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Amanda Buczek Lewis: Why The Banking Community Needs To Be On High Alert

Amanda Buczek Lewis, of the now infamous Buczek Clan over at Buczek Enterprises, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member, has been doing some moonlighting with Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS). Matter of fact, Amanda Buczek Lewis is listed as a RMS Sales Director. Whether or not Amanda Buczek Lewis gives two shits about her Company, Buczek Enterprises defaulting upon hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to Contractors, her new employer Reverse Mortgage Solutions had better.

For people to think that they may take their Dog and Pony Show on the road boggles the mind. While the Mortgage Field Services Industry has no real licensing regulations, the banking and mortgage industry does.

The Buczek Clan is a diverse group of people. Amanda’s departure from National Field Network (NFN), the cause of so much grief for Buczek Enterprises to Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS) is a testament to why Buczek Enterprises and ACA Management have become the beacon for that which is wrong with the Mortgage Field Services Industry. For anyone thinking that Buczek Enterprises is not shutting down shop, simply look at ACA Management’s website message now,

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Amanda Buczek is just another Carol Boyd plying her wares in the open market — one big difference, though. Amanda Buczek Lewis is now hawking loans to some of the most at risk in our population today — Senior Citizens! Look, if Amanda Buczek Lewis gave no more thought than passing salt at the dinner table to whether or not men and women were paid at Buczek Enterprises, how is it she will be willing to protect Contractors mothers and fathers in their Senior Years?! The way I see it, she won’t. She will screw the elderly in the same way that Contractors were screwed at her Buczek Enterprises.

I guarantee that as I have been typing this, people at Buczek Enterprises have been meeting with accountants and lawyers calculating how they are going to save their skin — and money — and stick it to Contractors. To allow people like Amanda Buczek Lewis to continue to formulate plots against innocent by standers goes against the grain of a civilized society.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions will soon have Page One Google Rankings. They had best put on their thinking caps  because Foreclosurepedia is coming. Anyone whom gives protection and quarter to the Buczek Clan is going to go under the microscope. We are going to find atrocities and we are going to publish them. I want that to sink in for a moment: Mamah and Papah doing the Google Search and BLAM Reverse Mortgage Solutions! To employ a woman whom was involved with a Company bearing HER OWN NAME; a woman whom had a history of passing off Liberty Coins as US Currency, is going to rapidly become a question for Regulators to ask when it is over. Reverse Mortgage Solutions chose NOT TO PERFORM due diligence; we did!

And Caleb? Yeah, we just haven’t had time to write about the Basketball Years.

Society does NOT REWARD fraud! You can run, but you cannot hide. This is a brave, new world. The Scarlet Letter is alive and well and will continue to follow offenders for the rest of their lives. A simple Google Search of Amanda Buczek Lewis will show that half of the Top of Page One on Google is Foreclosurepedia. Her sister-in-law, Amanda Lynn Burke Buczek has Page One and half of Page Two on Google set aside to Foreclosurepedia. Something for mommy and daddy to be proud of, for sure!


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