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#OpISIS: OBL Family Plane Goes Down and US Policy Protects Terrorists

The world has gone mad — no strike that. The Emperor Whom Wears No Clothes is proving to be the Manchurian Candidate that many of us knew would eventually undermine the very foundations upon which our Forefathers founded this Nation. I do not make these accusations lightly. Let me set the stage for the tone of this Article,

I live in rural East Tennessee just up the road from where Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez attacked the Chattanooga U.S. Naval and Marine Reserve Center on 16 July 2015. Shelly Bradbury, a Chattanooga journalist covered the story and documented the heroic efforts by US Navy LTCDR Tim White as he opened fire with a personal weapon in a manner which was calculated to Uphold and Defend the Constitution of the United States Against Enemies Both Foreign and Domestic. White, a 13 year veteran of the US Navy, in a most ironic twist, is potentially poised to be charged by federal authorities for possession of a personally owned weapon (POW) and discharging samesaid on a federal facility grounds. Foreclosurepedia reached out to Ms Bradbury for comment, but none was forthcoming at the time of publication.

By way of comparison, earlier this morning the private aircraft owned by members of the Bin Laden family — that’s Osama bin Laden for those of you living under a rock — crashed at Blackbushe,  International Airport The Saudi-registered Embraer Phenom 300 jet, which had departed from Milan’s Malpensa airport, was attempting to land at Blackbushe airport on the Hampshire/Surrey border when it crashed on to dozens of vehicles parked at a car auction site close to the runway. Those killed are believed to be Rajaa Hashim, OBLs stepmother; Sana bin Laden, his half-sister; and her husband Zuhair Hashim. The $11 Million plane was equipped with fly-by-wire electronic systems. It was attempting a landing in near perfect conditions on a runway that was fitted with Precision Approach Pathway Indicators (Papis).


Now, during my time on this Third Rock From the Sun, I have had the occasion to experience Air Traffic Control. The term, “Roger Ghostrider One Niner Seven, Check Wheels Down, Wind Calm, Altimeter Two Niner Niner Two,” have meaning in my vocabulary. To say that the OBL aircraft which came down in the UK was grotesque and incomprehensible belies the reality of that which I believe happened. I believe that we are seeing a diplomatic message conveyed vis-a-vis High Value Targets whom are, for all intents and purposes tragic, but necessary collateral damage. On 03 April 1996, just before the Easter holiday, US Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown was killed in a plane crash in Croatia. Brown’s tragic fall from the sky over the Croatian airspace just next to Bosnia – Herzegovina comes to mind when I think of the removal of the OBL family members earlier today. Brown and 34 others had died that day and it sent what I believe was a clear message to those whom might bring civility to a region of the world where the munitions business was riding high.  😉

Ron Brown’s struggles with the hawks in the military and intelligence agencies began almost from the moment that he assumed the post of Commerce Secretary. According to an Associated Press article: “With the Cold War over, Brown believed the United States no longer should sacrifice economic interests to other foreign policy goals and he used his close friendship with Clinton to push a business agenda inside the administration — He succeeded in battles with the Defense Department in loosening Cold War-era export controls that American companies had long complained severely limited their ability to sell high-technology products such as computer and telecommunications equipment.”

No assassination instructions should ever be written or recorded. Decision and instructions [regarding assassination] should be confined to an absolute minimum of persons. For secret assassination the contrived accident is the most effective technique. When successfully executed, it causes little excitement and is only casually investigated A Study of Assassination, a training manual written by the CIA and distributed to agents and operatives at the time of the Agency’s 1954 covert coup in Guatemala, which ousted Guatemala’s democratically elected president, Jacobo Arbenz Guzman.

The world today is not as it seems. Diversionary planning is the cornerstone upon which all successful intelligence operations are based. Our problem is that we are running out of boogeymen to populate a landscape which is rapidly loosing its need for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). We stand upon a precipice; a precipice wherein humanity has the potential to spread our proverbial wings and fly much like the New Horizons space vehicle recently did as it began surveying Pluto.

The story is as old as human civilization: It is the story of Religion. The Persians invaded Europe in an attempt to conquer the Greeks in the fifth century B.C. Alexander the Great, a Greek, conquested against Asia, as far as India, in the fourth century B.C. Both the Persians of the east and the Greeks of the west set up colonial empires founded upon bloody military conquest. The Romans established by bloody military conquest colonies in Mesopotamia, northwestern Arabia, and Assyria in the second century A.D. The Huns, the Goths, and the Avars came from as far away as western Asia, central Asia, and China respectively in the fifth through the seventh centuries A.D. The Avars from northern China and Mongolia were besieging Constantinople in 626 A.D., at the very moment Mohammed was a merchant in Arabia.

