FAST BLAST: For Anyone Whom Received Bad SEAS LLC Check

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Personnel within the Anderson County, SC, law enforcement agencies are pursuing charges against those responsible for the generation and dissemination of bad checks by and through SEAS LLC. They are working, in tandem, with authorities in Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL. If you received a bad check, please contact the Hillsborough County Economic Crimes Division (ECD) immediately! This is what our Point of Contact stated,

Lt in Anderson is getting contact person in Tampa Sheriff office.  Economic crimes division is investigating.  It would be very helpful if everyone that got a bad check contact that division.  That increases the penalty.  They will find the person that actually put “pen to paper” and charge all involved  with fraud.

Below is the direct contact information to report your information if you are a victim whom resides within Hillsborough County, Florida.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO)

Economic Crimes Division


If you reside outside of Hillsborough County, HCSO is requesting that you file your Complaint within your local jurisdiction; advise them that there are ongoing investigations in Anderson County, SC, and Hillsborough County, FL, and you may additionally notify Foreclosurepedia whom is moving information between all victims and ultimately the Federal Bureau of Investigation we hope.

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