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30 And Counting: The Investigations Begin To Pile Against SEAS And Staff

Tom and Mark Newkirk along with Robert Kapeluch of SEAS LLC, are pending felony investigations by both Florida Pwningand South Carolina, for well over 30 Counts now. This reality is that Altisource, the provider of work to SEAS LLC and Michigan Realty Solutions (MRS), is the key denominator which sources peaking on condition of anonymity state will eventually bring in a larger federal investigation that that which is ongoing now. Yup, that includes that Uncle Tom Token Pat McTaggart over there whom think she is striking a Mighty Blow for Whitey as she screwed every Member of Labor she could find. Everyone knew it would finally hit home — the fraud and the protection given to the #Fraudsters by the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). In fact, I personally reached out to Eric Miller, the man many are calling the Kingpin of this nefarious and potentially criminal association. Miller, whom is paid well over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR WHICH CONSUMES WELL OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, has a reason to worry. In addition, as I now receive all internal communications pertaining to the NAMFS Membership and Education Committees, I took the liberty of reaching out to those Board Members as well. Here are their names and emails for those of you whom feel the time has come to let your voice be heard,

Eric Miller, David Dolan,, Jack Bryant,
Mary Stewart, Elspeth Spransy
Tyler Danalds,,,,,
Adriana Farelo-Fernandez,                                  Liz Ziots

To be VERY CLEAR on precisely how porous NAMFS is and to prove they CANNOT protect their own from investigations, simply click here to read through their Membership and Education Committee Agenda for 22 April 2015. Foreclosurepedia straight up pwned NAMFS and their two bit groupie hags — that doesn’t include Elspeth Spransy as she is going places in life and I like her intellectual grip on the Financial Sector.


All of the above NAMFS Regime Members have files on them in ISTAR Clear Base and are pending Wanted For Questioning By Members of Labor Posters. You see, NAMFS is not exclusive in its ability to black ball. Foreclosurepedia, as opposed to NAMFS, simply believes that there needs to be a public dialogue pertaining to precisely how NAMFS renders aid and comfort to criminals and this protection has now permeated the highest levels of its Board of Directors by and through the SECOND BANKRUPTCY of its disgraced and former Secretary, Heather Berghorst. For NAMFS to receive the benefits of a non profit organization, it must fully participate in the Letter of the Law which conveys that protection. To refuse to allow Ethics Investigations to proceed, in accordance with NAMFS By Laws, invites this public discussion.

The Latest Litigation Against Jay "Gay" Goscinski
The Latest Litigation Against Jay “Gay” Goscinski

More on the Fast Breaking SEAS LLC Story and the latest court filings against Gay Goscinski later tonight.

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