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OSHA: The Reason Why HUD 3.8 May Come To A Crashing Halt

I spoke with John Grzywacz today, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guru whose Monograph has sparked a wildfire of both controversy and debate. Grzywacz, whom like to be called Grizzy, is an affable gentleman whose knowledge is concealed by an uncanny ability to make one feel comfortable at the feet of the master. Over the coming weeks we are going to give this man the praise and attention he deserves!

John “Grizzy” Grzywacz, Professor Emeritus, OSHA National Training Institute, was kind enough to give Foreclosurepedia permission to display his Monograph, REO & HPIR Electrical Inspections — Safety, Codes & Standards. Grzywacz is a Giant amongst men. A simple thumbing through of the OSHA Front Pages shows this.

Where the rubber meets the road, though, is that unless a Contractor or employee brings an issue to OSHA it does not exist. While Grzywacz has most eloquently presented the case for the illegality of Back Feeding which the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills require the information is both moot and immaterial unless Contractors step to the plate.

Let me break this down a bit. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allegedly required a technique commonly referred to as Back Feeding — the use of a generator to force power into a home via a 220 volt outlet. I stated they did not and cited the HUD Marketing and Management (M&M) 3.6 Contract as proof. National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills require it; the HUD M&M 3.6 is intentionally vague and ADDITIONALLY there is no mandatory requirement to turn on the Utilities upon all HUD Properties!

Here is the quote I sent Matt Steffan IN RE: The HUD M&M 3.6 Performance Work Statement (PWS),

Now, as to HUD and the energizing refer to in the attached document. It will also clarify the misconception about Utilities being a Mandatory Requirement.

5.2.4 deals with Utilities. The language that dictates is to prevent plumbing damage. As they are winterized no go there. The ONLY reason it is mandatory is if there is a dehumidifier present and even then only if the mold cannot be abated by any other means. Prime Vendors may activate utilities if they choose; most do not as it is a huge hassle. drills down specifically that Utilities are discretionary.

While I am supportive of Grzywacz, the problem becomes IDENTICAL TO EACH AND EVERY OTHER FUCKED UP ISSUE OUT THERE TODAY! There are those whom are bitching and complaining will not do anything; in Matt Steffan’s case he begged for verification that Back Feeding was illegal. What happened when he got that information? A Facebook Group; not an OSHA Complaint.

So, here is where the rubber meets the road. Give me one Contractor — shit, sounds like G-d talking to Abraham looking down upon Sodom — whom is willing to say that they are doing this under orders from On High and I will give you people victory.

You know, I spoke with Grzywacz for about an hour informally. This is a gentleman whom is worth his salt. Matt Steffan has created a Facebook Group to help other Contractors gather round and discuss information; the question that presents is whether he or others will do anything other than gather. I am hopeful that they do.

Let me walk you folks down a very dark road; a road which is why the vast majority of Power Players avoid you people like the plague! The importance of Grzywacz’s Monograph isn’t about what is right or wrong; the impetus of the Monograph is about HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! Small minded people like Steffan should take the time to be honest and forthcoming in the basis of why they corral people as opposed to allowing their egos to be fed.

The HUD M&M 3.8 is rolling out as I type this. That Contract is one of the most massive Contracts, in scope, ever with respect to the enormity of states. While Contractors — sans that, while quasi laborer/employees — think that a few handshakes occur in the back rooms, the reality is these Contracts are bid based upon formulas which take into account a plethora of information. The Grzywacz Monograph strikes at one of the more critical of all: The fact that the Prime Vendors anticipate yet another round of Same Old HUD turning a blind eye to the illegality Back Feeding. If the status quo of HUD tacitly supporting illegal activity is overthrown, then not only are all the bids which have been put forward a guarantee to mass bankruptcy and defraudment of Contractors, it will ensure that the entire HUD Portfolio stands in question. If Prime Vendors are required to turn on utilities — and I believe they should be — then this will bankrupt them under the current bidding formulas.

Personally, I would rather see all of these Companies go bankrupt. The problem with that is Contractors will suffer FAR MORE THAN THEY! So, the word must get out now to OSHA in a systematic manner. That means the typical fodder bullshit I receive in emails will not cut it. OSHA has a Complaint Process which must be strictly adhered to! Over the next several weeks, as Grzywacz’s schedule opens up, I am going to sit down with him to explain the process to Contractors.

Why is this important? Why am I so condemning of Steffan? Steffan had a responsibility to PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE AND MAKE AVAILABLE Grzywacz’s information! Steffan had a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to file a Formal Complaint and chicken shitted out of it. While Grzywacz may be a tough fellow; while many within the Halls of OSHA may look up to him, the Financial Institutions have a very distinct way of Deep Sixing people whom jeopardize profits. Further, in an election cycle financed by the Financial Institutions, discussions about profit losses are not something that they want to hear.

If Contractors refuse to step to the plate I will force them to. I will provide the Contractor Databases from the Prime Vendors which have already been leaked to Investigators. These Investigators will then track you down and fine you.

If any Contractor believes that I am joking I recommend that they pay close attention to Berghorst Enterprises, Boyd Property Preservation, Buczek Enterprises, et al. I destroyed Buczek Enterprises in under 100 hours. Each of these Multi Million Dollar National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Members were destroyed for breaking the law. If you are a Contractor and breaking the law, I am going to come for you as well. To be quite clear, the powerhouse firms like PK Management (gotta really wonder about the disbarment in Florida there)  and A2Z Field Services are in the cross hairs.

As the HUD M&M 3.8 is currently up for grabs; as the bidding process is long and convoluted in the formulas, I will give Contractors a Victory if they step to the plate. In the meantime, instead of making fools of yourselves and creating Facebook Groups giving legal advice; instead of showing that you have bark and no bite, step to the plate. There is protection for people whom do the right thing. OSHA is not beholden to the Financial Institutions nor to HUD.

Grzywacz is a Patriot. He is also a man whom has Electrical Safety in his DNA. His reputation is beyond repute. Let us, one and all, rise up for once in this Industry without the requirement of pay. Why don’t we all show, for once, that Labor is capable of drawing a line in the sand?! Grzywacz took a tremendous amount of time and great risk in the creation of his Monologue. It would strike me as a common courtesy to either: a) stop performing illegal Back Feedings; and/or b) file a Complaint with OSHA.

Make no mistake whatsoever, if I find out a Contractor is performing these Back Feeds, I will find you. I will create an ISTAR Database File on you. I will bring the full force and effect of the weight of Foreclosurepedia down upon you and destroy your ability to continue to place communities in a clear and present danger. I will dovetail this with an unholy war upon US Government Prime Vendors whom accept Back Feeding photos and/or information from Contractors whom do not have the legal capacity to perform such.

The reality is that there is now legal basis for turning down Back Feeding. While I stand by my Statement that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is not requiring such by and through the the HUD M&M Contract, there is incontrovertible evidence that HUD has given tacit approval vis-a-vis evidence on the HUD P260. I want it VERY CLEAR that this is a Mission Objective and will be secured by any and all legal means necessary. The removal of Back Feeding is a TOP PRIORITY of Foreclosurepedia and supercedes ANY OTHER MISSION Foreclosurepedia is currently involved in.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.




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