right now and buy a version similar to that in my video and back feed your own home as a homeowner.

The only way this will gain any traction; the only way change will occur, is if Contractors go to their municipal, state and federal representatives. They will have to dovetail that response with local, state and national media. At the same time this will have to be coordinated with a tsunami of Complaints to OSHA. Grzywacz may disagree with this approach; however, this isn’t the typical OSHA Job Site. This job site encompasses 3.79 million square miles and millions of sub sites.

For those out there whom feel that I am callous; for those whom feel that I have no compassion, I do not write for you. Change is a painful process. When history reflects upon the Dark Times the record will not reflect well upon those whom stood in the way of change. How it records upon me I do not care. I am an Agent of Change. My world does not have the luxury of concern over collateral damage; my Mission Objective is clear. The Removal of the NAMFS Regime and all whom support and defend corruption within the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

Contrary to popular belief, this fight is NOT ABOUT the Contractors — there really are none left. A real Contractor would have stepped to the plate by now and sued the living shit out of everyone. That is the big reason why I predominately left the Industry to write — yes, I cut about 10 lawns a month thus the term predominately. This fight is about Doctrine. This fight; the lives won and lost, hinge upon one question: Who Won and Who Lost. There is no middle ground. The NAMFS Regime has decreed that even the Contractors are not to be referred to as Boots on the Ground — That is a DIRECT QUOTE from Eric Miller at the recent NAMFS Regime Love Fest in Texas. I am going to identify those Firms whom are willing to work with Contractors; to find a middle ground, and I am going to remove those whom are entrenched with the Eric Miller philosophy. Think I jest? Give Adam Buczek a call and ask him how things are going these days.

To understand spin you MUST understand this!
To understand spin you MUST understand this!

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