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#OpNoTMT4Me: Foreclosurepedia Joins Ranks To Protect Sacred Space

From time-to-time Foreclosurepedia is requested to reach deep into its vault of OPLANs and render assistance with Causes which are being oppressed by the tyranny of Corporate America. The reality is that going all the way back to the WTO Seattle Protests, Foreclosurepedia has been around in some way, shape or form in Activism for nearly two decades. We are an idea; we are that which cannot be taken from you when you have lost everything including the boots that you wore to the last Protest!

The Billion Dollar Telescope No One Wants — Unless You Are The CIA

The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) is a planned, ground-based, large segmented mirror reflecting telescope that has caused protests and demonstrations around the world over its proposed location. One of five proposed sites for the telescope was Mauna Kea in the state of Hawaii in the United States. This preferred location was eventually chosen for the project despite objections from Native Hawaiians, environmentalists and others. As of April 2015 its construction has been halted voluntarily due to protests about lack of indigenous peoples’ consent, which began locally then spread globally.

Earlier this week professors and students at the University of Hawaii’s Honolulu campus, walked out of classes in protest of the telescope that has been spearheaded by the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena in collaboration with UH. The governments of the US, China, Japan, India, and Canada are also partnering on the project.

Some weeks ago, activists blocked access of construction workers on Mauna Kea to the telescope’s site with dozens of arrests. There was a temporary moratorium on construction by Gov. David Ige which was just extended for another week. But many have remained near the summit in tents.

Ground Zero: When It All Began

From seafloor to summit, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world scoring in at a staggering 32,000 feet. Mauna Kea rises 13,796 feet above sea level. Prima facie, scientists are heavily interested in its lack of proximity to light and other visual and electromagnetic disturbances. The reality, though, is I would speculate that the Intelligence Communities are just as heavily interested as well. The question that presents, really, is precisely how many telescopes does Hawaii need? Currently, Hawaii is the host to a multi national telescope orgy. You have the UK Infrared Telescope; the UH Telescope; the Gemini North Telescope; the France – Canada – Hawaii Telescope; the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory; the James Clark Maxwell Telescope; the Subaru Telescope — engine is probably from Subaru as well — the Keck Telescope; and the NASA Infrared Telescope are but a few of the 13 telescopes now dotting the Mauna Kea.

In 1968, Hawaii’s Board of Land and Natural Resources leased 11,000 acres — which include 141 ancient shrines — on Mauna Kea to the University of Hawaii as a science reserve. Because of its isolated location and ideal atmospheric conditions, a 525-acre portion on the dormant volcano was designated as an astronomy hot spot and seized on by research institutions from across the world.

A 1998 state audit showed that the university was putting research interests ahead of protecting Mauna Kea’s natural resources. In 2003, a judge shot down a request by NASA to build four to six additional small telescopes on the mountain. The courts also required that the university draft up a new plan to show that it had the best interests of Mauna Kea in mind.

We found that the University of Hawaii ‘s management of the Mauna Kea Science Reserve is inadequate to ensure the protection of natural resources.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), well versed in greasing the dirty palms of swine globally, first sends out the heralds to proclaim the wonders to be had if only indigenous people will gather round and exchange their property and values for electronic debits and credits. When that doesn’t work, make no mistake whatsoever IMF dispatches shadowy legions of Economic Hit Men to handle the peasants. Nothing new at Mauna Kea as the cacophony of sycophants in the Astronomy Community are already preaching the virtues of the Almighty Dollar while juxtaposed is their scientific choir rolling out the chorus pertaining to Bigger Is Better. Tragic, really, in that the $1.4 Billion project which is anticipated to create a paltry 300 jobs, is being touted as an economic boon for Native Hawaiians.

2014: Shit Hits The Fan

TMT had gained traction by 2014 and there was no expense too large to ensure the fanfare would drown out the peasants with their superstition and belief in something that which the white man had no clue about in the Contiguous United States — that’s the 48 States for those of you living under a rock. Calling it a groundbreaking and blessing ceremony — there is an oxymoron if I have ever heard one — the TMT Backers pulled out all the stops and set sail on a doomed vessel for what they hoped would be the Carnival of a Lifetime. Somehow, TMT found a way to resurrect George Takei of Star Trek, to present pre-recorded science segments during the live webcast — go figure, prerecorded. The reality, though, was that the peasants had not been placated. In fact, as TMT Backers came to find out, they weren’t peasants at all.

Kamahana Kealoha, a Hawaiian cultural practitioner, had this to say,

The TMT is an atrocity the size of Aloha Stadium. It’s 19 stories tall, which is like building a sky-scraper on top of the mountain, a place that is being violated in many ways culturally, environmentally and spiritually. We are in solidarity with individuals fighting against this project in U.S. courts, and those taking our struggle for de-occupation to the international courts. Others of us must protest this ground-breaking ceremony and intervene in hopes of stopping a desecration.