In 624, Mohammed led a raid against a Meccan caravan, killing 70 Meccans based upon avarice. Between 630 A.D. and the death of Mohammed in 632 A.D., Muslims — on at least one occasion led by Mohammed — had conquered the bulk of western Arabia and what we call today Southern Palestine through approximately a dozen separate invasions and blood baths. These conquests were in large part Holy Wars, discrediting accounts which proclaimed the Crusades The First Holy War, as if the Christians had invented the concept of a  holy war or jihad depending whom you ask. After Mohammed’s death in 632, the new Muslim caliph, Abu Bakr, continued the tradition and here we are today.

The Umayyads called the shots in Jerusalem for almost 100 years and prospered under Muslim rule. When the Abbasids showed up, Jerusalem began to decline — this is roughly around 725CE With the decline of a centralized, Muslim government; the inability to control Arabia and its far-flung provinces; the rapid genesis of radicalized zealot groups; and the new dogma that Muslims had an obligation to convert all Christians and Jews — throw the Pagans in here as well even though all belief in religion is insane — to Islam. The Abbasids methodically bled the Empire from Jerusalem to Baghdad dry of its wealth for the sole benefit of the caliphs and Jerusalem became merely a crossroads for religious war ever since.

As the caliphs began to sew in their religious fervor into virtually everything they did, the following 100 years became an Epic Nightmare for the Common Man. Around 750CE, the leading Caliph destroyed the walls of Jerusalem, leaving it defenseless although they were rebuilt just in time to defend against the Crusaders. Jerusalem and its Judeo – Christian majority suffered greatly during the ensuing peace and war periods. Muslims ravished the countryside of Israel between 970CE – 983CE, and again between 1024CE – 1077CE  of Jerusalem; the wholesale destruction by the Muslims of Christian churches — sometimes at the direct order of the Caliph such as in 1003; and sometimes by Muslim mobs which is not dissimilar to that which we are witnessing in the case of the Islamic State today. The total destruction of Jerusalem by the Caliph of Cairo in early 1020CE resulted in the small mosques on the top of Christian Churches which is nearly identical to how the Catholics prosecuted their campaign against Pagans centuries before.

As is the case in any religious conquest, one god generally needs the wealth of the others parishioners. Catholic upon Pagan and Jew during Constantine; Muslim upon Judeo – Christian during the last millennia; and  finally culminating with the State as the Supreme Deity and whomever holds both the cloak and mantle of Office upon those whom refuse to proverbially bow upon one knee. Consider this: The Ottoman invasion of Christian Eastern Europe and colonization of Greece, all of the Balkans, Romania, Bessarabia, and Hungary in 1529. Or, the Muhgal conquest of Northern India in the early 1600s. Most recently we have both Hitler’s forced extrication of wealth from Jews and the now defunct Soviet Empire after that mess.

Christianity is about 600 years older than Islam, plus or minus. And for the record I am an Agnostic; I subscribe to George Carlin’s philosophy almost 100%. What we are witnessing and I have opined upon this, is Islam at a crossroads wherein either a Reformation will occur or Islam will have reached its zenith.

During the Cold War, we didn’t need a large scale, Madison Avenue branding campaign to roll the Soviets out as the 20th Century’s boogeyman. Today, though, this is not the case. As opposed to simply the Sunday afternoon football game on TV or perhaps the Summer Family Vacation, there are a plethora of competing interests for the American nuclear family. The reality is that with Congressional Approval Ratings almost back in the single digits according to the latest Rasmussen Reports there is apathy afoot, at least in the United States. The populace is war weary; our infrastructure is decrepit, foreclosures are on the rise and even former President Jimmy Carter substantiates that our Nation is an Oligarchy.

With an incompetent government which spawned the Islamic State to begin with and a war weary, apathetic populace, the ability to spend ungodly amounts of money on questionable, at best, conflicts has become a difficult sell to the American public let alone to anyone stupid enough to involve themselves with any type of American led coalition. It is The Boy Whom Cried Wolf in the bigger scheme of things. And just like the proverbial fairy tale, the problem is that now we have a credible enemy with capabilities far superior than ours with respect to both propaganda and cyber warfare.

