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Paul Brickman: Why People In Wyoming Are The Problem Not The Solution

Paul Brickman, owner of Brickman Property Services LLC, and known as BPWY over on Preservation Talk has been engaged in some stone throwing in glass houses on a thread which was spun up around Matt Steffan’s Captain Save-a-Ho Back Feeding rant. Steffan recruited a former Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fellow named John “Grizzy” Grzywacz to draft up a 30 page Monograph with respect to whether or not back feeding is legal. More on that in a moment. First, though, I want to address Brickman’s tirade about a video I have up on the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel that Brickman has sweaty palms about like a predator hanging out in a public restroom. I mean you have to picture this #HACK salivating; flushed with glee, over the possibility of getting a jab in on Foreclosurepedia. So, let’s talk a bit about Brickman Property Services LLC located at 3870 Blue Sky Rd Carpenter, WY 82054,

Paul Brickman began his #HACK-O-VISION Company in 2011; just shy of three years ago. Curious about what Brickman Property Services LLC claim to fame is with the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office? Apparently, it is his inability to pay his taxes! Now, here is a guy over on Preservation Talk hacking it up like the #TEAMREGIME kinda guy he is — that’s right because he is behind a keyboard — and the #HACK can’t even pay his taxes on time!

To be very candid, if I were a Potential Client; if I were looking to work anyone within the Mortgage Field Services Industry wherein financial solvency seems to be a critical concern in light of both Foreclosurepedia’s recent 100 Hour War with Buczek Enterprises and Dodd – Frank, I would give some very serious consideration as to how deep down the Rabbit Hole I wanted to place my Firm.

I digress. Let’s talk OSHA for a moment. A quick perusal of Paul Brickman’s Website for Brickman Property Services LLC (damn, these hyperlinks have got to be good for business — stay tuned to Page One of Google shortly!) show multiple OSHA, Wyoming Department of Transportation and municipal violations. Whether one wants to talk about the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or the tying down and tarping of debris when in transit; how about those license tags, the list is long and distinguished unlike Brickman’s track record of paying taxes in Wyoming.

People like Paul Brickman of Brickman Property Services LLC are the epitome of why small town blow hards ought to stick to hacking it up with the hacks. I suppose, though, that Paul Brickman of Brickman Property Services LLC really thought he was going to score a Mighty Blow for the #TUMBLEWEEDS out there in that thriving metropolis of Carpenter, WY. I mean this is a Greek Tragedy on Steroids; the Tragedy is that the protagonist forgot his Viagra when the Battle started.

For all of the hoopla out there about Grizzy’s Monograph, the reality is that it is going to go absolutely nowhere. OSHA will not step into a non employee arena. Further, each and every Contractor signed off that they were credentialed to perform in accordance with the Contracts that they signed — coming in late in the game and saying that, “Gee, we didn’t know this,” lays liability squarely at the Contractor’s feet as they also stated they knew the Code(s) in their local area.

So, yet another sad chapter in the futility of the Craigslist Hacks. I still stand by my belief that Grzywacz’s Monograph is spot on. The issues are not as clear cut, though, as Steffan and others would like to believe. If there is a $70,000 fine issued before the end of the year as the #HACKS over on Preservation Talk believe are currently piling up; if the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) pulls the plug on Back Feeds (which they cannot as they do not order them to be done) I will become a Life Long Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime.

Congratulations on those 8 Facebook Likes in 3 Years Paul Brickman. Shouldn’t Be Long Before You Catch Up To My Stats!

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