Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Buczek Enterprises: Closed Permanently

BREAKING NEWS: Buczek Enterprises announces that they are CLOSED PERMANENTLY. That is a mobile link and their page will not even load currently on a laptop. This is via their Facebook Page! Here comes the Bankruptcy that Adam Buczek originally promised. To those Contractors whom waited to the last minute: Good Luck! Sources speaking on condition of anonymity stated,

Tango Down Tango Down Tango Down
Tango Down   Tango Down    Tango Down

Sources speaking on condition of anonymity stated that they were, “… working on liquidation tasks.” Translate: Bankruptcy. And STAT! If you were not on the First Wave and have not filed liens yet, you will be left out in the cold. I wonder what good ‘ol Eric Miller and the NAMFS Regime has to say about this? Is THIS PROOF ENOUGH ERIC MILLER?! Give me a Union ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! At least a Union would have the balls to protect their Own! Foreclosurepedia is a Friend of Labor and will always advocate on behalf of those whom stand up. Simply ask those we stood up for whether or not their Lot is better than yours!

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