Anonymous, a global hacktivist group, have let neither apathy nor lack of money slow down their cyber campaign against the Islamic State (IS). Much like any type of closely knit organization, there is an extreme level of competition to prevail as the best. There appear to be two major groups within Anonymous battling IS full time. We have spoken about Ghost Security, in depth, in the past, and most recently BinarySec we interviewed early this morning. During a follow up interview with @Operative57, a member of #binarysec, it was demonstrated precisely how time consuming the cyberwar is and how a multitasking mentality is necessary not only for success, but to stay one step ahead of IS itself.

@Operative57:  Another daesh was exposed in the time of this interview.

FCPD:  In the cyber war ongoing between Anonymous and IS have you been able to detect whether IS has any type of organizational command?

@Operative57:  For the most part ISIS hackers are unorganized and most of the time clueless. Most of the people I encounter I feel like are Isis fanboys. The dumbest I encountered were the US/UK ISIS supporters.

FCPD:  I just read your post about IS developing a botnet. Do you have any idea what IS would want as an end game with a botnet?

@Operative57: Well I was just talking to the guy and he was surprisingly smart. He setup a bitcoin donation for the servers. He told me the botnet was for attacking kuffirs [non Muslims] … I have seen it low level “hackers” attacking weak websites to steal their clients credit card info to fund IS. From what I could tell he was using SQL injection so he had a limited understanding of what he was doing.

FCPD:  Is there anything which u can safely discuss about the botnet discovery?

@Operative57:  We are seeing if we could get access to it to see how big it is and maybe destroy it.

FCPD:  Is there anything you would like to personally say to those whom might read my article with respect to overall?

@Operative57:  No matter who you are you can help make a change.

The following transpired during the course of Foreclosurepedia’s Interview with @Operative57,


BinarySec is not the only one scoring points for Team USA and the Free World. Ghost Security (GhostSec) was recently acknowledged by high ranking officials as directly involved in the thwarting of terrorist attacks in both New York and Tunisia.


It is my understanding that data collected by the group, and presented to law enforcement and intelligence officials by me, was helpful to authorities in Tunisia, who disrupted a suspected Islamic State cell around 4 July,” Smith told IBTimes UK.

This data was collected pursuant to the group’s efforts in monitoring social media accounts managed by suspected Islamic State supporters. As per their assessment, this plot would have been mobilised soon after the recent attack that occurred at a popular resort in Tunisia.

A member of Ghost Security – or GhostSec – by the name of DigitaShadow revealed that information gathered from social media regarding potential attacks was sent to Smith, who evaluated each threat and forwarded those he believed to be credible to the relevant law-enforcement agencies. This led to the arrests of 17 suspects in Tunisia earlier this month.

GhostSec is constantly monitoring social media and the internet for threats against governments and its citizens. On 2 July, we encountered an Islamic State account engaging in threats against tourists in Tunisia. They made references to a suicide bomber in an area near the Homut Souk market, which is a very populated area. — DigitaShadow speaking to IBTimes UK.

New York

DigitaShadow revealed that the group also provided leads to authorities that proved instrumental in foiling a terror attack in New York on 4 July. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported that more than 10 arrests took place in the US in the build-up to the 4 July Independence Day holiday weekend on suspects connected to IS terrorism plots.

IS Hunter Stats

The more concerning reality, though, is that IS is making large strides on the battlefield. The remarkable military capability of IS is, to no small degree, the result of the incorporation of former Saddam Baathists. They worked out the strategy, and they were in turn, together at Camp Bucca as we reported upon earlier. This is a continual doctrinal failure by the US Military whom seem beholden to a kinder and gentler approach on the battlefield which is dictated by a liberal agenda within the Beltway. This is a dangerous policy.

One of the things which I believe we all need to be extremely careful about is collateral damage. Whether this damage is verbal, in print, on the air or in cyber warfare. I have spoken with several factions both within Anonymous and within the intelligence community whom are concerned about a loose cannon approach which the Internet appears to allow.

One thing is fundamentally certain, the envelope of the definition of Anonymous is being pushed. In fact, there appears to be a branding of Operations by factions within Anonymous. For example, GhostSec appears to be leading the charge in #OpISIS. BinarySec just launched #OpExposeISIS. If it were a land campaign the potential for friendly fire would definitely require a squadron of E3s.