The principle fresh water aquifer for Hawaii Island is on Mauna Kea, yet there have been mercury spills on the summit; toxins such as Ethylene Glycol and Diesel are used there; chemicals used to clean telescope mirrors drain into the septic system, along with half a million gallons a year of human sewage that goes into septic tanks, cesspools and leach fields.

Tom Callis, of the Hawaii Tribune – Herald, had this to say on the day of TMTs groundbreaking,

A groundbreaking ceremony for what will be one of the world’s most advanced observatories was disrupted Tuesday by Native Hawaiian protesters and others opposed to the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea. More than 50 protesters blocked access near the mountain’s summit and greeted vans carrying dozens of attendees from five countries with chants and hula. After waiting more than an hour, many of the attendees walked the rest of the distance to the dedication site, located just below the summit at 13,150 feet. Sandra Dawson, TMT spokeswoman, said a blessing was held at the site but speeches were cancelled after protesters disrupted the event in progress., that monolithic IMFesque propaganda rag, spun a markedly different story a day after the protests, sticking to the Peasant Playbook,

An enormous next-generation telescope that could transform astronomers’ understanding of the universe is now under construction, to the consternation of some protestors.

The groundbreaking and blessing ceremony for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), hindered by a small group of protestors for a brief time, took place and all the partners of the Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory (TIO) are looking forward to proceeding on the production of TMT as planned, TMT communications director Gordon Squires said in a statement provided to

And at the end of the day, this is the condensed version of how TMT finally came into a partial existence. Over the next several weeks we are going to scratch back some of the talc which covers the true story; the story which neither Callis nor Squires have touched upon. We will be doing the backstory which most Drive By Media Outlets flee from. We will discuss the religious, cultural and the meta – geophysical aspects which have all come crashing in forming The Perfect Storm.

Anonymous Affiliated Group Claims Responsibility For Hacking TMT Website

It appears the stars have not yet aligned for the Thirty Meter Telescope project, which saw its main website targeted by an alleged cyberattack this weekend. The site was unavailable for several hours, a project spokesperson confirmed, and a group known as Operation Green Rights–associated with the popular Anonymous movement–has claimed responsibility.

From: #OpGreenRights
From: @OpGreenRights located at:

Show Me The Money: Mauna Kea And The Shell Game

From The nonprofit TMT Observatory Corporation was founded in June 2003 by its partners: the Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy (ACURA), the University of California (UC), and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). In April 2005, the TMT partners commited $17.5 million to the project office. Also that month, the TMT board appointed a project manager and began the formal design and development of the observatory, the telescope, and its instruments. In 2008, the National Optical Astronomy Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) joined TMT as a participating institution. In 2009, the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese (NOAC) Academy of Sciences joined TMT as an observer. The Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) joined as an observer in 2010. In March 2009, TMT successfully completed its five-year Design Development Phase (DDP) with $77.1 million of funding provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy, and the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy. On April 1, 2009, TMT commenced its Early Construction Phase with the initial $30 million of a $200 million commitment by the Moore Foundation toward the further development and construction of the project. Matching gifts from the California Institute of Technology and the University of California bring the total to $300 million. The U.S. National Science Foundation awarded a partnership-planning grant to TMT in March 2013. This five-year grant explores a potential public-private partnership in the U.S.

As Founding Members, Caltech and UC are related parties to TMT. Since inception, Caltech has made contributions of $63,056,993, of which $7,500,007 was made in 2013. UC has made cash contributions of $63,219,153 since inception, of which $7,543,568 was made in 2013. In January 2014, TMT signed calendar year 2014 contribution agreements with Caltech and UC for $8,250,000 each. Subsequently, $5,000,000 in cash has been received from Caltech and $5,000,000 in cash has been received from UC.

For a project that hasn’t really even begun meaningful construction yet, the academia are certainly ensuring that their collective asses are covered,

TMT’s defined contribution retirement plans cover all of its employees. Contributions are immediately vested. Under the plans, TMT contributes 12% or 15% of compensation, as defined by the Plan Document provisions. TMT contributed $597,135 and $554,581 to these plans for the years ended September 30, 2013 and 2012, respectively. TMT has no assets or liabilities related to these plans.

Nothing new under the Sun — no pun intended. So, this is the Prologue to #OpNoTMT4Me and we have identified it as a Series to properly record it for historical purposes. As with everything which #Foreclosurepedia does, we are going to get knee deep in this and just like #OpNAMFS we have every intention of victory. Where will it all end? No one knows for sure. What I personally know is that when this Series is completed, it will be the most prolific tome created pertaining to Mauna Kea and the underlying elements such as precisely how Hawaii became a State and whether or not it was even legal. Don’t forget to catch us on the Foreclosurepedia Podcast Backhaul, this weekend, as we dig deep into the fray and hopefully will be interviewing several of those involved in the Movement!

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