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#OpISIS: Why The Camel Jockeys Are Defending A Multi Front Cyberwar

The Islamic State has held the headlines for over a year by making a splash with their Hollywoodesque PR Campaigns in cyberspace beginning with the public and grizzly beheadings and their splashy conquest invasion caravans throughout Syria and Iraq. And while domestically, the United States has done what it typically does best which is not a goddamn thing, from the PR point-of-view, many hacktivists have been courageously battling the camel fuckers day and night. The vast majority of those whom have collectively come to bear upon the Cyber Caliphate are Members of Anonymous. As I have stated in the past, the definition of Anonymous; the who of Anonymous, depends upon precisely where you are when posing such. I like to think that we are ALL Anonymous to a certain degree — all of us whom believe in freedom without constraint, that is.

BinarySec is an organization which has caused some extremely serious damage against the Cyber Caliphate over the duration of the cyberwar I commonly refer to as #OpISIS. Their Twitter hashtag is and I want to take a moment to point out that there are some fucksticks whom are parading around with the . With that said, here is what the Foreclosurepedia Nation should know about BinarySec which comes from their website:

Who Is BinarySec?

BinarySec is a hacktivist group ran by @TheBinarySec. We help out in as many operations as possible. Our current mission is to exterminate all terrorism content on the web making it hard for terrorists to recruit online.

Can I help stop ISIS?

Yes! Even if you do not have digital weapons, you can still help us in the fight against terrorists. You can help by reporting ISIS content to us, reporting ISIS affiliated twitters and or reporting the site to the host of the website. You can find the host of a website by using this tool –>

How Can I Report An ISIS Site?

You can report a site by direct messaging either @TheBinarySec, @TouchMyTweets. All reported sites then go through a check and if they are ISIS affiliated they get added to a list of targeted sites. Then our Weapons Team comes in and puts a stop to it by flooding the websites server.

How Does BinarySec Fight ISIS?

What we do is DOS (Denial Of Service) and DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service). So, basically we send packets to the targeted website, causing the server to overload and go offline.

BinarySec is composed of multiple individuals whom volunteer their time, sun up to sun down, making sure that you and I wake up to an Internet which has not been overran by Radical Islamo Facists — The Islamic State. That is the simple answer. The long answer is a bit more complex, but I digress. Suffice it to say that BinarySec Member Zeus One succinctly opines upon the struggle from BinarySec’s vantage point,

The destiny of ISIS online is..

Foreclosurepedia spoke early this morning with several Senior Members of BinarySec. These are some of the Q&A discussed,


FCPD:  So I am first curious what type of reception, if any, is being given for the intel the Anons are sending upstream?

@TöüçhMÿTwėėtš:  Hushed. Thankful. Hidden. [W]e are designated as a terrorist group by our own country.

FCPD:  If BinarySec could put into words something that it wanted the American Public to know about why they do what they do what would it be?

@TöüçhMÿTwėėtš:  We do this for humanity.

@BinarySec:  We do what we do for everyone’s cyber freedom; for the freedom of their speech, religion, and country. If ISIS takes over we will not have those anymore. Imagine, being beheaded for what you believe in or for an idea.

@ANONTERMINΛL:  Well, you can’t imagine after you are beheaded.

FCPD:  What can the Common Joe do to assist BinarySec?

@TöüçhMÿTwėėtš:  Surf ISIS users and send us the website URLs you find.

@AnonTrí:  Report violent jihadist social media accounts.

@TöüçhMÿTwėėtš:  It is our goal to eradicate terrorist websites and users.

As a running comment referencing ISIS,

@TöüçhMÿTwėėtš:  We are seeing a movement by them to Kik, however bye the bye

FCPD:  Is there a belief that CloudFlare is bad?

@BinarySec:  We don’t believe CloudFlare is bad unless they take money from the terrorists. It’s different because they can’t always make sure who uses their free service is up to code. We understand that. But if you knowingly accept money from terrorists, it’s different.

FCPD:  Do you believe that ISIS will eventually get the knowledge to launch from the propaganda into infrastructure damage?

@BinarySec:  They have attempted attacks on people’s accounts and websites already.

@TöüçhMÿTwėėtš:  They already do.

@BinarySec:  The Cyber Caliphate is what they called themselves.

FCPD:  I am driving at infrastructure like Utilities and Finance.

@TöüçhMÿTwėėtš:  They have hackers as we do.

@BinarySec:  The cyber caliphate claimed they hacked the [US] Government. They are not the best hackers but they do understand the basics to exploiting vulnerabilities and that is enough to send a red flag.

FCPD:  Are you folks seeing any credible threats against yourselves? I mean first I don’t want to know where you are, but is there any credible shit on the radar?

@BinarySec:  We’ve had a few, from ISIS actually, but it’s been mostly “Behead you” shit. With good work, always comes some hate.

@TöüçhMÿTwėėtš:  I get death threats constantly.

@AnonTrí:  I get more from rival hackers.

@Z๏mbie Gh๏st:  There are constant death threats but mostly fanboys all around the globe.

@ANONTERMINΛL:  I’ve had a death threat from a few ISIL members and one from @BinarySecIsFake.

FCPD:  That opens the question are the Western Governments attempting to thwart or track and fuck with you folks?

@BinarySec:  Western governments have been cracking down on cyber threats yes, but we have been pumping the FBI with lots of info so they really do not pursue us.

@Z๏mbie Gh๏st:  We provide as much intel about threats as we can to the authorities.

FCPD:  There was a lady MissAnonymous I think whom made that statement I thought it was both brave and humorous how she outed the camel fucker 😉  — Referencing

For the most part, this concluded the public portion of our conversations. There was a sense of comradery, it seemed to me, if that is at all possible to detect through the linear structure of zeros and ones flying through the ethernet. BinarySec was unscripted and this was literally a spur of the moment discussion. The answers came almost more rapidly than I was able to formulate the rest of my questions. They reminded me much of the tight, unit cohesion I experienced while in the military.

A subject I am going to expand upon tomorrow is the fact that both within BinarySec and across the #OpISIS Spectrum there is a large participation by females. And make no mistake that they do not strike me as the Paris Hilton types. Now, I do not mean that they are not attractive — I have no idea as rarely, if ever, does an AWK meeting occur let alone there is no way to verify a photo — what I am driving at is that if you begin to really dig around in the Twittersphere, there are some ladies whom go toe-to-toe with the camel fuckers and don’t blink an eye. I bring this up as there has always been a stereotype that women have no place in warfare. I think that the women participating in the cyberwars with ISIS are rapidly dispelling that myth.

I know this is a brief article. I primarily wanted to get some information out as it came across. It is 0439EDT and I am exhausted. Later today I am going to hammer out a larger profile article on BinarySec as well as publish a sidebar widget for those in the Foreclosurepedia Nation whom want to assist in the Cause. We are additionally informed that sometime in the future, @TöüçhMÿTwėėtš will sit down for a Foreclosurepedia Podcast and help us better understand precisely what is going on in #OpISIS and spell out why we as Americans and a World need to destroy the Jihadi Janes parading around as soldiers when, in fact, they are actually sand blasted goat fuckers.

Foreclosurepedia would like to thank BinarySec for their time tonight and we look forward to speaking with they in the future.

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