There is a generational clash which is almost visceral between the two main Anonymous Groups.  It would appear that on the one side you have Microsoft, an older and systematic group and on the other is Apple which represents some of the original lulz within Anonymous. We really began to see this dichotomy emerge post LulzSec and when #OpChanology went AWK. In the cyberwars against ISIS, though, it is ironically the younger of the crews whom appear to want an absolute prohibition against the intermingling of hacktivists and the State. In some ways I identify with that.

Any time you involve the State you invite the potential for two things: First, if shit goes South, you may guarantee you are going to get a BoP Number. Period. Second, there is always the chance that if you get too close to the Truth, you will be permanently removed from the equation. I well know the State’s less savory side with respect to the allowing of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Members to commit wholesale fraud on an #Epic Scale!

The other side of the coin is that you have to get a little bit of mud on the tires if you are going to actually demonstrate that Anonymous is not State Sponsored actors. I think it would be extremely detrimental if that opinion began to circulate amongst our Far East colleagues. Putin and his motorcycle gangs in the Ukraine are one thing, but if word got out that the US was actively controlling ALL hacktivists, then I believe we would see an escalation by other State Sponsored entities such as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Unit 6139861398部队. That’s not saying that they are not already running roughshod within our networks; that is to say that as the ISIS Cyberwar draws down in Q2 – Q3 FY2016 as I believe it will, the concerns would be that those assets might be redeployed.

ISIS and Al-Qaeda are not just involved in a military and political struggle. Or, focused solely on a strategy of communications and public diplomacy. They don’t just concentrate on media image and public relations campaigns, as commonly thought by Western analysts.  They are in a Global Jihad struggle for their identity among 1.6 billion Muslims.

Thus, as well, is Anonymous progressing along a developmental evolution. And to make things even more complicated; to really set the stage of precisely how far the digital evolutionary chain has progressed, we are now witnessing anime wars!

According to Anime nerds trying to Google bomb ISIS,” the ISIS-chan mascot “wears the terrorist group’s black clothing. She has green eyes and dark hair. She’s 19. And if she’s holding a knife, it’s only because she loves to slice and eat delicious melons.” Beyond the utter weirdness of it all, ISIS-chan functions as traditional satire. Creators of the various ISIS-chan memes are simply attempting to make a group that bases so much of itself on fear and intimidation, into something ridiculous.

The paradox of the entire ISIS Campaign, thus far, is that even though ISIS is loosing some territory, the inhabitants of the regions where ISIS has invaded are not ready to take them back. Democracy is not an exportable commodity like Coca Cola or the Happy Meal. And political ideology; the concept of freedom, is not something which is comprehended by the vast majority of those whom are tribal in nature. Sans the metropolitan areas, the reality is that the hard work will have to be done by the tribal sects and I am willing to bet they have no interests in submitting either to Uncle Sam nor some camel fucking maggot wielding a knife preaching about fire and brimstone.

Speaking of fire, I had a conversation this evening with someone whom pointed out poignantly that the burning down of villages and people was a direct testament to the fact that while ISIS may publicly use the excuse of Islam to wreak their mayhem, the fact of the matter is that only Allah is allowed to punish by fire. From the philosophical point-of-view, this has merit. I say this because sooner, rather than later, the beheading and fear mongering is going to run its course. At some point, these Jihadi Janes will have to pony up a Media Representative lest a handful of Nations bomb them back into the stone age. Fear is only viable for a finite period of time. At some point, one must sit down and explain their rationale to obtain credibility and ISIS is rapidly approaching that moment.

I want to personally thank those within Anonymous whom have allowed me to break proverbial bread with them. While they know and the Foreclosurepedia Nation presumes that there are volumes more of information which has not been discussed, the reality is that tonight is neither the time nor the place. I am hopeful that I have done justice to describing that which I have seen and heard and yet maintained the fragile framework which collectively allows all of us to accomplish our Mission Objective. At the end of the day this is why we all do what we do. The time is NOW to pursue an asymmetrical course of action against ISIS and to that end we must be steadfast and not allow Mission Creep to enter. Each and all have my upmost respect and I look forward to further assessing viable relationships based upon the close examination of empirical evidence. In closing, it is neither my job nor my calling to publicly address that which is best left unmentioned. I am merely the pen through which I hope to document the brave and valiant efforts of the men and women whom tirelessly devote and dedicate themselves to an unnamed war which will have neither medals awarded nor yellow ribbons tied for those whom lie down each night suffering from the battle fatigue of a 24/7/365 operational nightmare. My hat goes off to all of you!

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