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Buczek Enterprises: Breaking The Silence

Buczek Enterprises, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member, issued a pitiful quasi Public Statement to those Contractors whom they have defrauded. While I take it with a grain of salt as, to date, Buczek Enterprises has failed to do much of anything other than #LIVEITUP on Contractor’s Pay already issued to them by a plethora of Clients, it is reprinted here,

From: “Buczek Enterprises” <>
Date: Apr 16, 2014 11:02 PM
Subject: Vendor Network – Update – 4/16/14

To our Vendor Network:

Buczek Enterprises is close to finalizing negotiations to ensure all contractors, creditors and clients’ needs are addressed.  This plan continues to evolve daily with our continued focus on getting our contractors paid and we appreciate everyone’s willingness and patience to work with us.  Through this process, we’ll be reaching out to contractors individually going forward over the next few weeks on what type of actions are necessary to protect all parties involved.   Some clients are attempting to settle past due amounts, others are working on a process to ensure payments are made to our contractors and others continue to stay on the course of slower than normal payment cycles with adjusted amounts that require additional leg work.   Due to the variety of clients and scenarios that need to be ironed out, we expect phone calls to start to occur over the next couple of weeks as payment information to Buczek Enterprises has been established. 

Again, thank you for your hard work, relationship with our company, and continued patience in this process.

For any further inquiries, please contact:

Notably missing is any form of personal labeling; nothing but the bland and generic as is typically displayed by most criminals whom show no remorse for the lives they have destroyed. I mean what would you expect? Eric Miller, the NAMFS Regime Reich Executive Director has ensured that Buczek Enterprises will NEVER BE brought in front of the NAMFS Regime’s Board of Directors for Ethical Issues — go figure as the term Ethics is antithetical to any NAMFS Regime Member’s conduct I have ever reported upon.

On a separate front, Source speaking on condition of anonymity at Altisource, have stated that they are optimistic that those Contractors whom they had liaised with based, in part upon Foreclosurepedia’s first Publications, should have results within  30 days or less. In credit to Buczek Enterprises, it would appear that there have not been any intentional interference with document requests and I would presume that this would be the same for other Clients if they are, in fact, attempting to advocate on behalf of Contractors.

The Buczek Enterprises Crisis, albeit a pivotal moment, is a sad situation. It is a testament to why Financial Institutions and Portfolio Holders need to get off their bullshit quest for Background Checks upon Contractors — these were happening anyway and at FAR LESS of a cost than the NAMFS Regime’s Aspen Grove Solutions — and begin to investigate the NAMFS Regime Member Order Mills. Let’s keep this real for a moment: You have financially insolvent people like Adam Buczek running a Ponzi Scheme on Steroids; you have HomeStar SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS IN THE HOLE and still issuing out Altisource work; you have Heather Berghorst, the NAMFS Regime Secretary spinning down Berghorst Enterprises and firing up Heritage Home Solutions … on and on and on.

Altisource is the only Portfolio Holder I have found, to date, to step to the plate and NOT ONLY attempt to resolve issues, but privately they are adamant about fundamental, systemic change. In the near future I am hopeful that another Firm, Sentinel Field Services (SFS) will also begin to display these same, noble characteristics. SFS will actually be in a larger Article over the weekend.

The Buczek Enterprises Fiasco will go down as the first, well documented case of Ethics Violations which the NAMFS Regime refused to address. While all other cases I covered were clearly established, Buczek Enterprises was a NAMFS Regime Legacy Member. History will record well the free, willing and overt lack of action by the NAMFS Regime. I will actually dedicate a COMPLETE CHAPTER to this, including a large amount of unpublished information, in my upcoming book which should hit the shelves towards the end of the year.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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