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Outsourcing: Yet Another Excuse To Add More Unpaid Mandates

There is a huge, mostly silent debate going on right now both within and without the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. The debate is pretty simple, yet the stakes are so high that participation will cause you to be black balled. The debate is that as pricing continues to tank, National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills continue to levy new paperwork requirements.

  • Eric Miller


    Eric Miller

    Executive Director at National Association of Mortgage Field Services

    I have not read the article but this is a complex and often-times devisive option. It is further complicated by the different services provided in the mortgage field service industry – inspections vs. preservation.

    Terry – your comments are absolutely valid regarding the perceived value of the information provided, along with the time consuming nature of data entry, which in some cases is performed twice. That said, performing required due diligence on potential partners to assist in processing is paramount. It is also something that has been considered to address fluctuating volumes or basic services i.e. grass cutting. Order processing in general is more critical even when kept in house. The key is avoiding non-compliance which can be attained by following a living documented process which incorporates industry changes.

  • Eric Miller


    Eric Miller

    Executive Director at National Association of Mortgage Field Services

    Bret – thanks for weighing in and you were at the NAMFS Open Forum so perhaps you can validate what I am about to type. At this meeting a request was made to all present that NAMFS was being asked to provide feedback as to incremental costs that have impacted services during the past several years. The request was not to provide at a per service level but rather at a global level. One of the items discussed at the Forum was related to the Industry Standard Background Check while others that were raised included – technology investments, shorten turnaround times, reduced volumes that impacted coverage on various levels, increased services, evolving regulations (i.e. Maine AG prossibly listing our industry as debt collectors) and finally yet to be defined compliance.

    If anyone would like to provide information for inclusion please send it to

Incremental costs. Have you lost your FUCKING MIND Eric Miller? I mean here the NAMFS Regime rolls out this pile of horseshit from Aspen Grove Soultions, the Mick Foreign Nationals operating on AMERICAN SOIL, and it does what?! Oh, that’s right! Increases fraud across the board! How about we talk about those Stats there Miller! How about we discuss the salient points brought up at the Texas NAMFS Regime Love Fest Party Crasher Robert Klein whom succinctly told those Irish Hacks precisely where to get off at! No, you won’t do that, BUT YOU WILL use clinical terms like incremental!

The reality is that Contractors used to go out and mow the damn lawn. Now Contractors are data entry technicians — free of charge! Miller’s speeches at the Texas NAMFS Regime Love Fest proved precisely how bad the NAMFS Regime has become. I mean when you trip over the words YOUR FUCKING MINDERS PUT TOGETHER FOR YOU then there is a real problem in Rome!

Let me tell you what you can do with your incremental horseshit — you can shove it! You want to talk about the worst two years in the HISTORY of Mortgage Field Services — go no further than Eric Miller! Anyone ever ask how it is he keeps getting reelected?! I’ll wager a lot of money changes hands, folks — a HELL OF A LOT OF IRISH MONEY!

Whom am I though? I mean you have Terry Platt with his comic book version training — I mean I really, REALLY want people to think of what this Industry has been reduced to! You have comic books like those passed out in Greyhound Stations and Porn Joints which are ACTUALLY being used to train Contractors in an Industry that is supposed to have ALREADY TRAINED Contractors! It’s great that Platt can hawk a dollar or two from this pathetic move, but it has sealed the fate of an already fraudulent Industry! Make no mistake we are already taking Roll Call on those whom are pushing Training. We are going to ENSURE that those whom quietly facilitated the Greatest Fraud ever upon Contractors get their 15 Minutes of Fame — and then some! Training of ANY FORM bought you an Employee!

Miller hit one thing on the head. Maine is going to slam home the fact that the Mortgage Field Services Industry is Debt Collectors. Do you want to know why? Because the NAMFS Regime has saddled Contractors with so much fucking paperwork that they are desk jockeys! The Background Checks HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH people cutting grass! You glorified Laborers have reaped what you have sown.

I am extremely pissed off tonight. You know, I have Contractors running in now begging for help on the Buczek Enterprises Crisis. Where were they a month ago?! Nothing new under the Sun. Go on the record and I will help; otherwise, suck it up!

What a racket. Folks, I tell you what, if you do not get your act together you will be slinging hash at a diner soon. If you do not start to take a stand; if you do not Organize, you are done.

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